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Published at 12th of June 2019 08:14:09 AM

Chapter 114

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Wait wait if Tan Hua knew that he already discovered about her true gender wouldn't she want to quit her job?? He couldn't lose someone as talented as her!

Nan Shen messed up his hair when he thought about this troublesome problem . Should he pretend to not know about her true gender? But until when he would kept quiet??

Could Tan Hua's older sister be cured from her current condition? If she could then he would be able to make Tan Hua live as a girl again!

After all he felt bad for Tan Hua when she had to live as a boy . This plan would be good! If this plan succeed then Tan Hua could regain her identity as a girl and he could also treat her like how he treated normal girl in general .

Okay it is decided! For now he would act as if he never knew about this shocking information until the day he manage to cure Tan Hua's older sister!

Nan Shen lay down again on his bed and happily went to sleep after he decided what he would do after knowing Tan Hua true information .

The next day . . .

Nan Shen was waiting for the elevator to arrive as usual while using his angelic smile to greet everyone whom he met on the way .

Hhhh really tiring to act like a 'good' boss! He really miss that little doggo . If he was with him- her, he wouldn't feel stressed .

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Nan Shen secretly sighed when no one saw him . He thought about how he often bullied Tan Hua and a smile subconsciously formed on his tired face .

For him being his true self, which is a sadist was truly a way to release the stress he accumulated from his work and Tan Hua used to be his favourite toy for venting stress .

But now he had 'adopt' her to be his 'little bro- little sister', he couldn't bully her again!

Arghhh he wanted to bully someone!!

Wait . He just forgot . Now he is here . . . he must remember to act normal if he ever meet Tan Huo- ehem . Tan Hua . He couldn't make Tan Hua realize that he knew her secret!

But it's still a pity he couldn't bully that b- girl anymore . (︶︹︺)


The elevator had arrived in front of Nan Shen and Nan Shen was about to enter when suddenly someone tapped his shoulder from behind, also entering the elevator with him .

"Boss! Good morning!" The one who could be so casual around the boss would be none other than Tan Hua . Nan Shen unexpectedly met Tan Hua who was also inside the same elevator as him .

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Nan Shen body subconsciously flinched when he heard this super familiar voice sounded near his ear .

D-don't sacre him! (#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛Σ(ノ´Д`)

Nan Shen was shocked to this extent because he had just thought about this girl but this girl suddenly popped out of nowhere shocking him to death .

Speak of the devil, the girl is here!! Okay calm down calm down!!

Nan Shen coughed a little before greeted Tan Hua with a forced smile on his face, trying to stay as normal as possible .

"Y-yeah good morning" Nan Shen didn't know that when he forced himself to calm down, his face turned a bit pale and Tan Hua who was quite observant, noticed this .

Hmm? Isn't boss face kinda pale? 🤔

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Tan Hua recalled how Nan Shen had been taking care of here when they tailed Mi Shu and Ren Yuan so she suddenly felt the urge to care for Nan Shen too .

"Boss are you alright? Your face is pale" Tan Hua tip-toed and put her hand on Nan Shen forehead to check whether he had fever or not .

Ah his body temperature is normal! So he is healthy .


"I-I am fine!" Nan Shen immediately backed out to avoid Tan Hua touching his forehead again .

His heart suddenly leapt to his throat when he felt Tan Hua hand on his forehead .

Usually he would feel normal but after knowing that this cute boy in front of him is a girl, he couldn't be calm anymore!

Now he knew this boy- ehem . This Tan Huo is a girl . . . . even though he had decided to act as if he never knew anything . . . he felt awkward!

"Okay . . . " Tan Hua retracted her hand when she felt that Nan Shen reaction was kinda weird . Maybe Nan Shen had something troubled his mind? If so she better shut up and wait .


The elevator door opened once again but it wasn't at third floor . Nan Shen and Tan Hua who saw this, didn't move from their place .

They were standing quietly when suddenly around 5-7 people entered the elevator in a rush, surprising Nan Shen and Tan Hua making them subconsciously moved to the back of the elevator .


Tan Hua squinted her eyes when she suddenly found her body trapped within wall of human bodies .

. . . . what the heck!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The elevator was big actually but because these people who came in, brought things with them the elevator suddenly felt small for Nan Shen and Tan Hua who was trapped at the back .

Tan Hua with her petite body, found it difficult to move when the one in front of her was someone tall and bigger than her . Moreover this man kept moving back!

Damn you fatty move away!!

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