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Published at 7th of October 2019 03:19:22 PM

Chapter 313

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She could get away from all her problems . No Lan Yanjin, no Nan Shen or Ren Yuan . . . no Mi Shu . . . just her and Shen Ling . This should be fun! 

"Rest well, eat first . If anyone wants to meet you I'll tell you whether you want to meet them or not" Shen Ling pointed to the food he brought and after making sure Tan Hua liked his idea to bring her to this island, the man left the room .

He was sure that Nan Shen would find his way to this island even when he already changed his phone number . He better prepared so Tan Hua would be able to enjoy her vacation without anyone bothering her .

Several hours later, afternoon .

"So that is the island" Nan Shen whispered to himself as he looked at a big island across the island he was in now .

The man had just arrived at the closest island to where Tan Hua was now but from here on, he couldn't use the plane . He had to use a boat to cross the ocean and he was lucky that someone rented the boat to send him off to the island .

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Still, he would arrive in the evening like at 3 p . m or something . Would that be too late? No, even if it's too late to meet Tan Hua he had to find her today . He didn't know what's in Shen Ling mind to actually bring Tan Hua to a faraway island all of sudden but that man might be plotting something!

Shen Ling huh… . he never liked that man since he treated Tan Hua too nice being just her friend . They even lived together now! If he didn't know those two, he might think that they were married already .

"Tan Hua . . . wait for me" Nan Shen gripped the ring he put inside his pocket as he looked across the ocean hoping that he could just teleport to the island right away .  

While Nan Shen was doing his best to get to the island, Tan Hua, on the other hand, was really enjoying her vacation . The girl was playing with Shen Ling on the beach with no one aside from them on the beach .

"Shen Ling, catch!" Tan Hua throw a volleyball to Shen Ling when the man was laying down on a beach chair trying to read a magazine peacefully .

Unfortunately, the ball Tan Hua throw hit right to Shen Ling stomach making him almost puke all the food he ate at lunch on the spot 

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"Ah! Hey, can you not throw the ball like that?!" Shen Ling throws away the magazine and quickly stood up while grabbing the ball which hit his poor stomach earlier . He was reading fashion magazine for fun when Tan Hua suddenly threw a ball to him! 

This naughty girl needs to be punished, isn't she? 

"Sorry sorry I was bored . . . you read the magazines all day when we're here at the beach . Let's play okay?" Tan Hua approached Shen Ling with an apologetic face . The girl blinked her cute eyes trying to coax Shen Ling so he won't be angry at her anymore .

Seeing Tan Hua's ultimate skill, Shen Ling couldn't help but sigh . The girl was wearing a pink polka dot bikini with her hair arranged into a cute updo . How could she not be cute when she uses her begging skill like this? 

"Fine, you ask for it" Shen Ling suddenly take off his shirt leaving only his beach pants . The man tossed the ball in his hand with a smirk on his face . Tan Hua dare to challenge a God like him on a game huh? 

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"I won't lose!" Tan Hua grinned seeing Shen Ling finally got motivated to do something fun with her . It's boring to just read magazine all day so let's play! 


"Thank you" Nan Shen thanked the one sending him off to the island as soon as he arrived . He could see why Shen Ling chooses this Island to hide Tan Hua away the moment he landed on the island . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

This island is so deserted and quiet, people rarely go to this island yet the view here was still so beautiful . Maybe it's just like what Lan Yanjin said, they were on vacation? 

Nan Shen was about to move from his place while bringing his luggage when he heard voices of people laughing not far from his place .

"Yeah, I win! Tan Hua, you lose again" A voice of a man quietly rang throughout the beach being blown by the wind . The man's voice was really familiar to Nan Shen but what he noticed wasn't the voice .

Did someone just said 'Tan Hua'??

"Damn it one more game Shen Ling! I won't admit defeat!" A voice of a young girl could also be heard quite clear from Nan Shen place, highly shocked him since he knew the voice of this young girl .

This voice . . . isn't it Tan Hua?? 

Nan Shen subconsciously dropped his stuff to the sand as he ran toward the source of the voice . He was sure that it was Shen Ling and Tan Hua's voice . . . so those two really was here for a vacation? 

But why only the two of them? He feels uneasy .

Tan Hua, on the other hand, was about to toss the ball to Shen Ling direction when someone suddenly called her from behind .

"Tan Hua!" 

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