The CEO's Woman - Chapter 17

Published at 28th of June 2019 10:25:02 AM
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Chapter 17

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"Yeah . Nice try!" She turned her back and started walking again . She sure has no time for fake people . The guy didn't say anything but he also didn't stop following her .

"Don't! Don't follow me around . " She said . She is starting to get irritated . Still, the guy didn't stop walking behind her .

"I said stop! Or . . . " She hissed as she looks at the guy . She is clearly annoyed by this guy's presence .

"Or what?" The guy name Jin walked closer . Emphasizing their height difference .

"Or I will call someone from Fu Conglomerate and have you arrested for impersonating their young master . " She said . She is sure that this is not Fu Jin . Although she hasn't seen the man in person, from her previous life, she knows that the heir to the Fu Conglomerate is sickly . He didn't have the luxury to go outside . Much less roam into a museum and chase some girl he just met .

Yet, contrary to her expectations, the guy didn't show any panic or fear . He even giggled . Irritating her even more .

"You think I'm an impostor?" He raised his eyebrow and walked closer, making her took a step back until she realizes that her back is already on the wall . She is trapped .

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He inclines his face towards her as she lifted her eyes and met his gaze . She could feel her heart beating wildly . For a brief second, they remained still .

"You know, I could always have you killed for sexually assaulting me . " She broke the silence . Her eyes still fixed at him .

This time, the guy took a step back and laughed merrily . "I didn't sexually assault you . At least not yet . " He shook his head and look at her intensely before walking away while saying something that made her shiver .

"I'll forgive you for threatening to kill me . But, I will have to ask your grandfather to compensate . " Her eyes widened in shock when she heard his statement .

'What compensate? Is this guy serious? He is just an impostor . He must be threatening me . ' She thought .

Then her eyes widened even more . She wondered how did this guy know about her grandfather . Did he know her? Did someone send him to harm her? She tried to look at the hallway where the guy disappeared into but she couldn't see his shadow anymore .

"Xiao Yue?" She suddenly heard Shen Rong's voice behind her .

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"What are you doing standing here alone?" Shen Rong asked her .

"Nothing . . . Let's go" She answered as they started walking away from the hallway .

At the same time, in a dark corner of the art museum, Fu Jin was staring silently at Jiang Yue's silhouette .

"Tell me, did I do something wrong?" He said, his voice almost croaky, low and rough, almost unrecognizable .

The guy in a suit was just silently watching Fu Jin . Honestly, he didn't know what to say . Could he just tell him that he made the wrong approach? Now the Young Miss Jiang will see him as someone creepy .

His young master has been acting weirdly ever since he knew that Young Miss Jiang had an encounter with Mr . Yu Chen . He seemed to be agitated . Then excited . Then angry .

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"Answer me Bei Ye" Fu Jin demanded .

"I . . . I didn't think so Young Master . " He said, his voice brittle in fear .

"But?" Fu Jin asked .

"But I think you made the wrong approach . The young miss already thinks that you are impersonating yourself . And I think she also thinks that . . . " Bei Ye hesitated . He had been with the young master since they were young and this is the first time that the young master's intelligence seems to be non-existent today . "that you are a bit creepy" He continued as he lowered his head . He is afraid to face the anger of their young master . But he also knows that Young Master Jin doesn't like people who lie .

"Hmmm . . . the wrong approach you say?" Fu Jin said still looking at the empty hallway . His eyes darkening . He is planning to woo Jiang Yue but it seems that he needs to change his plans . He started walking away from the hallway and made his way into a secret elevator that will bring them to his transport .

"Did you hear something from the Yu's? He asked Bei Ye as they boarded the elevator .

"Yes . Young master . The patriarch is planning to have Mr . Yu Chen and Miss Jiang Yue meet coincidentally . He wants Mr . Yu Chen to get close to the Young Miss and . . . and perhaps marry her in the future . "

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Fu Jin didn't say anything . He wondered why would Jiang Yue hack Yu Chen's computer and send those images . Isn't she suppose start competing for Yu Chen's attention? The hacking also didn't happen in their previous life . What could have changed her?

He knit his eyebrows in annoyance . This is not the same as their previous life . Yu Chen didn't pursue Jiang Yue in the last lifetime, it's the other way around . If Yu Chen will start to pursue Jiang Yue in this time, then, will she fall in love with him?

He pursed his lips . 'No that cannot happen . I need to protect her . ' He thought as he boarded his car absentmindedly .

"Where to young master?" He heard Bei Ye ask .

"Call father and asked him to prepare betrothal gifts . I am going to the Wang Estate to propose for marriage . "

Bei Ye almost jump out of his seat when he heard Fu Jin's answer .

"Young . . . Master, isn't this a bit too fast? You just met the Young Miss . I . . . I don't think the patriarch will agree . " He said .

"The young Miss Jiang just threaten to have me killed . I'm afraid that she will do that, so I will ask for her grandfather to compensate me . " Fu Jin said . "Nevermind, don't tell father . I will tell him myself . Lets got to the Wang Estate . I will propose for a marriage . "

Bei Ye cannot follow his Young Masters logic but he didn't say anything as he started driving towards the Wang Mansion .

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