The CEO's Woman - Chapter 187

Published at 28th of June 2019 10:22:08 AM
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Chapter 187
"This doesn't make any sense . " Jiang Yue said as she paced inside her grandfather's study . "Not at all . "

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"I know!" Wang Minghua said before he started pacing around like Jiang Yue .

"Stop pacing! What are you doing following me like a child?" Jiang Yue said .

"Hey . . . I always pace when I am thinking . " Wang Minghua defended himself, earning an eye roll from Jiang Yue .

Jiang Yue let out a sigh of relief before sitting next to Fu Jin . "At least we are all safe," she said . Their safety was the most important thing right now . "Did you call Uncle and Grandfather?"

"Yes I did . Father is on his way here, as well as Grandfather . " Wang Minghua said .

Jiang Yue directed her question to Fu Jin . "What do you think?" She wanted to know whose plan it was to trap them .

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"I think it was my uncle . " Fu Jin started . "If I fell into his trap tonight then there would have been no marriage between the two of us . However, I don't think my uncle is that smart . "

Jiang Yue nodded before reading something on her laptop . "Fu Honglie graduated as a top student . A kickboxing expert, and has a black belt in karate . Currently, he is the manager of Fu Conglomerate's chain of oil companies in our country . Pretty impressive . I wonder why he didn't challenge your father when he got the title?"

"My father is way better than him . They are not of the same league . " Fu Jin answered .

"So they are underestimating you . How about your cousin?" Wang Minghua asked .

"Fu Zouyi . . . twenty-eight . Just like his father, he also graduated as a top student . An expert in Judo, kickboxing, and karate . Hobbies include shooting, mountain climbing, surfing, reading, and writing . Won a domestic literary award twice, won a shooting competition abroad, and is currently a biochemist at one of our country's universities . Single and available . " Jiang Yue read from her laptop .

"Impressive . " Wang Minghua said .

"But he is not as handsome as my Jin hehehe . " Jiang Yue laughed before turning her head towards Fu Jin . "Wait . . . how come I can't see anything related to you?"

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"My information is hidden . " Fu Jin answered .

"Why hide it?" Jiang Yue inquired .

"My mother insisted on doing so . " He shrugged .

"Hmmm . . . give me a minute . " Jiang Yue said before turning her focus towards her laptop .

Nothing could be deleted nor entirely hidden in the virtual world .

However, she believed that if something was hidden then it ought to be found .

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She typed in a lot of codes, beaming when she finally found what she was looking for .

"Fu Jin, twenty-three . Graduated as a top student . An expert in shooting, mixed martial arts, Aikido, and kickboxing . An International Martial Arts champion for three years when he was still in his teens . Was awarded the Business Person award both domestically and internationally at the age of eighteen for managing his own company . One of the youngest multi-millionaires in the business world . Missing achievement . . . Missing achievement . Single and available . Hmmm . . . Maybe we should update this information soon . " Jiang Yue said .

"I'd say that you are more impressive than your cousin, but why would your mother hide this information from the press?" Wang Minghua asked .

"Someone tried to poison me when I was still in my teens . After that my mother decided that we should hide all of my achievements . She also made sure to hide the attempted poisoning from everyone . " Fu Jin explained, his eyes darker than usual .

Jiang Yue fell into silence after she heard Fu Jin's explanation . She remembered that although the Young Master Fu in her previous life was a sickly kid, she had never heard anything about him being poisoned .

She stared at Fu Jin . Fu Jin right now was as healthy as a horse, unlike Fu Jin in her past life .

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Was it possible that he had been able to avoid the poisoning because he knew ahead of time that it would happen? If so . . . did that mean that Fu Jin had also reincarnated just like her?

Fu Jin just smiled at Jiang Yue when he noticed the latter staring at him .

"Do you know who was behind the poisoning?" Jiang Yue asked, her curiosity piqued . Someone had tried to harm her man . This was not something that she could ignore .

"No . Mother and Father were not able to find the culprit . " Fu Jin answered, his gaze still unfathomable . In his previous lifetime, he had died not knowing who poisoned him . But he would not let that happen in this lifetime . Not when he finally had the girl that he dreamed of .

"Are they still looking for the culprit?" She asked .

Fu Jin nodded . Not just them . . . even he was still looking . He had even investigated his uncle and his father's family members multiple times but was unable to get anything from them .

Jiang Yue frowned when she heard Fu Jin's answer . How come it was taking them so long to find the one who had attempted to poison Fu Jin? Was it possible for the culprit to not leave any trail?

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