The CEO's Woman - Chapter 403

Published at 28th of June 2019 10:18:30 AM
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Chapter 403
"Oh . . . we had to bring him to the hospital inside the palace . He had received a bullet wound…"

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"Bring me to him . " She interrupted him .

"Miss Jiang . . . Your wound…" he was about to tell her that she needed a doctor to check her first before going to Fu Jin . However, the dark look on her face instantly made him swallow his remaining words .

"I will accompany you . " He immediately added before giving some more instructions to his men . He then led Jiang Yue out of the bunker and into the hallway, which led to the hospital inside the palace .

"Miss Jiang, if… if it's not too much for you, can you tell me about what has happened inside the bunker?"

Jiang Yue's steps did not even falter as she answered him, "I don't know . I lost my consciousness after Li Qiang revealed himself . "

Secretary Jia turned silent at Jiang Yue's blatant lies . Since she refused to tell him the truth, he was not planning to question her any further .

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"Miss Jiang… um, the recording that your drone has got . . . Can we um have a look at it?" He asked, silently hoping that she would agree .

"No . " Jiang Yue rejected . Though she wanted to tell him how she did not want to become a Queen, Jiang Yue chose not to . It was just because she wanted everything to calm down first before she made her move .

She was sure that Gideon's death would have a big effect on the country . Moreover, it would also mean that her father would have nowhere to come back to . He could no longer be the King of the country .

Aside from that, Jiang Yue did not want to attract any more attention . The current troubles, she and her mother were in, were enough for her to make that decision . Wang Ruo's case was, after all, very unique . Someone should still be after her because of what she knew .

"Did you see the first two people who went out of the bunker?" She asked . She needed to guarantee the safety of her mother .

"Yes… CEO Fu asked his men to take them to his mansion before he insisted on staying, even though he was very pale from the blood loss," he explained . "He also specifically told me that in case if he fainted, he wanted to stay in the hospital inside the palace"

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"He has fainted?" She probed, as her heartbeat started racing once again . So, the Li Family had really dared to hurt him . She had originally thought that they just wanted to scare Fu Jin and let Jiang Yue think that they could easily kill him if they wanted to .

"Yes . The… the doctor said he has lost a lot of blood and the wound on his shoulder was also deep . " He answered while trying to carefully choose his words . Jiang Yue's murderous aura was undeniable . He would be lying if he said that her thirst for blood was not making him tremble . It was something that Secretary Jia was very familiar with .

Sometimes, the King was displaying the kind of bloodlust that was quite similar to Jiang Yue's at the moment . The more he looked at Jiang Yue, the more he noticed her attitude similarities with the King . Too bad that the father and daughter did not spend a lot of time with each other . What happened to Gideon was something unexpected, this should have a very deep effect on Jiang Yue .

In Secretary Jia's eyes, Jiang Yue was very pitiful, after all, she had already lost her mother at a very young age, now, she even lost her father whom she just met . Moreover, her fiancée was also wounded . Poor child .

Of course, Secretary Jia did not have any idea that the person he was comparing Jiang Yue with was not Gideon but the real Li Jun .

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He could only watch as Jiang Yue's face seemed to deadpan after he told her about Fu Jin's condition . 'She must be really hurt inside,' he thought .

"Here we are . There are a total of five VIP rooms in the palace's hospital . Please proceed to the first room towards the left . That is CEO Fu's room . " He said .

Jiang Yue only nodded at his words, her face still blank and expressionless . Secretary Jia couldn't help but wonder how would Jiang Yue handle the situation at hand . Was she aware of the identity of the person who had attacked Fu Jin? If she was… then what would she do?

"Miss Jiang… I will leave you for now . I have many things to attend to . I just received a report that the terrorists, you have mentioned before, have also attacked the Kim Mansion not too long ago . " He said as his face turned gloomy . He was sure that the attack came from the sky . In fact, a lot of citizens had also seen it .

If his guess was right, it should be an attack from space . However, he was not aware of any space weapons that M Country owned up there . So, who would dare to attack the Kim Family just like that?

He looked at Jiang Yue, waiting for her to say something . He had his suspicions but he would rather keep them and save himself from the wrath of the people involved in that massacre .

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"Thank you . " He heard Jiang Yue say before she opened the door of the VIP room and went inside, without sparing him another glance on him .

'Fu Jin's attack and her father's death must be the reason she is so gloomy,' he thought before walking out of the infirmary .

He still had a lot of things to do and lots of things to take care of .

Without the King and the Prime Minister, their country would be akin to a headless chicken . If they didn't handle everything appropriately, a civil war could occur at any moment . He needed to ask for Jiang Yue's advice about those matters tomorrow . But for now… he needed to deal with the aftermath of the terrorist attack .

Secretary Jia let out another long sigh before making his way out of the palace .

It seemed that big changes were coming to M Country soon .

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