The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020: 1020

Mu Qingyi didn’t know Ye Qingzi’s brother would be this unreliable, saying such a thing in front of his sister .

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However, Mu Qingyi acted very calm, calmly explaining that they simply had a mutually helping experience, and said nothing else .

“Oh, Chu Fangchen, what new soul pet are you planning on training? It’s perfect because I got a new soul pet . Let’s let the two little ones fight and gain experience . ” Ye Wansheng laughed and said .

Chu Mu felt that Ye Wansheng’s smile had a hint of satisfaction . Presumably, this fellow had a miraculous encounter, and he had gained a really great soul pet .

“En, let’s take down the growth spring water, and then go east to the fox temple to train our new soul pets . ” Chu Mu said .

Chu Mu had to raise his soul pets’ stages in a short amount of time . Because growth spring was limited, he naturally couldn’t give some to Ye Wansheng .

Thankfully, Ye Wansheng seemed to have soul items that could raise his soul pet phase quickly so he didn't need to need the treasure .

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi followed Mu QIngyi into her old home and went down a hidden underground tunnel through the abandoned structures .

“This path seemed to be connected to the underground river we walked through, but it had a barrier and a bewildering diagram, so others couldn't possibly find this growth fountain . ” Mu QIngyi followed the stairs down and explained .

When she brought out the spring water, Mu QIngyi didn't tell him to go down with him, instead telling others to wait outside the hidden chamber . Presumably, the chamber had some barriers that prevented foriegn people to enter .

After a while, Mu Qingti brought a compressed container with clear spring water out .

“There’s more than I expected . The amount in here can sustain your soul pet to grow quickly for a year and a half . Reaching tenth phase is no problem . ” Mu Qingyi said .

Chu Mu knew how precious this spring water was, and gave his utmost thanks .

Ye Qingzi was quite interested in this spring water and wanted to take it to research first to see if she could replicate it .

If she could replicate the spring water and mass duplicate it, Ye Qingzi was destined to become the richest woman in the world!

The spring city had nothing else to worry about . The five of them started heading towards the east Eastern Wild forest .

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Eastern Wild Forest was a place Ye QIngzi and Liu Binglan had been at before, so it was relatively familiar . Mu Qingyi once came here to train . Chu Mu and Ye Wansheng couple had never been before, however, so they could only follow them .


The blue skies were as clean as a huge jewel, so pure and captivating .

Ye Wansheng lifted up his leg on his wing type soul pet and looked into the sky casually .

Suddenly, he glanced over and looked at Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both affectionately on Purple robed Dream Beast and asked, “Chu Fangchen, is your dark purple sparrow powerful?”

“You sure it looks like a sparrow?” Chu Mu asked . Chu Mu glanced at little dead dream and laughed .

“En, it looks prettier than an average sparrow bit its still a sparrow . Do you want to see my new soul pet? It’s also around second phase . ” Ye Wansheng said happily .

“Summon it . ” Chu Mu said .

Ye Wansheng cast an incantation and instantly purple lightning arcs formed around it, creating a beautiful halo .

Within the halo, light lightning chains appeared . Quickly following, an organism appeared covered in purple!

This organism had the body as limber as a woman’s waist, while its snake cheeks seemed to have a woman’s head of hair . From behind, it was like a purple beauty .

In reality, it was an extremely powerful demon snake!

“Is this an Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake?” Chu Mu instantly recognized the organism .

“Haha, you have a good eye . Indeed, this is the rare empress heavenly thunder snake, the empress of emperor ranks . It’s probably the highest ranking organism humans can sign with . Do you want to know how I got it?” Ye Wanshen Laughed .

“Oh? There’s a story?” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow .

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“In reality the Empress heavenly thunder snake was obtained from Zhu Yi . He had an Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake . As long as he didn’t have another empress heavenly thunder snake, would three palaces really get killed? This included the Empress heavenly snake soul pet, so just be jealous!” Ye Wansheng opened his mouth wide and laughed .

The empress heavenly snake had invincible emperor rank species rank, meaning it would reach invincible emperor rank the moment it reached tenth phase and was the most likely soul pet to break into dominator rank .

Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and Crown Phoenix King were both soul pets of same rank as it . Of course, crown phoenix king being slightly higher, and only one bloodline of the snakes seemed to be perfect emperor rank .

“Do you want to have your little sparrow and this empress heavenly snake foster their friendly relationship?” Ye Wansheng siad .

“It’s whatever, they’re only second phase . ” Chu Mu shook his head .

“No it’s fine, young soul pets need training, their both lightning type anyways . ” ye Wansheng insisted .

“Fine, let’s keep it light . ” CHu Mu siad .

“Of course . ”

When the five stopped to rest, Ye Wansheng couldn’t wait to let Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake fight Chu Mu’s little sparrow .

Little dead dream was very arrogant, not wanting to fight the little snake . However, if it was spitting its tongue and taunting, it felt the obligation to teach it a lesson .

Seeing little dead dream go against little demon snake, Chu Mu remembered when he was in nightmare island, Mo Xie’s first true opponent was a ten foot centipede .

“Let’s begin!” Ye Qingzi sat on the side, and her beautiful pupils seemed to have a smile in them as she watched the two little soul pets .

“Wansheng, you can do it, win back what you lost last time . ” Shen Yue yelled aside .

Mu Qingyi laid against the tree and was feeding her crown phoenix king little fruits, not really caring about the battle .

Since the little empress heavenly thunder snake was the provoker, it naturally attacked first!

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The empress heavenly thunder snake was completely different ten foot centipede . Its speed quickened and sent out a poisonous attack that could instantly kill sixth phase servant rank organisms . This was an emperor rank soul pet’s dominance!

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake became a purple lightning arc . Little dead dream flapped its wings and easily dodged the attack .

With a light flap of its wings, the purple dead lightning flashed within its lush feathers!


Little dead dream let out a call, and returned a dead lightning attack . Immediately, the arcs hit the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake . The snake didn’t even have a chance of fighting back . Its purple scales were blackened by the lightning, and it went slack on the ground unable to get back up!

Ye Wansheng was just about to give the next command when his face froze .

What was this!!

How did it lose in one exchange!

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake had one of the highest species ranks, so there was nothing in its range that could match it!

And, Ye Wansheng already knew Chu Mu’s soul pet was definitely different, but he had no clue the difference would be this different . If they fought, wouldn’t his Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake be instantly killed?

At this moment, Ye Wansheng was suspicious as to whether Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was real, or if he just caught a similar species!

Shen Yue cheerleading aside was also shocked . She thought it would be the most intense battle between the low phases . After all, with organisms of such high species rank yet to have such results were truly unexpected .

At this time, Ye Qingzi standing beside them burst into laughter .

When her brother wanted to challenge Chu Mu’s young soul pet, Ye Qingzi was already chuckling secretly .

There probably wasn’t any soul pet with higher species rank in the world . Ye Wansheng was destined to lose the moment he decided to challenge him!

Of course, Ye Qingzi couldn’t just leave her brother alone . She went over to heal the heavenly empress thunder snake .

“Chu… . . . Chu Fangchen, what is your little sparrow, is it third phase and you just hid its phase somehow?” ye Wansheng stammered, still not fully realizing the situation .

“It’s second phase . ” Chu Mu said very seriously .

“Then… . . . then it’s impossible . Even if Goddess Mu’s crown phoenix king became second phase, it couldn't defeat my snake in one blow!” Ye Wansheng said .

“Mister Ye, if my crown phoenix king went against this man’s young soul pet at second phase, it would face the same result as your Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake . ” 

“No way!” Ye Wansheng was dumbfounded . What monster was Chu Fangchen’s little sparrow? If even Crown phoenix king could get instantly killed, is it a half devil sparrow?

“Brother, his little dead dream is dominator rank . You using your Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake to fight it is just looking to lose . ” Ye Qingzi said .

As she spoke, little Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake recovered . The demon snake’s purple pupil was still arrogant but the moment it saw little dead dream, it ran over to Ye Wansheng’s lap and didn’t dare to taunt anymore .

“Dominator… . . . dominator rank, I…… this isn’t fair, how can you even get a dominator rank soul pet??” Ye Wansheng was shocked again .

Who has ever heard of an organism with dominator rank species rank? That was the stuff of legends!

Yet, even if a legend like that appeared, why did Chu Mu get lucky enough to get it!!

Ye Wansheng finally realized why Chu Mu didn’t want to fight . It was because his Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake never had a chance!

There was no chance an Invincible emperor rank wins against a dominator rank!