The Charm of Soul Pets - Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021: 1021

The Eastern Wild Forest was at the center of the eastern side of Wanxiang Realm . This primitive forest was bordering the Heavenly Mountain Range . This meant that from the Eastern Wild Forest until the Heavenly Mountain Range was an incomparably vast forbidden region . Humans couldn’t rashly enter .

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This was the only blemish in the half-moon shaped human territory . In its thousand year history, several rulers had attempted to make the Eastern Wild Forest their own; ultimately, however, the depths of the Eastern Wild Forest were even more of a forbidden region than a normal forbidden region .  

The only thing worth rejoicing over was that while there were many powerful and unknown soul pets living in the depths of the forest, there was no empire force in the forest; the occasional tribes weren’t too strong .  

Therefore, although this primitive forest was embedded in human territory, they were able to coexist peacefully . Moreover, the forest had gradually turned into a training ground for humanity’s top experts .

Chu Mu had learned from the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch that the Fox Temple was probably located in the depths of the Eastern Wild Forest . As for the exact location, Chu Mu wasn’t sure he would be able to find it since there was no way for the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch to give a map to Mo Xie .  

Before Chu Mu came here, Liu Binglan had found a few maps of the Eastern Wild Forest from a few of Soul Alliance’s experts from previous generations . She drew a few spots that could be the location of fox species . Chu Mu walked towards these locations . If he was able to find the Fox Temple, that would obviously be the best, but even if he couldn’t, he would just use it to train the small Dead Dream .  

Practically all of them had new soul pets . Ye Qingzi, when she was with Liu Binglan in the Eastern Wild Forest, had captured a high class emperor species rank Arden Yang Pupil .

The Ardent Yang Pupil was a rare grass type soul pet . The places it grew up in would steal the sunlight resources from the surrounding ten or even 100 kilometers, changing the land into an extreme yin ground .  

Many soul pet trainers, when stepping into the yin ground, would think that the creatures that habited here were dark, water, ice or demon type . They never expected an extreme yang creature to exist here . In fact, it was because of its existence that the entire piece of land had become gloomy and dark; moreover, the Arden Yang Pupil had become a god of some sorts to all yin type creatures because wherever the Ardent Yang Pupil was, they would have a suitable place to live and breed .  

Ye Qingzi didn’t have a grass type soul pet yet and as a soul teacher, this was an area she needed .  

Grass type creatures had an extremely strange peculiarity . Whether their ranks were low or their ranks were high and thus hard to find, the success of a soul teacher greatly depended on whether they possessed a plant type soul pet .  

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A high class emperor rank, to the present generation of humans that were already begin to step into the dominator rank, was a rather low rank . However, due to being a grass type creature, it was essentially a god pet to Ye Qingzi . As long as she raised its phase and ranks, she would be able to concoct numerous spirit items that she was unable to in the past! 

Ye Wansheng’s Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was about the same phase and stage as the Dead Dream . He had come to Eastern Wild Forest to also raise its rank .

Shen Yue didn’t have a new soul pet, but seeing her excited appearance, it seemed that she was planning on capturing one in the Eastern Wild Forest .  

Given how powerful the group’s strength was, if she was going to capture one, it would at least be of the high class emperor rank . Anticipating being able to obtain a high class emperor rank child pet very soon, Shen Yue naturally was in high spirits . Indeed, even those people in Nightmare Palace with tenth rank titles, wouldn’t necessarily be able to obtain a high class emperor rank soul pet even after tens of years . By simply following them, Chu Fangchen had impressively told her that he would gift her a high class emperor rank child pet .

Mu Qingyi also had a child pet . It was an Evernight Emperor .

It didn’t need to be asked to know that this Evernight Emperor had probably signed a soul pact with the soul she had lost .  

Having lost one Evernight Emperor and finding another one as her soul pet, Chu Mu didn’t know if she did this in memory of her first Evernight Emperor, or if she really lacked a dark type soul pet .

Mu Qingyi, like Chu Mu, walked the path of offensive force . They differed in the fact that she tended to like wing type soul pets . Of her soul pets Chu Mu had seen, the Crown Phoenix King, Nine Colored Phoenix, Immortal Ming Bird, and the secondary wing attributed Thunder Sword Winged Lion were all wing type soul pets .  

As for Chu Mu, he was more all-rounded . He tried not to overlap his soul pet’s main attributes .  

Of course, there were some natural biases . Of his soul pets, he had more with secondary dark attributes since Zhan Ye, Night and the White Nightmare all had secondary dark attributes, while the Dead Dream had a main dark attribute . Nonetheless, with its main wing type and dead lightning attributes, its dark type could barely be considered a main attribute now .  

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As for his last soul pet spot, Chu Mu planned on leaving it for a soul pet with a main water attribute .  

Back when he had been trapped on prison island, he had been unable to flee because he was a non-swimmer . After leaving prison island, He had spent a long time traversing the continent, not nearing the ocean, nor receiving any opportunities to obtain a water type attributed creature .

To Chu Mu, water type creatures represented freedom and liberation . When Chu Mu was a young boy, he had sat on the cliff above the reefs, imagining riding on a domineering and imposing water beast as it surged through the roaring sea . Therefore, he had to obtain a water type soul pet .  

Four of the five of them had new soul pets to train . Training a child pet in a group like this was much more beneficial than training alone . Firstly, the group created a form of competition and secondly, they would be able to nurture group-fighting awareness in the soul pet at an earlier stage . Most importantly, there was no need to always have the new pet fight one on one . Occasionally, they would be able to just put them all in a group of creatures .  

There was a gradient of strength in Eastern Wild Forest . In the outside of the forest, the new pets were able to explode with bloodthirstiness . Once they reached a higher phase and stage, they would be able to enter the middle of the outer surroundings of the forest and train the more mature warrior and commander ranks .  

One naturally needed adequate patience to train a new pet . Yet, watching a new pet’s strength quickly grow was an extremely gratifying feeling .

In terms of growth speed, the Dead Dream was much more terrifying than the Little Hidden Dragon .

Back then, the Little Hidden Dragon’s species rank was about the low class emperor rank . The Dead Dream was a whole rank higher, meaning its strength was very different . Even Mo Xie, who was acting as a nanny and watching the Dead Dream’s strength rise from the side, would silently pout her mouth and let out jealous noises .  

Remembering the past, when the small Mo Xie was at the second phase, she was still fighting second phase servant ranks . If they encountered a third phase, the two of them would have to turn and run away . Yet, presently, this abnormal small Dead Dream would even dare bully seventh or eighth phase servant rank soul pets, much less third rank creatures . Probably, by the time it reached the second phase fifth stage, it would be able to approach tenth phase servant ranks .

“Chu Fangchen, how did you suddenly become dual control? Where did your other soul pets go? I heard that aside from your undying Zhan Ye you also have another dragon?” asked Ye Wansheng .  

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Standing in front of him was Tianxia Realm’s king, Chu Mu . What Ye Wansheng had heard naturally came from news from Tianxia City . It was from this that he had learned Chu Mu had an extremely powerful dragon .  

Logically speaking, this dragon’s strength probably should be stronger than any soul pet right now . Ye Wansheng was curious as to why Chu Mu had never summoned it . Was he afraid that others would be able to recognize his identity from these soul pets? 

When Ye Wansheng said this, the adjacent Mu Qingyi looked over as well .  

There were times then Chu Mu really wanted to stuff Ye Wansheng’s mouth with a dirty sock . This fellow was worse than Teng Lang at keeping his mouth shut, and would often just let things spill .  

“You still haven’t told me yet who you are . ” Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu and spoke calmly .

Ever since knowing that Chu Mu had the half devil transformation ability, Chu Mu had grown even more confusing and indistinct to her . She had always wanted to ask him to explain who he was, but this fellow seemed like he didn’t want to say . Each time this topic was mentioned, he would avoid it and speak instead about Soul Palace .  

“Oh? So Goddess Mu still doesn’t know who this person truly is . I thought that you guys had already trusted each other sincerely . Haha, fortunately, I have some time right now and I can explain it all to you . ” laughed Ye Wansheng .  

Mu Qingyi felt that Chu Mu probably wouldn’t say anything again, so she just asked Ye Wansheng who would just leak things without any impetus: “Then tell me . ” 

Ye Wansheng was stunned . He never expected Mu Qingyi to actually ask him . He had been casually flirting just now, and hastily used a mental voice to ask Chu Mu: “Chu Mu, can I speak about this?” 

“Whatever, I’ll explain . ” said Chu Mu . Mu Qingyi had even gifted him the Growth Spring so he owed her one . It wouldn’t be good to continue hiding .  

“Eh, you’re finally treating her with sincerity . That being said, Chu Mu, you had better not let down my younger sister… you have to treat Qingzi the best . Even if it’s Goddess Mu, it doesn’t matter . ” Ye Wansheng began speaking drivel .  

“ . . . ” when Chu Mu heard the first half of Ye Wansheng’s words, he had earnestly nodded his head, and thought to himself that although Ye Wansheng was normally a huge blabbermouth, when he was serious, he would still think about his sister . However, when he heard the latter half of his words, Chu Mu was speechless and silently cursed whether this thing was actually the familial brother of Qingzi .  

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to pay heed to Ye Wansheng . He used a mental voice to Mu Qingyi: “The truth is that we didn’t first meet in Snow City . It was actually in the forest to the south of Snow City . My underlings fought against your underlings…” 

Mu Qingyi’s watery clear eyes squinted her eyes at Chu Mu . Clearly, she wanted to match up the image of the devil person and this fellow .  

“Hmph, so you’re saying that the person who injured me that day was you . ” harrumphed Mu Qingyi .  

“Eh… I guess so . The truth was that my consciousness was still very hazy then . ” said Chu Mu .

“Hazy? Why did I feel like you had a threatening and insufferably arrogant attitude?” asked Mu Qingyi .  

Chu Mu bitterly laughed . It seemed that she thought that he had intentionally opposed her, so he explained: “Let me tell you my name first . My real name is Chu Mu . I think you’ve probably heard of me…” 

“Chu Mu…” Mu Qingyi subconsciously shook her head . She didn’t seem to know anybody named Chu Mu .

However, after thinking it over, her serene eyes were suddenly filled with shock!

“You… you are Tianxia King Chu Mu, the person who transformed into a devil!!” Mu Qingyi nearly cried out in shock .