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Published at 28th of May 2019 05:15:05 PM

Chapter 31

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We have arrived at our classroom, our first class is spell class that is basically learning the principles of spells . Spell class are teached by your dorm Professor ,so our professor is Miss lydia .

" Okay everyone take your seats in pairs please .

" I was sitting next to Romeo, Lilith next to Rose and Northen next to Malcolm . Mortar was struggling to find a partner, but he had found a short skinny kid who was alone poor kid .

" Who can tell me how spells are formed?" Miss Lydia said .

Nobody answered her question so I put my hand in the air .

" Dante" miss Lydia said .

" Spells are formed by manipulating mana itself . It also depends how you manipulate your mana for instance the mana that you manipulate can be heavy, pure or impure . The reason why we don't manipulate mana in the natural way is because it is too difficult only the finest wizards can do it!" I said with a proud look .

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" Very good Dante ,but can you tell me something about the nature of spells" Miss lydia asked .

" Yes the nature of spells is complicated If a wizard managed to manipulate the nature of a spell the spell can get bigger , more living and you can even increase the volume of the spell . To pull this off you need to first learn how to manipulate mana and then you need to learn how to manipulate nature itself . People who can managed to do this are called wizard sages they are extremely rare!" I said with admiration .

" Good job Dante you seem to know a lot about this subject?" miss Lydia said .

" Of course miss understanding mana is one of my strongest points . I learned how to increase, change and use my mana . you can also learn how to create ,destroy and counter mana . If you can manage to do this you can add space and time elements to your mana! .

There are also a lot more option you can do with mana . Understanding the true meaning of mana is also called the original way . People who chose this path are called origin wizard" I explained with an excited face .

" Dante are you an origin wizard then" miss Lydia said with a face of disbelief .

" Yes I am" I said . This shocked miss Lydia who didn't know if this was a dream or not .

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" Ahem miss" Lilith said .

When Lydia heard that she went back to normal and said " Very good Dante but you did forget to mention one thing about origin wizards" miss Lydia said with a mysterious smile .

" What did I miss professor Lydia" I said with a puzzled face .

" This aspect makes an origin mages a lot more dangerous than normal mages . Origin wizards posses something called Origin magic form that change their mana heavenly into a single form and their appearance and clothes will even change" Miss Lydia said .

Everyone in the class looked stunned including me . My eyes was beginning to shine I was about to ask another question , but miss Lydia said " Okay enough about origin wizard lets talk about regular spells" Miss Lydia said .

( this was difficult for me to write )

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After spell class we had magic sports .

We had it together with nine tails foxes .

We have magic sports outside of school . There was a special magic field outside where we will be practicing our sports . The field is enormous I can tell you that .

When we walked on the field we saw students of Nine tails foxes walking to us . They were just staring at us in silent . I received a few death glares by a few extremist of Nine tails foxes . I also spotted Mafidius with Catharina .

Then I sensed magical particles in the air moving super fast to our direction I looked up in the air . Something red flashed by . it landed on the ground with a " boooom!!!" sound .

She had long red hair her personality was of a cool beauty this was of course Professor Kira . Professor Kira is wearing a floatgear and had a stern gaze . Then with a loud voice she said" Alright today we are practicing Floatball!" Professor Kira said . everyone was getting excited when they heard floatball .

We all took our floatgear and we putted on . I was extremely excited I practiced a lot with my dad and I know all the meanest trick in the book .

" I assume you all know how floatball works" miss Kira said .

Malcolm already told everything about floatball to Lilith and Northen so we didn't had to worry about them .

" Miss how can you use your enchantment on your floatgear?" A girl of pegasus said .

" I will teach you guys enchantments later so you don't have to worry about that" Miss Kira said .

Enchantments on your floatinggear can strengtening you, so you can gain speed,strength and defense you can also multiple them . How much you can multiple your floatinggear depends on your Gear . there were some bad accidents when a player multiplied too much .

" Okay everyone concentrate on your floatinggear and try to fly slowly" Miss kyra said . Some students could pull it off while others couldn't . Northen could do it his first time while Malcolm had a difficult time with his floatinggear but he got there . Rose and Lilith couldn't do it for his first time but they managed to pull it off . Romeo and I managed it easily since we practiced floatball since we were children . Suprisingly Mortar pulled it off even tho he fell a lot the Nine tails snickering at him for it .

The Nine tails students also had seven students that could float . Miss Kira had then an Idea she looked at us and said" Since so many students of both dorms can already float lets have a little spar together" .

She turned around and then she was doing something to the field she then schreamed " activate!" . The whole field starting to light up rings were floating in the air we saw white,yellow,black and red colored rings . The small red ring was flying around very fast .

" Lets begin shall we" miss Kira said while a ball appeared on her hand .

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