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Published at 23rd of May 2019 09:19:00 PM

Chapter 7

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When My father saw me he said " My boy it is time to train your other elemental affinity" he said . The fire,lightning and wind were basically the same as the dark element so it was easy for me to learn( I don't want to explain it again pls) .

Okay now that we have have trained with your 3 elements it is time to move on to my special magic explosive magic! you already understand the basic principal of explosion magic if not all those years I raised you were wasted .

Here watch and learn" My dad said . Dad pointed his wand at a dummy and said Now concentrate try to Imagine you want the blow up the dummy and think of the spell you have learned in the books . EXPLODIUS! he said and the dummy exploded to pieces .

"Now you try" My father said and he gave me the wand and I took it .

I pointed at the dummy and I had a image of an big explosion in my head and i was feeling the mana inside and outside of me .

In my head I started to concentrate and thought "come on man you can do it explosion magic is made for you . Now make your father proud" . I roared EXPLODIUS! . I heard a loud bang and the dummy exploded "I did it" I shouted and then I fainted .

My father's eyes was wide open and his mouth was also open too bad i couldn't see it .

He was thinking " Dante actually did it I was hoping that he would master this spell in a month or two , but to do it in your first time is ridiculous he will definitely surpass me in the future .

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Half hour later I woke up .

My dad was sitting next to me and said " you did well my boy in the future we will train more explosion type spells, but now we are going to concentrate on a different kind of training it is called magical fighting arts" .

"magical fighting arts?" I said .

"Yeah that's right my boy magical fighting arts use martial arts and magic together so you don't need a wand .

As you already know a wand or you mouth isn't necessary needed to cast a spell but it helps you Concentrate beter for example high ranked wizards don't have to use there wands and mouth" .

"I understand dad" I said .

"The reason why I am teaching you magical fighting arts , because it is not taught at wizardo academy .

Another reason it helps you strengtening the body and you will learn to control your bloodline abilities better" My dad said .

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"Okay dad i know now when are we going to start" I said with a impatient look .

"The best way to teach magical fighting arts is to experience it with your body so you are going to sweat,cry and bleed a lot" My father said with a evil grin on his face .

My face went pale and I said "Dad lets talk this out like two gentlemen!" I said .

"Maybe you are right we should talk it out like gentlemen a hell no you think i would be so nice" my dad said .

"Noooo!" I schreamed .

This training schedule went on for a year and a half . I am nine years old already and there is just 6 months left till i leave home for wizardo academy .

"Son you already improved so much in the last months of training . It is time for some real experience, but before we do that i want to know what you want to achieve in life" my father said .

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"I don't really know what i want to achieve in life, but i do know that I want to protect the people that are close to me . I am not naive so I am willing to sacrifice things to achieve that . I doesn't really matter If i need to get dirty to protect my close ones, so i am willing to kill people for it . so I don't care if you are good person or a bad person if you touch people that are close to me you are dead" I said with a strong will .

My father looked stunned for a while and then He said " good boy i changed my mind i will change my training to see your resolve we aren't going to train we are going to a mission for men" .

In the Woods . . .

"He is on the move go after him" voice 1 said

"Okay i'm on it" voice 2 said .

"I don't know who you are but if you keep attacking me I will kill you I let you know i'm a loyal follower of Faldore!" a injured guy said .

"yeah yeah keep talking I will not let you escape!" voice 2 said

"You ask for it" the injured man said and he took out his want .

"With pleasure" voice 2 said and he also took out his wand . they both ran to each other and the injured man used the spell ice arrow while voice 2 used fireball which countered the spell .

They got closer and they Both shot the spell lightning granosh which is a line of green lightning . The two spells confronted each other . Now only pure willpower will decide who the winner is . The injured man thought" How can i lose to a kid hmmpp!" And his lightning went closer to voice 2 . When the lightning nearly hit voice 2 . Voice 2 thought No no i can't lose i got to show everyone my worth . My journey only starts now! . The lightning went to the side of the injured man so fast that he couldn't do anything and then it hit him .

"AAAAAH!" The injured man schreamed and he got blasted away . When he hit the ground the injured man thought "Is this the end for me?" .

When the man looked up he was suprised that kid had trouble standing up then the injured man thought "Of course how stupid of me he is just a little kid he can't use a advance spell like its nothing . "

The man saw hope then thought "I guess i have use my magical fighting arts" and he walked to the kid .

The kid saw what the men was doing he thought "why is he doing that unless" . The kid dropped his wand and also started walking to the man until they were face to face to eacch other . The man said "I see you also know magical fighting arts"

voice 2 said "yeah lets get this party started" .


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