The City of Terror - Chapter 282

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Chapter 282

Chapter 282 - Wearing Millions While Riding A Bicycle For Exercise

    After listening to Zhou Xing Yuan’s words, Wei Xiao Bei did not get angry . He only warned him, “Since you don’t want to go to the Dust World, then you should not personally drive a car anymore . Even better don’t ride cars anymore . Right, give me the keys to your car . ”

    Although Wei Xiao Bei was not clear how Zhou Xing Yuan’s exact method of entering the Dust World was, he knew that it had something to do with driving . Severing Zhou Xing Yuan’s relationship with cars would be the best option .

    Zhou Xing Yuan was not an idiot . After listening to Wei Xiao Bei, he had immediately understood that the reason why he entered the Dust World was because of a relationship with cars .

    Although he did not know why nothing happened when he drove a car to the coffee shop, he had decided that even if he had to walk, he would not have anything to do with cars anymore .

    The key to the car was in his pocket . When he thought about how he drove to the coffee shop with his car, he could not help but tremble . He immediately gave Wei Xiao Bei the keys as if he was throwing hot charcoal . He even tried to curry favor, “The refuel card is on the car’s dashboard . You can add refuel without paying . ”

    “Ok . It’s fine for you to just remember my words . If there is anything else, I’ll just contact you in the future . ”

    After saying this, he swaggeringly walked out the coffee shop . Under the envious eyes of the masses, he drove away with the Volvo .

    The distance between the coffee shop and the dojo was not far . This was why Wei Xiao Bei did not drive the minivan here . Thus, he did not need to worry about driving the minivan back .

    After watching Wei Xiao Bei leave, Zhou Xing Yuan paid the bills and stood at the coffee shop’s doorway . He was hesitating . If he was to go back, taking a taxi or calling the company for someone to fetch him was much more convenient .

    However, when he remembered Wei Xiao Bei’s warning and if he accidentally entered the Dust World again, then he could only blame himself .

    His understanding of the Dust World was too insignificant . He simply did not dare to risk it . Although he knew the way to return to the real world, he did not dare ascertain that he could immediately leave once he entered the Dust World .

    If he couldn’t, then he had played a huge joke on himself .

    Thus, after hesitating, Zhou Xing Yuan simply walked back .

    While he was walking, the amount of people looking at him was not few . He was a leader that led more than 6000 employees, and he was currently wearing brand name shoes, a custom-made suit, and a wrist watch that costed more than 900,000 yuan .

    Zhou Xing Yuan admittedly was not used to these gazes, but he was thinking about how to go to work the next day .

    However, as a human being, efficiency was an important thing .

    The next day, Zhou Xing Yuan woke up on time and ate breakfast with his son . After his son left for school with the driver, he left the villa and kept walking until he reached the security room .

    “Boss Zhou, you came?”

    Seeing their immediate superior’s immediate superior, how could the security guards in the security room keep on chatting idly . They immediately greeted him .

    “En, where’s my ride?”

    Zhou Xing Yuan nodded and asked .

    The two security guards who took over the shift could not understand his meaning .

    Boss’ car? But there are no cars around? Could it be that boss lost his car and wanted us to find it?

    However, the security guards from the previous shift came to their senses . One of them immediately ran out and soon brought in a second-hand bicycle .

    “Boss Zhou . About your ride, if you need it immediately, this is my bicycle . You can use it first . When you get off work, the new ride will definitely be here . ”

    The security guard’s face was apologetic .

    Indeed, he felt ashamed that he could not manage the small matter that his boss told him to do .

    “En, not bad . ”

    Zhou Xing Yuan would not waste his words with these employees . He rode the bicycle and rode it into the distance while the employees were watching with a stunned expression .

    He knew that it was impossible to buy a new bicycle at night . Having a bicycle now was already not bad . No matter what was said, not having a connection with cars was a good thing .

    He was wearing western clothes that costed more than a million yuan and riding a second-hand bicycle that was less than 100 yuan as he went to work .

    It was already time to go to work . As luxurious cars passed by him, amazed gazes landed on his body .

    Zhou Xing Yuan was the boss of the Da Hao Group’s security company . In this district of villas, the majority of them recognized him .

    Some of them had even directly worked with him and had a good relationship .

    Seeing that Zhou Xing Yuan was riding this kind of old bicycle, these people could not help but stop their cars and ask, “Boss Zhou, what’s going on with you?”

    Every time this happened, Zhou Xing Yuan kept pedaling the bike and covered up his actions, “Yesterday I took a medical examination .  Doctor said that my blood pressure and blood sugar level was too high . He told me to exercise more . As for the bicycle, I borrowed it from someone to exercise as I go to work . ”

    Naturally, they were skeptical about Zhou Xing Yuan’s explanation, but since it was his personal matter, the most they could do was turn this into news and spread it around . They could never tell him to stop doing it .

    When Zhou Xing Yuan arrived at the company while panting for breath, the guard in charge of guarding the underground parking lot was stunned .

    Initially, they thought that it was someone trying to sneak down the parking lot, but when they were about to intercept the person, they were stunned to see that it was their boss .

    Seeing Zhou Xing Yuan wear western-clothing while riding an old second-hand bicycle, a feeling of discomfort flooded their hearts .

    What kind of major event happened?

    For these guards, their boss doing such a thing was definitely not a small matter .

    Naturally, they still had to butter up to him .

    A few guards swarmed towards him and took the bicycle while telling people to look after it properly .

    When Zhou Xing Yuan reached his office, he immediately settled the matter of buying a new bicycle . His beautiful secretary was also stunned when he had ordered her to do this, but she still had done it in the end .

    This was not a difficult matter . She only needed to tell the logistics department to go buy one and just credit the cost .

    After settling this matter, Zhou Xing Yuan received Wan Da Hao’s call .

    As the leader of the entire Da Hao Group, Wan Da Hao was worried about one of his trusted aides, Zhou Xing Yuan .

    Naturally, he could not help but worry as this matter had also become one of the jokes in the upper society of Cui Hu City .

    After using his previous excuse to convince Wan Da Hao with great difficulty, Zhou Xing Yuan could not help but sigh as this matter was truly a headache .

    However, no matter what was said, Zhou Xing Yuan could only preserve in the days to come .

    A 100,000 yuan mountain bike had now become Zhou Xing Yuan’s long term vehicle . He would even ride it to dinner parties, making other people feel as if something big had changed with the world .

    Wan Da Hao had inquired a few times, but he stopped caring in the end .

    As long as Zhou Xing Yuan managed the company well and as long as there was no mistakes, this disgraceful thing was only Zhou Xing Yuan’s disgrace . No one would dare speak malicious words against Wan Da Hao .

    On the other hand, Zhou Xing Yuan riding a bicycle to and fro work had a bit of benefit . His high blood pressure and high blood sugar had decreased, making his body a lot healthier .

    Naturally, Zhou Xing Yuan’s matter had also reached Wei Xiao Bei’s ears .

    However, Wei Xiao Bei only smiled when he heard it .

    In these few days, Wei Xiao Bei’s main focus was to work at the Long Hu Dou Restaurant .

    On this day, he noticed that he had finished the requirements of cooking dishes that smell, look, and taste great .

    In truth, this task wasted a lot of time .

    After all, not all of his dishes could meet this kind of goal .

    Only when he cooked dishes that reach a certain price, would they be added to the requirement .

    On the other hand, some foods that were cheaper were not acknowledged by the status panel .

    Just like that, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the price of the raw materials was one of the hidden requirements .

    This was normal .

    If some low priced dishes were acknowledged by the status panel, then this task would be completed easily .

    In simpler terms, If Wei Xiao Bei made 500 bowls of tasty, fragrant, and delicious-looking noodles, he could finish it in at most a day .

    After he finished his requirements, Wei Xiao Bei felt relaxed and directly went to the resting quarters for the chefs .

    The Long Hu Dou Restaurant had a good resting quarter .

    Although it did not let the employees lounge there, there were still more than 10 individual rooms for the chefs to use . Chefs only needed to apply for it to use .

    Naturally, the rooms were very simple . Other than a bed, there was only one air conditioner and no television .

    Wei Xiao Bei had requested for a room and had two hours to rest . When the time was up, the guard would knock on the door to call his attention .

    He lied down on the bed and closed his eyes as the status panel floated in his mind .

    Cooking (Expert): dishes that smell, look, and taste great 500/500

    He quickly focused on it and used his evolution points .

    Towards the consumption of evolution points for skills to raise their ranks, Wei Xiao Bei already had an estimation .

    Raising from beginner to intermediate needed 50 evolution points .

    Raising from intermediate to advanced needed 100 evolution points .

    Raising from advanced to expert needed 200 evolution points .

    Raising from expert to master needed 300 evolution points .

    Raising from master to perfection needed 500 evolution points .

    Raising from perfection to greater heights needed 1000 evolution points .

    As for whether there were any higher rank afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei had not reached such a level so he was not clear about it .

    [Cooking], on the other hand, was different from most skills . Every single rank increase needed twice the amount compared to most skills .

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