The City of Terror - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286

Chapter 286 - Valiant Carthage Sacred Band Cavalry

    In truth, compared to the Roman reserve forces, the skill of the Roman light infantry was worse .

    Luckily, with the situation reversing, the Roman light infantry did not wait for the Carthaginian soldiers to respond . They immediately pulled out their short swords and charged forward .

    The Roman reserve forces did not move at all . They only stood at the back lines and pulled out another javelin from behind their backs and looked at the retreating Carthaginian soldiers with a cold gaze .

    As the situation changed, the Roman light infantry immediately rejoiced as they threw their javelins at the retreating Carthaginian soldiers while still pressing hard on their backs with their short swords .

    Those Carthaginians were immediately plunged into a dilemma . With the Roman reserve force watching them like tigers, it was impossible for them to concentrate on fighting against the Roman light infantry .

    The battle ended faster than Wei Xiao Bei had anticipated .

    None of the Carthaginian soldiers were able to escape as they were encircled and annihilated by the Romans .

    Before the last Carthaginian died, Wei Xiao Bei quickly used [Status Appraisal] on him .

    The Carthaginian soldiers were at the level of around 1-Star Elite Creatures . Their status was not that high . Compared to normal people, every single one of their sub-attributes were higher by two points on average .

    They possessed the skills [Elementary Battle Formation] and [Dogfight] . They did not have any special skills while the items they possessed were the pike and round shield .

    Elementary Battle Formation: If there are more than 10 Carthaginian allies, user can form a battle formation with everyone, increasing damage dealt by 10% and defense by 10% .

    Dogfight: In close range combat, increase the user’s damage by 10% and flexibility by 10% .

    Both of the skills were useful in battle .

    However, they still lost under the mighty attacks of the Romans .

    The road was filled with disordered corpses as their blood flowed down the cracks in the cement .

    The Roman light infantry were in high spirits as they collected the spoils of war the pikes, swords, and round shields . There might also be money on the Carthaginians’ bodies .

    In truth, this scene combined with the modern buildings could make other people think it was a movie shooting .

    The Roman soldiers did not pay any attention to the buildings at all .

    Wei Xiao Bei once again reminded himself that he was in the Dust World, and that he had not traveled in time!

    Previously it was said that the Roman light infantry was the most destitute among the Roman forces .

    In ancient Rome, soldiers needed to pay for their own equipment, so the spoils of war were very important to them .

    As long as they could save up their fortune, then they could buy a set of armor to increase their survival rate .

    Naturally, armor was expensive . Many Roman soldiers needed to spend 7-8 years just to buy a set .

    Clatter, clatter, clatter . After the soldiers obtained their spoils, the sound of horse hooves beating the cement ground echoed .

    Wei Xiao Bei’s gaze immediately landed on the right side of the street .

    A small group of armored cavalry appeared at the end of the street . They carried Macedonian pikes in their right hand and large oval shields in their left . Even their horses were armored .

    Carthage Sacred Band Cavalry!

    Just from their attire, it was easy to tell that they were a lot stronger compared to the infantry that had died .

    This small cavalry contained 12 people . Seeing the Roman forces in front of them and the corpses of their allies, they immediately flew into rage as they roared . They pulled down their golden helmets and separated into four rows with three members each . Then they charged forward like a tide towards the Romans .

    Facing the assault of the Carthaginian cavalry, the Romans had different actions .

    The reserve forces immediately went into formation as they fixed their shields on the ground, turning into a shield wall . The light infantry, on the other hand, became chaotic . Some of them wanted to hide behind the reserved forces while some attempted to find the chance to attack with their javelins .

    The javelins were sent flying, but none were able to hit the cavalry .

    In the chaos, the javelins that the light infantry threw did not even hit a single one .

    On the contrary, the reserved forces were calmer . They waited until the cavalry reached 30 meters before throwing out their javelins .

    In this distance, the Carthaginian cavalry would not be able to easily dodge the javelins, but they used the shields in their hands to block the attack .

    The Macedonian pikes had a unique shape . At the back of the spearhead, there was a crescent blade .

    These crescent blades could also be used to push aside javelins .

    Only the two cavalry in the middle were not able to dodge or block as the javelins directly penetrated their bodies .

    However, the Carthaginian cavalry had a strong will . Even if their bodies were penetrated they still rode their horses without moving their pikes .

    At least 2-Star Creatures!

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately judged the strength of the cavalry .

    For Wei Xiao Bei, judging the strength of the enemy was not a difficult thing .

    The cavalry leaned forward and extended their pikes . They tightly clamped on the horses with their legs as they charged towards the wall of shield without slowing down .


    The pikes had penetrated the shields causing the sound of wood breaking, while the horses also knocked against the shields .

    The force of impact from the warhorses was very strong . Even if the Roman reserved forces tried to resist, they were not able to do so . After blowing away a few shields, the Carthaginian cavalry had penetrated the shield formation .

    In the next moment, a fierce close quarter combat occured .

    The reserved forces that were blown away immediately lost their strength as they laid down on the street without being able to stand back up .

    However, the Roman reserve forces that were able to dodge all these immediately pulled out their sword and jumped at the slowing cavalry .

    On the other hand, the Macedonian pikes in the hands of the Carthaginian cavalry had already lost most of their use . They could not help but pull out their swords and kill the Romans in close combat .

    Although the Roman light infantry also entered the fray, the advantage had already been set .

    When the cavalry attack the shield formation, more than 30 reserved forces had been sent flying . The remaining reserve force had been five and whittled down to three .

    The greatest loss of the Carthaginians were some of their war horses, but their men were only injured at most . With their strength that had exceeded the reserved forces, they immediately ended the battle in just a few minutes .

    This time it was the Carthaginians who were victorious .

    Only two Carthaginian cavalry had died .

    As the victor, they had the power to determine the life and death of the defeated .

    The Carthaginians moved towards the injured and did not show any mercy as they pulled up the enemies’ hair and cut their throats . Blood sprayed out after the enemies main arteries had been cut . The Roman soldiers would not have any chance of returning back alive at all .

    Wei Xiao Bei who was watching by the window directly used a [Status Appraisal] at them .

    The Carthaginian Sacred Band cavalry were 2-Star Elite Creatures . Their statuses leaned towards agility, strength, and vitality .

    They possessed the skills [Fury] and [Assault], and they did not have any special skills .

    The Carthaginian soldier that had been hit by [Status Appraisal] looked up towards Wei Xiao Bei .

    Wei Xiao Bei was also not worried about 2-Star Elite Creatures looking at him as he stood on the tenth floor .

    However, the soldier's movement had astonished Wei Xiao Bei .

    He whispered something to the ears of another Carthaginian soldier, and they all quickly left after collecting the spoils of war .

    They went away?

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned . Without a doubt, these Carthaginians were not without intelligence like most monsters . Perhaps they understood that they could not gain an advantage if they entered the hotel so they left the battlefield .

    However, Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to let them go just like that . He picked up a rusty metal tray with his right hand and pressed on the window frame with his left . With a push of his left hand, he launched himself out and stuck close to the wall . Then, he charged forwards like an eagle .

    When Wei Xiao Bei landed, he stuck his feet on the walls to stop his fall, and at the same time, he threw the metal tray towards the retreating cavalry .

    The tray flew like a frisbee arriving behind one of the cavalry .

    Before the cavalry was able to react, a puchi sound came out as his back was penetrated by the tray . After that, the tray did not stop at all and continued forward, hitting the back of the cavalry in front .

    In just one instance, the tray had penetrated the backs of three cavalries . Only then, did the tray lose its momentum and fall down .

    On the other hand, the war horses were jolted as the three cavalrymen collapsed on the ground . After losing their riders, the three trained warhorses immediately raised their hoofs and let out fierce yells . Although the formation had not been disturbed, the cavalry could not get into the proper formation anymore after losing three men .

    300 evolution points!

    Every single Carthaginian cavalry gave him 100 evolution points .

    After receiving such an attack, the cavalry would not let go of such an enemy as they turned their horses around .

    However, turning around in this four-lane street with their momentum was something impossible to do .

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