The City of Terror - Chapter 287

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Chapter 287

Chapter 287 - War Horn

    While the Carthaginians were in a state of chaos and had almost made a U-turn, Wei Xiao Bie had already jumped down from the wall and instantly closed the 30 meter gap between them .


    With a strong step, he charged into the cavalry . He extended his hands and grabbed onto two of the cavalrymen’s legs . With a slight pull, he easily pulled them off their horses .

    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei jumped while rotating his body . The two people that he was grabbing also were dragged by him . In other words, Wei Xiao Bei had turned the two men into weapons and sent the cavalry that was turning around flying away .

    Before he landed on the ground, the two men were already injured . In the next instant, Wei Xiao Bei smashed their heads on the ground, instantly killing them .


    Wei Xiao Bei followed up by picking up a Macedonian pike on the ground and whipped it at the soldier . Although the Macedonian pike was inferior in quality to his White Mist Great Spear, it was still quite hard as a normal object .

    The remaining Carthaginian cavalry had been instantly killed by Wei Xiao Bei .

    He had gained 700 evolution points .

    If this Carthaginian Sacred band cavalry had been placed in the real world, they would be very powerful!

    In a fight of cold weapons, they were simply glitch-like existences .

    The Roman reserve forces were already strong, but in front of the Carthaginian cavalry, they were only vegetables on the chopping board .

    However, those Carthaginian soldiers were unlucky . When they left, they encountered a powerful person like Wei Xiao Bei and got annihilated .

    While Wei Xiao Bei was picking up the spoils of war and placing them into his Small Holding Bag, the war horses that had lost their owners turned around and ran back the way they came .

    Horses were animals that were fond of by humans .

    Wei Xiao Bei was not an exception . With a long stride, he strongly pulled on one of the horses that was about to pick up speed .

    The war horse was initially disobedient and competed in strength with Wei Xiao Bei, but when Wei Xiao Bei landed a few light hits on the horse, it immediately became a lot more obedient .

    For a specially trained horse like a war horse, their premonition of danger was much more accurate than wild horses .

    Facing Wei Xiao Bei, it could only go into a huff . Wei Xiao Bei nly needed to show enough power to make the horse obedient .

    The war horse did not have a saddle or a stirrup .

    This was because they were not invented during their era .

    Thus the cavalrymen had to wear thick trousers to prevent their crotches from being rubbed numb while riding a horse .

    However, it was easy to imagine how high the soldiers’ skill needed to be to ride a horse without a stirrup or saddle into battle .

    This was the problem that Wei Xiao Bei felt when he first attempted to ride the horse .

    The back of the horse was smooth . While ti was running, it would give the rider the feeling of being about to fall as they could not stabilize themselves .

    Luckily, this was a small matter for Wei Xiao Bei with his high agility .


    Wei Xiao Bei had never learned how to ride a horse before . He could only attempt to imitate what he had seen on television .

    Luckily, the horse was well trained . After Wei Xiao Bei said the word ‘jia’ twice, the horse began to move its legs and ran while following the road ahead .

    The feeling of riding a horse was pleasurable to Wei Xiao Bei . Riding on the jolting horse gave him a surge of thrill .

    After Wei Xiao Bei adapted to it, he lightly clamped on the horse’s abdomen . This was also knowledge he had seen in tv shows . For a war horse, clamping on their abdomens meant increasing speed . The tighter the clamp, the faster the horse would run .

    Under Wei Xiao Bei’s unskilled urging, the horse passed through the street and continuously ran forward .

    Naturally, the maximum speed of this war horse could never beat Wei Xiao Bei’s current maximum speed .

    This did not even need to be a question .

    The war horse was only a 1-Star Elite Creature, meaning to say that its speed was only 19 at maximum .

    Naturally, it had the [Haste] skill, allowing it to increase its speed by 50% for a certain amount of time, but it was still a bit inferior to Wei Xiao Bei’s speed .


    When Wei Xiao Bei was riding the horse towards a plaza, he could hear the sound of horses neighing and people cursing with his sharp ears . It was a group of people  that were trying to catch the war horses that had escaped .

    They were probably from the Roman side .

    After all, if it was the Carthaginians, they would have easily subdued the war horses .

    Without a doubt, the sound of horse hooves had attracted the Romans’ attention . When the horse he was riding had reached the plaza, the sound of javelins being thrown resounded in the air .

    As far as the eye could see, there were more than 10 glittering javelins moving in an arc towards Wei Xiao Bei .

    On the other hand, there were more than a hundred Roman soldiers going into a phalanx formation . Some of the Roman soldiers that had already settled in their position grabbed onto a javelin and once again prepared to throw them .

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned . He pulled out the Hard Metal Jian and swung it, smashing down in the javelins that could have hit him .

    However in the next moment, the javelins that were thrown had exceeded 50 .

    He would not have any problems defending himself even if he was riding a horse, but it was impossible to help the war horse below him block all the attacks .

    After all, the Hard Metal Jian was not suited to knock away long-ranged weapons .

    At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei made his decision . He pressed on the horse with his left hand and jumped off of it . Then he curled his body to decrease his surface area as he swung his jian, knocking down the incoming javelins .

    On the other hand, the horse that had lost a rider became even faster . It activated its [Haste] once again and left behind the javelins that were heading towards it . With a turn, it had entered a street in the plaza, running off without caring about Wei Xiao Bei’s safety .

    Wei Xiao Bei did not have feel dejected at all . War horses were not people, and he had just established a relation with it . It would probably be impossible for a fairytale like story of a horse saving its owner to happen .

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    After knocking down the second wave of javelins, the third wave had already been sent flying .

    Just from this, it could be seen that these soldiers were elites . At the very least, they were stronger than the reserve forces .

    However, Wei Xiao Bei could see that no matter how powerful they were, they were all 1-Star Elite Creatures other than the flag bearer in the center .

    The flag bearer was at least a 2-Star Creature .

    The third wave was once again easily shut down by Wei Xiao Bei . On the other hand, Wei Xiao Bei’s surroundings had already been surrounded by dense javelins, becoming a javelin forest .

    It could be said that the Romans were very tenacious . Even if they saw that Wei Xiao Bei had easily knocked down their javelins, they were not discouraged at all . They let out a loud roar as the first three rows of the formation wielded shields and swords as they charged at Wei Xiao Bei while the rest of the soldiers lowly advanced, maintaining a posture that could provide assistance to the front line at any time .

    Wei Xiao Bei had also become excited as he faced the hot-bloodedness of the army in front of him . He grasped the jian in his hand and charged ahead .


    In an instant, the two sides collided .

    From afar, it could be seen that Wei Xiao Bei was instantly surrounded by the Roman forces .

    In truth, the Romans could not block his advance at all .

    When Wei Xiao Bei’s shoulders knocked against the big shields of the Roman soldiers, the Roman soldiers were instantly sent flying on the ground .


    Taking advantage of Wei Xiao Bei’s advance, the Roman soldiers who passed him turned around and tried to smash their shields on his back .

    For the Roman soldiers, the shield was not only a defensive weapon, but it was also a powerful assaulting weapon .

    When they charged forward, they could deal heavy damage by smashing their shields at their opponents .

    If their enemies were weaker than them, then they could easily cut through the enemies’ defensive line, making the entire force collapse .

    It was easy to imagine that only a few armies during their timeline could endure that kind of interlinking shield attack .

    Wei Xiao Bei was focusing on his surroundings while fighting at this moment . He did not even need to look as he swung his jian behind him .

    Heavy strike! Vibration strike!

    Bang! A heavy sound echoed at the big shield was instantly destroyed by the jian . Even the soldier’s arms had fractured and sprayed out blood .

    In just a short period of time, Wei Xiao Bei had knocked half the Roman forces surrounding him on the ground .

    At this moment, the Roman forces behind increased their speeds as if they were a steel wall that was charging forward .

    When the Romans were about to reach their destination, the forces surrounding Wei Xiao Bei spread open .

    However, this tactic was completely useless against Wei Xiao Bei .

    He stamped on the ground and jumped high and easily passed by the Roman soldiers charging at him . Afterwards he swung down his jian as he landed, starting a rain of blood from behind the Roman force .

    When the Romans had lost 30% of their forces, the sound of a horn came from afar . The Romans hesitated as they turned around and retreated . Even if Wei Xiao Bei continued to smash at them, they seemed to have lost all care .

    What happened?

    Seeing the Romans’ actions, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly puzzled . He continued killing the soldiers and noticed that the Roman soldiers were heading towards the sound of the horn from different streets .

    Among them, there was a force of heavy soldiers wearing full body armor and wielding Greek pikes and Greek round shields .

    There was even a team of bronze-armored Roman cavalry .

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