The City of Terror - Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: 514

 What got Wei Xiao Bei’s attention was his battlelog .


Host destroys Zerg Kado’s Community’s Creep Colony . Relationship with Cerebrate Kadogulala worsens . The relationship with the Zergs worsens .

Host destroys Zerg Kado’s Community’s Creep Colony . Relationship with Cerebrate Kadogulala worsens . The relationship with the Zergs worsens .

This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei had seen such a message in his battlelog . Even if he had killed the Zerglings, there was no such thing that appeared in his battlelog, but now, his relationship with the Zergs was worsening .

Because of this, he found out the name of the Cerebrate as well as the name of this community of the Zergs .

Naturally, even if the battlelog displayed this information, Wei Xiao Bei did not stop his assault .

In less than two minutes, Wei Xiao Bei destroyed three more Creep Colonies .

It should be said that his Hard Metal Jian’s might in battle was a bit worse than the Divine White Mist Great Spear .

However, with its vibration strike and heavy strike, he could now deal a great amount of damage to these Zerg constructs . This was a pleasant surprise for him .

On the other hand, after destroying three Creep Colonies, new content appeared in the battlelog .


Host destroys Zerg Kado’s Community’s Creep Colony . Relationship with Cerebrate Kadogulala worsens, changing from neutral to indifference . The relationship with the Zergs worsens .

Host destroys Zerg Kado’s Community’s Creep Colony . Relationship with Cerebrate Kadogulala worsens, changing from indifference to hostile . Because of this, once the host enters a ten-kilometer radius of the Zerg Kado’s Community’s Hatchery, the host will be pursued and attacked until the host leaves that radius . The relationship with the Zergs worsens, changing from neutral to indifference .

From this, the change in their relationship could be seen including his relationship with the Zergs as well as this Zerg community .

As for the worsening relationship and becoming an enemy, Wei Xiao Bei did not care about it at all .

In any case, the Zergs would attack him once he was spotted .

Between him and the Zerg, there was nothing of common interest . As for stopping their pursuit once he leaves the radius, he did not care at all .

As he was thinking about this, he raised his hand and smashed down the jian at another Creep Colony .

Following its destruction, the remaining Creep Colonies had finished transforming .

The sound of mud falling from a high place could be heard as the cocoon covering the Creep Colonies turned to liquid and flowed through the creep, exposing an object .

It looked like a chrysanthemum formed with four flesh pillars . In the middle was a hole that let out whooshing sounds .

Wei Xiao Bei naturally knew that these were the so-called Sunken Colonies .

In the game, it was an extremely important Zerg Building . Even if a group of human tanks was to come attacking, they would be turned into scrap metal with just an attack from these Sunken Colonies .


Just when the Sunken Colonies had formed, a premonition of danger immediately alarmed in his head .

Without any hesitation, Wei Xiao Bei stomped on the creep and leaped high up in the air . At the same time, he smashed down with the jian in his hands .


A giant tongue-like sharp flesh spike instantly popped out from where he was standing and collided with the Hard Metal Jian .

The sound of metal striking against metal echoed .

The jolt caused Wei Xiao Bei’s hands to numb as his body was hit by a powerful impact, sending him flying back .

The speed of the sharp flesh spike had exceeded Wei Xiao Bei’s imagination .

 It can’t be seen by the naked eye!

If Wei Xiao Bei had not opened his eyes and used his [Response Search] to sense the movements, he might not be able to see the flesh spike that moved at Mach 5 speed .

In simpler terms, the sharp flesh spike was a conical object that was made of flesh . It looked glossy in appearance, but it was actually covered in a layer of cilia so thin that the naked eye could not see it . With the cilia layer, its speed had reached an absurd level .

In just one attack, Wei Xiao Bei had been sent a hundred meters into the air .

He extended his limbs to decrease the speed of his descent . He looked at the jian in his hand and became surprised .

The jian that looked indestructible had been dented!

It must be said that although the toughness of this jian was already far inferior to the Divine White Mist Great Spear, at the very least, it should still be tougher than the specially manufactured steel plates for tanks . However, it had been damaged by the flesh spike .

From this, it could be seen how powerful the flesh spike’s attack was .

If Wei Xiao Bei had been hit by the attack, his body being instantly destroyed would have been a definite result .

Before Wei Xiao Bei could land on the creep, the creep was once again parted as the extremely fast brown object struck at Wei Xiao Bei again .

Facing this, Wei Xiao Bei had already made his preparations . He once again struck with his jian and collided with the fast flesh spike, once again being sent flying .

As a martial grand scholar that had reached the mid-levels of the cosmic jing realm, his control over his strength had already reached a high level .

Thus, when he was sent flying this time, he was not randomly sent flying .

The Hard Metal Jian struck at a different location on the flesh spike this time, causing him to fly toward one of the Sunken Colonies .

Naturally, even if this happened, he still paid close attention to the movements on the creep .

After all, Wei Xiao Bei did not know if the flesh spike would pop out from the Sunken Colony itself .

When Wei Xiao Bei’s great spear had penetrated the Sunken Colony as he landed, he relaxed .

It was just as he had guessed . The flesh spike could appear anywhere on the creep, but it could not appear at the location of the Sunken Colony .

There was no doubt that this was its weakness .

The Hard Metal Jian had a surprising use in dealing with these Sunken Colonies .

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After smashing down with his jian, the motionless Sunken Colony was crushed and turned to liquid as it seeped into the creep .

However, after destroying the Sunken Colony, the warning of an attack from a flesh spike once again resounded in Wei Xiao Bei’s mind .

Wei Xiao Bei was now familiar with dealing with the flesh thorns . With a wave of his left hand, he once again sent himself flying in the direction of a Sunken Colony .

Just like that, he flew above the creep and destroyed seven Sunken Colonies from beginning to end .

Finally, when he stepped on the creep, no more flesh spikes popped out from the ground, causing him to have a sigh of relief .

This was not because he was timid . This simply could not be helped as the flesh spikes would unknowingly shoot out from the creep . It was incredibly intense to deal with them . A small amount of carelessness would have it hit you . Even Wei Xiao Bei did not dare try to see how painful it was if it suddenly shot up his a** .

Naturally, at this time, Wei Xiao Bei’s relationship with the Cerebrate Kadogulala had already turned from hostile to an enmity . Moreover, this enmity ran deep .

The meaning inside it was that if Wei Xiao Bei had been spotted by the Kado Community of Zergs, then he would immediately be attacked . Even if he ran away, the enemy would not give up their pursuit until one side was annihilated .

As for his relationship with the Zergs, it had turned to hostile .

After destroying seven Sunken Colonies, Wei xiao Bei immediately turned and ran out of the creep’s range, running away from the way he came .

This simply could not be helped .

The reason was simple . The amount of Zergling that appeared on the creep had now exceeded two thousand while the Hydralisks exceeded three hundred!

Naturally, these Zergs could be eliminated by him if he just used a bit of time, as well as some special abilities .

However, the problem was that the Cerebrate Kadogulala seemed to be very angry . The Zergs that appeared on the creep was not just the Zerglings and the Hydralisks!

More than a hundred Wyverns were also currently flying over .

Wei Xiao Bei could feel that there were stronger and more terrifying monsters behind the Zerglings and Hydralisks!

As long as he took a single step closer, he would receive an extremely dangerous attack!

This kind of attack might even be more powerful than the attacks from the Sunken Colonies! The numbers were also more terrifying as well!

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 Could it be a Lurker?

It was a spider-like unit of the Zerg race that could burrow underground and attack from below .

As long as there were three of them attacking the same unit, even the humans’ tanks would be destroyed in an instant .

Wei Xiao Bei naturally did not want his body to receive such a powerful attack .

No matter what was said, he was only one person . Facing the full-power attack of the Zergs, he was not stupid enough to just charge in .

Moreover, even if he broke through the defensive line, more powerful monsters might appear such as Ultralisks or even Guardians!

As long as he was on the creep, then his location would be grasped by the Cerebrate . If that happened, then the enemy Cerebrate could easily summon more units to surround him .

Moreover, his [Early Warning] gave him a faint premonition that if he continued, he might encounter an even greater danger .

Since that was the case, he would not risk it, and so chose the best option, which was to leave .

As for the villager that had been captured by the Zergs, he could only wish for the best-case scenario .

In truth, he understood that a long time had already passed .

If the captured villager was not eaten by the Zergs, then the Cerebrate would have already sucked his brain and obtained his memories .

Since matters were already like this, Wei Xiao Bei could only choose to retreat .

As for the possibility of a large scale invasion to the real world, he could only look on while taking it slowly . After all, in the real world, Wei Xiao Bei might be strong, but there was always someone stronger .

It was clear that he was not at the highest point .

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