The City of Terror - Chapter 515

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Chapter 515: 515

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 After Wei Xiao Bei left, the Zergs appeared as if they had been injected with chicken blood as they were chasing after him relentlessly.

It was very clear that this was the result of his relationship with the Cerebrate Kado deteriorating. As long as Wei Xiao Bei was in their sights, or if they could smell or find traces of him, then the Zergs under the Kado Zerg Community would chase after him.


They might run out of stamina you say?

What a joke!

These Zergs’ genes were adjusted to the finest level. In simpler terms, even if a Zergling did not eat, it could still run for three consecutive days!

In short, they would fight to their last breath!

Naturally, with Wei Xiao Bei’s running speed, the Zergs would have an extremely difficult time chasing after them.

After running for ten kilometers, the only ones that could keep up with him were the Wyverns flying in the sky.

After thirty kilometers, those Wyverns were also left behind, unable to find any traces of him.

If it was the human Wraiths or the Protoss Corsairs, they might be able to overtake him, but the Wyverns were living beings. If they wished to chase after Wei Xiao Bei who was far stronger than them, the difficulty would be high.

After leaving the Wyverns’ sights, Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate and dug a hole, then he laid down and thought of returning.


When he returned to the real world, the first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to make a call to Wei Xing Wu, telling him the situation of the villagers and ordering him to send someone to go get them.

However, Wei Xiao Bei immediately halted this plan.

The three villagers might have been brought to the Cui Hu City SIC branch to have a drink of tea. If he had rashly made Wei Xing Wu send someone, things would become problematic.

“Wait, don’t rush out yet. Wait for me to make a phone call.”

Wei Xiao Bei’s current phone had already been modified. It might not be able to block all wiretapping techniques, but at the very least it was impossible for the other party to fully eavesdrop on him.

Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei had Wei Xing Wu who had already settled on a simply coded language. It would be possible for others to understand their conversation with their coded language, but as they hid their conversations amongst random chatter, the time it would take to do so would be great.

After leaving the construction site, Wei Xiao Bei made a phone call to Yu Zheng Qing and asked about the situation of Tu Lang Village.

Yu Zheng Qing had then told Wei Xiao Bei about the return of the three missing villagers, but as for the inner happenings, Yu Zheng Qing had to keep it confidential.

Wei Xiao Bei did not pay any attention to this matter for the time beings. He was not worried that the three villagers would divulge what had happened.

After repeatedly warning the three people, Wei Xiao Bei had used the power of Ge Da Tian’s clone to carry out hypnosis on the three.

With how small the power of the clone was, using it to deal with Huang Kun and Zhu Xin Yi would have no effect, but using it to put suggestions on the three villagers was easy.

Even an expert hypnotist would not be able to drag out any useful information from their memory.

In other words, the three villagers would not be able to remember anything that happened when they disappeared.

On the way back to the dojo, Wei Xiao Bei got in a taxi while in deep thought.

Since the threat of the Dust World to the real world was gradually increasing, he needed to make some plans as a precaution.

As he got out of the car, Wei Xiao Bei saw that his Volvo was parked at the entrance of the alley with a youth standing guard. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei return, the youth ran over and passed on the keys, “Master Wei, this is the key to your car.”

The car was something that Wei Xiao Bei asked Yu Zheng Qing to retrieve, but he did not recognize the youth.

“My name is Zeng Jun. I am a newcomer who now helps Brother Yu. Master Wei, please take care of me in the future.”

The youth appeared to be quite good, so at the very least Wei Xiao Bei was satisfied with his politeness.

After passing the car, Zeng Jun left.

Wei Xiao Bei entered the dojo. Zhao Guang had already returned earlier on and was being interrogated by Huang Kun, Zhu Xin Yi, and even Andre.

However, Zhao Guang might appear to be younger than Huang Kun, but he was quite steadfast. Facing the interrogation, he let out a smile and did not say a single word.

This time he went out with his second uncle. Without his second uncle saying anything, he would not say anything about the situation.

This was the benefit of growing beside Zhao Yun.

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei return, the people who could not obtain information from Zhao Guang went to surround Wei Xiao Bei.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have time to talk idly with them at the moment. He berated them with a few words and returned to his own room.

After closing the door, he directly entered the bathroom.

The bathroom of the dojo was not big, it was a combination of a toilet and a shower with two-meter-tall ceramic tiles to prevent fires.

Wei Xiao Bei stood in the bathroom and raised his hand. He immediately used his storage bracelet to bathe in the Bi Fang heart blood starting from his head.


With an echo, flames immediately surged up. Wei Xiao Bei’s upper half was immediately engulfed by the flames while the Bi Fang hear blood continued to flow down as the flames continued to extend.

 I must quickly increase my strength!

This was Wei Xiao Bei’s only plan to deal with future troubles.

It’s just as the saying goes, ‘to forge iron, you need a strong hammer’!

If he had no power, once some big trouble appears, let alone protecting his family and friends, surviving would already be a problem!

After feeling pain coming from all over his body, Wei Xiao Bei could not even frown as he endured the pain.

However, after some time, Wei Xiao Bei finally frowned.

The Bi Fang’s heart blood’s effect on raising his [Flame Resistance] seems to be bad.

However, after thinking about it, he felt that it was normal.

After all, Wei Xiao Bei’s [Flame Resistance] was already high. It could already reduce flames below 600 degrees to only doing ninety percent of the damage.

In other words, the Bi Fang’s heart blood might not be enough.

Naturally, he had already considered this situation happening.

He once again raised his hand and poured more blood on his head.

This blood was the heart blood from the Flame Giants back in the World Tree Dust World.

It must be said that Flame Giant’s heart blood was inferior to the Bi Fang’s heart blood. It was even a bit inferior to the Bi Fang’s normal blood.

However, what the Flame Giant had was quantity!

Following the flow of the Flame Giant’s blood on his body, the flames that were about to be extinguished on his body once again rose.

In an instant, the flames turned from yellow to white!

Wei Xiao Bei’s skin was burned to ashes to the point that the connective tissues under it were also burned.

Facing this sharp pain, Wei Xiao Bei began to think that combining the heart blood of the Flame Giants and the heart blood of the Bi Fang was very effective!

In simpler terms, the flames from the two combined flames had mutated.

Wei Xiao Bei did not know why this happened, but the mutation had changed the characteristics of the flames and its grade seemed to be higher!

Naturally, this might be because there was a relationship between the two creatures.

Although the Bi Fang was called a bird of calamity, it was still considered one of the divine birds.

On the other hand, the Flame Giants might be the main culprit of Ragnarok, they were still a race of gods.

No matter what was said, the heart blood of the Flame Giant continued to flow and flames were continuously generated as if it was about to roast his entire body.

With the last drop of Flame Giant heart blood, the flames had already reached the ceiling.

In truth, if the ceiling was not made of wooden boards, then the entire room would have already been lit aflame.

This was already the peak of the flames.

In less than ten seconds, the flames completely disappeared, turning Wei Xiao Bei’s body completely black.

He endured the sharp pain and turned the faucet, immediately causing water to flow down his body.

Wei Xiao Bei raised his head and began to swallow big gulps of water.

With the earlier flames, his entire body had been roasted by about forty percent.

It must be known that his [Flame Resistance] was also active.

If it was a normal person, they might only last ten seconds before being roasted alive.

At this time, Wei Xiao Bei’s powerful recovery ability was continuously displaying its power. The muscles and connective tissues that had been burnt were peeling off by themselves, replaced with new muscles and connective tissues.

At this point, what he needed the most was water.

Following the flow of a large amount of water into his body, the thirst that came from his heart was gradually pacified.

Whether it was the pain after being burnt, the itch from continuous healing, or the dull pain from quickly drinking large amounts of water, a normal person would lie down on the floor in defeat.

However, he did not pay any attention to any of these pains as he looked at his status panel.

 Flame Immunity (Low): The Host is completely immune to damage from flames below 600 degrees Celsius. The host resists ninety percent damage from flames under 1500 degrees Celsius. The host resists fifty percent of the damage from flames above 1500 degrees Celsius. To level up this skill, the host needs to bathe in the blood of monsters with a higher rank.


 What a terrifying skill!

After the flame had mutated from the combined blood, Wei Xiao Bei who had been bathed under it also had a mutation in his skill.

From his point of view, this was also a mutation!

[Flame Resistance] had mutated into [Flame Immunity]!

It might just be the last word that changed but the changes could turn over heaven and earth.

The decrease in damage meant that there was still damage, but now, he was immune to damage under 600 degrees Celsius! And he had ninety percent resistance to flames under 1500 degrees Celsius!

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