The City of Terror - Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: 516

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 In other words, normal flames could not harm Wei Xiao Bei anymore.

For example, if he extended his hand into a normal kitchen stove flame, his hand would remain the same skin color even if he kept it there for an hour.

This was a type of inherent change!

Wei Xiao Bei even began suspecting that once this ability increases more then he might even be able to absorb flames.

This was not a joke as it was a very possible thing for the Dust World.

His injuries needed some time to recover, but he was not in a rush.

He left the bathroom and lay down on his bed. Then he swallowed a Soul Pearl obtained from the Skeleton Birds.

After he swallowed it, cold undead energy immediately entered his stomach and quickly expanded all through his body.

However, before it could completely spread, Wei Xiao Bei had mercilessly suppressed it.

After a flash of electricity, the undead energy vanished into a puff of smoke, losing its influence on his body.

Wei Xiao Bei’s [Release Electricity] was a skill that had an unimaginable cleansing effect against undead energy and other such energies.

After swallowing the pearl Wei Xiao Bei felt his mind enter a continuously rising state.

According to the pearl’s effects, this should be the feeling that appeared as his soul was being strengthened.

After that, Wei Xiao Bei took in some Excellent World Tree Sap that increased his body’s recovery speed.

Naturally, even if he had intaken the Excellent World Tree Sap, a heavy injury like this would not instantly recover.

In simpler terms, what he needed now was a good night’s rest!

After all, if a normal person received this kind of injury they would have already died ten times over!

While his body was recovering, Wei Xiao Bei took this chance to look at his status panel.

In this period, his gains were not that great, but with the additional accumulation from before, his evolution points were now at 19554 points.

After calculating the time, about eight months had passed since he had sacrificed [Military Boxing] to level up [Bajiquan].

After thinking a bit, he placed his attention on his [Shooting (Advanced)] skill.

As his evolution points quickly decreased, the light red [Shooting] skill quickly became deep red.

200 evolution points vanished in a short time.

At this time, a spot of yellow appeared on his shooting skill and quickly spread as if it were ink dropped into water, dying the skill light yellow.

Because of this, his [Shooting] skill increased from advanced to expert.

In an instant, the experience of shooting quickly entered Wei Xiao Bei’s mind immediately assimilating with his original experience and giving rise to new experiences.

In just a short amount of time, Wei Xiao Bei felt like he had been shooting for a few years. If he was given a rifle, he would be able to easily shoot something quite a distance away.

Naturally, if this skill was pushed to its limit with his other skills, then becoming the king of shooting was no issue.

However, for him, this was not enough.

 Concentrate! Use more evolution points!

 300 Evolution points used! Expert to master.

 500 evolution points used! Master to perfection.

 1000 evolution points used! Perfection to greater heights!

 1500 evolution points used! Greater heights to unfathomable!

After using a total of 3500 evolution points, his [Shooting] skill’s color had turned to violet.

After reaching unfathomable, he could not place in any more evolution points, but if another skill was not sacrificed, then the skill would not rise anymore.


After his [Shooting] skill reached the unfathomable level, Wei Xiao Bei felt a large amount of shooting knowledge enter his brain to the point that it hurt a bit.

At this point, Wei Xiao Bei could use 2000 evolution points to impart expert level [Shooting] skills to his disciples.

However, the quality-price ratio of this was a bit bad.

Though, the [Shooting] skill when at unfathomable level was indeed quite powerful.

Wei Xiao Bei had a feeling that he could easily use any firearms. Moreover, the power behind them would increase to the peak!

It must be said that once those Marines reached this level of [Shooting] skill, then a single Marine was equal to ten Marines.

Once a skill reaches a certain level, it brought a lot of additional effects. Even Wei Xiao Bei had felt it when his [Military Boxing] reached unfathomable before.

Naturally, those Marines did not possess this kind of [Shooting] skill.

He had already observed them before and estimated that their [Shooting] skill was only at expert level with none above it.

It must be said that if Wei Xiao Bei possessed a battlecruiser from the Terrans, then the power that he could use was unimaginable.

However, Wei Xiao Bei’s path was not the same as the Terrans that relied on advanced scientific technology. Thus after hesitating a bit, he concentrated on the [Shooting] skill!


In an instant, the already unfathomable level [Shooting] skill immediately ignited into violet flames.

Various knowledge about [Shooting] quickly disappeared from his brain.


At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate and concentrated on his [Electrical Work (Unfathomable)]!

The violet-colored flame immediately formed a burning line toward the [Electrical Work] skill.

As the burning line was absorbed by [Electrical Work], the color of the skill became a deeper violet.

Even Wei Xiao Bei became nervously excited.

After all, this sacrifice was not something that would succeed.

Previously, he had sacrificed [Military Boxing] to raise [Bajiquan] to unrivaled. This was already a very lucky thing.

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However, his luck at leveling his [Electrical Work] skill was a bit lower.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not know if his luck was lowered, but according to probability, if the first time was a success, then the second time would be fifty percent lower.

In other words, his luck probably decreased by fifty percent.

The [Shooting] skill formed into a violet flame and continued to pour into his [Electrical Work] skill, causing unnoticeable changes to it.

Soon, Wei Xiao Bei noticed a problem.

Compared to [Military Boxing], the [Shooting] skill appeared to burn faster but lasted longer.

More than half an hour had passed yet the shooting skill still had a large half left.

Naturally, this was not a guarantee that the [Shooting] skill would level up.

However, it could be seen from this that the [Shooting] skill appeared to be a higher class skill than [Military Boxing].

Wei Xiao Bei immediately understood something after thinking about it.

This was not strange at all. The [Shooting] skill covered more knowledge and information compared to [Military Boxing].

In terms of classification, it could be divided into different kinds, rifle shooting, handgun shooting, tank shooting, warship shooting, airplane shooting, etc. If it was further divided, then the numbers would become more terrifying.

There were more than a hundred kinds of guns in the world.

Just like that, the [Shooting] skill lasted much longer as a sacrifice.

This gave Wei Xiao Bei an insight.

It was very clear that the more comprehensive the skill, the more there was a guarantee for the sacrifice to work.

Naturally, he had only thought of these things and placed more energy into sacrificing the skills.

Going back to the topic, he felt that increasing his [Electrical Work] skill was a strenuous thing.

Time passed and it had already been more than an hour, yet the [Electrical Work] skill remained deep purple. A black spot should have already appeared but there were no signs of it at all.

No matter how long the [Shooting] skill burned, it did not last forever.

As he looked at the [Shooting] skill that was nearly extinguished, Wei Xiao Bei felt gloomy.

 Could I have failed?

If this sacrifice had failed, then his losses this time were so huge that he felt a bit sour about it.

Ignoring the 3500 evolution points, just the price of the [Shooting] skill was considerable.

After all, making the same skill appear was not an easy thing.

For example, his [Carving] skill took him a lot of time and effort. In terms of Dust World, he used more than 10,000 evolution points to create it.

In the end, the [Shooting] skill completely extinguished. At this instant, his knowledge about it had completely been erased into a blank slate, causing him great pain. He could not even respond as he fainted.

However, he smiled as he fainted. When the acute pain appeared, a black small black spot finally appeared when all the violet flames were absorbed by the [Electrical Work] skills. It quickly spread, dyeing the entire skill black.

Wei Xiao Bei finally succeeded and fainted while at ease.

When he finally woke up, it was already time to have a meal.

Zhu Xin Yi and Andre’s wife were busying themselves in the kitchen. After cooking lunch, they let Huang Kun call Wei Xiao Bei up.

Soon, Huang Kun ran back with a bad expression, “Master is injured and has fainted!”

The dojo immediately became chaotic.

If Zhu Xin Yi had not proposed to wait, Huang Kun might have just sent Wei Xiao Bei to the hospital.

When Wei Xiao Bei woke up, everyone anxiously looked at him.

“Master, who ambushed you?”

Huang Kun directly jumped at him while Zhu Xin Yi and the others looked on with deep concern.

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