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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Desperate Struggle

Zhang Yunyan felt nervous and terrified when looking at Black Killer . The result of encountering this ferocious monster would be terrible .


Black Bear Demon stared at this fascinating beauty and his lust was ready . There was a greedy expression on his grim face .


He praised her for a few times, "You're so beautiful and even better than a flower and a fairy . I have never seen such a charming beauty . Good, good, I'm so lucky . I have a lot of good fortune in love affairs . I will play with you for fun first . It would be fantastic . Just thinking of it would make me feel happy . Then, I will use you to fill my stomach, haha . . . "


When he laughed, his stomach growled .


Black Killer sighed and now he could not care about his hunger . He could only let it alone for a while .


Zhang Yunyan sighed secretly when finding that Black Bear Demon was infatuated with her . She was both nervous and fearful .


Since she grew up, she had been happy for her beauty and often enjoyed herself .


She also felt vexed for her beauty . She was not only attractive to bullies, but also became the prey of demons and monsters .


Thanks to Yunyan's good martial arts, the struggle and difficulty sharpened her life and molded the quality of a heroine . She was brave to face disasters and dangers . She dared to fight against evils . It was hard for her to survive until now .


At this moment, she encountered Black Killer . It was a close shave, but she still needed to fight hard . She'd like to die than to be raped by monsters .


Black Killer saw Zhang Yunyan trying to resist with a steel sword in her hand . He snorted with disdain . He pulled out his steel sword, rushing towards her and waving his sword to subdue the beauty .


Of course, this guy still kept his mercy for her . Otherwise, he could only ease his stomach but ignored his greedy mind with lust .


Zhang Yunyan had to avoid immediately when finding that Black Killer's attack was fierce . At the same time, she held her sword up to resist . "Dang!" A loud sound roared around . Although she avoided this attack, her sword was nearly off her hand .


Yunyan was shocked and had not expected that the monster's strength was so powerful . It shook her hand to be painful .


Zhang Yunyan saw the steel sword waving down again . She dared not resist directly, but quickly avoided .


She pretended to wave her sword and made a vigorous sweeping movement . Black Killer dared not be careless and resist with his hands . Then, he waved his sword towards his enemy's neck . Zhang Yunyan avoided by shrank her body . Then, she quickly pierced his sword towards the monster's chest . Black Killer resisted and retreated in a hurry . He slashed down towards Yunyan .



In this way, they fought against each other and neither of them could win . It was fierce .


In "Hell", there was full of horrible atmosphere, shouting and the sound of weapons hitting roaring, which made all the creatures around scared .


Zhang Yunyan could not defeat the monster with a heavy sword or fight against him face to face . However, she was much more flexible and alert than Black Killer . Besides, the monster did not want to kill her, so she felt less pressed and still had an ability to fight against the enemy .


Black Killer felt annoyed when finding that he could not win in a short time . He became more and more worried . He screamed and rushed towards her, trying to control this beauty at once and fulfilling his lust . Then, he could fill his stomach .


Zhang Yunyan dared not be careless and kept alert, trying to fight back when she was avoiding his attack . She hoped she could win by chance and defeated this terrible monster .


In "Hell", the screaming and the hitting sound of weapons continued roaring . It was shocking .


Those trees were shaking, while the grass surrounding was trembling . The birds were frightened away, while insects avoided and kept silent . Everything was immersed in a horrible atmosphere . . .


In the fierce battle, Zhang Yunyan sweated profusely and did not how long she could insist . She felt extremely anxious because she could not keep her life .


Jade Dragon Lake was waveless, where fish were playing happily in the water and the water grass was floating with the wave .


In the woods, the atmosphere was completely the opposite . The killing sound was roaring and it had become a horrible "Hell" . The horrible tragedy was going on and was coming to close .


Zhang Yunyan was both anxious and desperate . He was going to go to Yan Family Village and kill Yan Xiaopeng to revenge for her parents . Unfortunately, she met such a horrible monster and would die in the hands of Black Killer .


The young life was about to end and none of her lifelong vows could be completed . She had failed the expectations of Family Zhang and Family Lin . She had no confidence to face the souls of her relatives .


Yunyan was very painful and desperate . The two enemies, Yan Xiaopeng and Feng Jiabao, were still hurting people . She had no news of brother Yuntian and sister Yunxia . All of her wishes would be turned into bubbles . . .


In the woods, the killing sounds were fierce and scaring . The horrible atmosphere covered this small world . It was suffocating .


In the panic, the birds flew away and the insects were avoiding . The grass was horrified, while the trees were erecting . All the creatures were pushed to the edge of death and worried about their life .


In the fight, Zhang Yunyan glanced at Jade Dragon Lake and felt emotional . This was the place where she played when she was young, but now it became the place where her life would end . It was frightening and heartbreaking .


She had not expected that at the first time she came back to hometown, she could not kill her enemy but would die in the hands of the monster by her beloved Jade Dragon Lake where she met Black Killer .


When she was about to die, Zhang Yunyan could not help thinking of the legend of the white dragon . She really hoped that the legendary white dragon would appear quickly, killing Black Killer to save her life .


Zhang Yunyan knew it was just a legend and could not set hope on the nonexistent white dragon . She should rely on her own hard work and found out a piece of hope out of death .


At the time of life and death, she was anxious and very eager . She could only rely on fate to decide whether she would die or not .


Suddenly, Zhang Yunyan stumbled and fell onto the ground when trying to avoid an attack .


At this moment, Black Killer jumped to her front and forced Yunyan with his bright steel sword .


He sneered and snorted, "Girl, you still want to compete with me . You're really an idiot . Just show what you're capable . Otherwise, you will have no chance . "


Zhang Yunyan had no ability to escape and felt desperate . Once the steel sword fell down, she would lose her life . She was extremely desperate .


Black Killer looked at Yunyan with greedy and his fierce face was full of lust .


He smiled and said, "Little beauty, it's not the time to kill you . It's our fate to meet, so we should spend a wonderful time together . "


Yunyan was even more anxious when finding that the monster still hoped to rape her . However, she had no ability to sight against and had nowhere to hide . She was like a piece of meat which would be sliced up casually .


She said with anger, "Monster, I'm not afraid of death . Just kill me!"


She was looking for death in case of being raped by the monster .


Black Killer snorted . "I will kill you, of course . Otherwise, how could I fill my stomach? However, you can't die now . Otherwise, who will serve me?"


Zhang Yunyan was still nervous and frightened . Since she would die, she'd like to die in a fast way . She did not hope to lose her virginity .


She opened her eyes widely with deep emotions, looking around the mountains, water, forest, and grassland . . .


This was the last sight for her before she died . Yunyan looked at everything in front of her greedily . She felt that this was the most beautiful scene she had never seen before . Even a tree and a bunch of grass were that cute .


It was good to live in this world . Meanwhile, she still had plenty of uncompleted vows . Some endless memory and affection raised in Zhang Yunyan's mind .


Thought it was good to live, she could not live anymore . Her life was controlled in the hands of the monster in front of her . Her young life would be taken away .


She could do nothing for those uncompleted vows . She had no chance to live, but left this world with sadness and unwilling . Since then, there was no one to avenge for Family Zhang and Family Lin .


Death, she would die like this . Zhang Yunyan had no face to meet her dead parents and adopted parents, so as to the souls of the three brothers and sisters in Family Lin . Her sad heart was full of sorrow .


This was a reality and an unreversed and cruel reality . She had no right to make a decision and would be sent to the road of death by the prodder .


If the legend was right, she could see the souls of her relatives in the hell and could only make confess to them .


The "Hell" in the human world was intense and the horrible atmosphere was chocking . In the short silence, there was a horrible storm upcoming, which would destroy those poor lives .


Zhang Yunyan looked at the peaceful Jade Dragon Lake and felt intimate and very affection .


She really hoped that there was a white dragon which could kill the bad guys for people and kill the fierce Black Killer to save her . Therefore, she could continue her uncompleted missions .


This was a beautiful dream and a fantasy of a dying people . It was useless and she could only farewell to this world .


Yunyan was painful and hoped to live longer . This was the last sight for her to look at this world . She would no longer see these beautiful scenes again .


She was about to leave this world and all of her uncompleted vows would go with the wind .


In her unyielding and desperate emotions, her eyes got wet and she sighed in her mind . . .


In the danger, Zhang Yunyan had to struggle to the death . Only if she still lived, she would not give up .


She shouted, "Monster, you're just taking the advantage for a moment . I'm not afraid of you . You need to take note of the situation and go away at once . Otherwise, I will take your life with my treasures . Before I take action, you should leave quickly!"


Black Killer was stunned and nervous when hearing that she had some treasures . In addition, he arose some lust in his mind that he hoped to rob those treasures as his own .


He thought about it and eased his nervous and angry emotion . Holding his impressible lust, he persuaded, "Girl, you wanna me to go back with nothing to gain? I should get something from you . How about giving me your treasures? Then, I will mercy your life . How do you think?"


This guy even urged Yunyan used her treasures to trade for her life . She did not know whether he was still plotting something else .


Zhang Yunyan did not have any treasures . She escaped his lips at the urgent moment . Since it was so, she could only continue to cheat him to strive for the chance to escape .


She pretended to call out her treasures . Of course, nothing appeared .


For this, she knew it clearly . She only hoped to postpone the time to find the chance .


Black Bear Demon found that Zhang Yunyan did not take out her treasures for a few times and realized that he was deceived .


Suddenly, he was angry and the rage covered his whole mind . He had no mood to appreciate this beauty and held his sword waving toward Yunyan .


Suddenly, the water in the lake surged with spray splashing . For a second, a high water column surged in a blink of eyes . The water column was uprising rapidly and getting huger and huger, rushing towards the shore at a fast speed .


Black Killer was shocked and felt his heart was contracted . He stared at the change and did not know what horrible things would happen . He did not know whether it was the result of Zhang Yunyan's treasure and did not know what kind of disasters he would meet .


Black Bear Demon was scared . He could not care about the life or death of Yunyan at this urgent moment and he hastily retreated .


Zhang Yunyan was shocked and looked around with his eyes widely opened . He did not know why there was such a huge water column rising up and what it sighed for . He even did not know what kind of horrible change happened inside the Jade Dragon Lake .


"Hua—" The strong and tall water column scattered everywhere . In a blink of eyes, a huge dragon flashed out of it .


Black Killer and Zhang Yunyan was totally shocked by the huge change and could not help screaming .


It was too sudden and surprising, so as horrible . They were both shocked and felt frightened .