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Chapter 8

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"*sigh*, tell me Nicolas, how long are you planning to keep your mouth shut?" . Connard ask while being confused how can Nicolas persist until now? .

Well, you might be asking what is happening right now, right? . So, here it is .

Its been three days since Nicolas and Leila became Connard's prisoner . Everyday, same thing happened . Connard would torture Nicolas so as to bring him into submission . Everyday, he will think of new ways to torture him and as time goes by it became more torturous than the previous things he did .

He tried torturing him mentally such as hanging him like a punching bag while being blind folded then, either whip him or beat him up . Of course they make sure not to hit his vital spots or else Nicolas would not last till today . You're asking, how did it became a mental pressure? . Well, actually, Nicolas is not only tortured mentally but also physically because, while he is blind folded, he don't know which part of his body will be hit next . And that happened on their first day in prison .

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Right after that, when Connard became bored due Nicolas' stubborness . He would order Nicolas to have s*x with Leila, with different positions and would only stop them when he's satisfied .

Then, on the second day, Nicolas were hanged again in the interrogation room but then they tortured him using stun gun but they first only electrocuted him from his toe then on his hips, arms and nape . After he pass out due to being electrocuted by 50,000 volts stun gun, they would continue it after Nicolas woke up again .

And today, which is the third day, Connard decided to be more vicious as he doesn't have much time before the authorities come after them . He knows that Nicolas is only bidding his time so he started to do more drastic methods . He uses something like a death by a thousand cuts method although they only cut him lightly like you were only scrape by a paper cutter but even though they cut him lightly it was still painful and now, Nicolas' body is bloody and full of wounds .

Connard thought that maybe, by this method, Nicolas would submit to his every whims but contrary to what he expect, instead of breaking Nicolas, he became more resilient like a steel which even though he received all those tortures and shock he can still withstand it without being deformed or bent And now, Nicolas' heart is full of hatred towards Connard to the point that he wants to repay him by a hundred times more than what he did to him before killing him

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Leila, although she doesn't receive any physical torture from Connard except that he will order Nicolas to fuck her to the point that her body is full of c*m, she is also at her limit because she can't stand it anymore while seeing how her superior is being tortured in front of her but she can't do anything to save him . Though she doesn't feel any love for him but she feels indebted to him for her life .

You might be asking why Connard didn't let his subordinates f*ck Leila? Well, the thing is whenever he would order his subordinates to f*ck Leila, Nicolas would have an unimaginable strength and would resist like a mad man to him to the verge that he doesn't care about his body anymore even if it will break his bones for him to get out of his bindings to help Leila . And so, because he wants to preserve Nicolas life as he still has uses for him, he would just order Nicolas to f*ck her to the point that even Nicolas body couldn't take it anymore but he still persists as he doesn't want anything bad to happen to Leila .

Although he is sure that he is not yet romantically attracted to Leila and the only reason he wants to marry her as of this moment is because he felt guilty for what he did but, there is this little part of him that genuinely wants to protect her, and so he does, even to the point that he wants to protect her with his life, anyway if his father failed to help him then his life would truly be finished anyway so why not do something good before he dies right? .

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After Connard ask him how long will he keep silent . Nicolas, as usual doesn't give him any answer and it annoyed Connard so he ordered his subordinates to give him another five more cuts . Hearing this Leila can't stand it anymore and so she speaked . "Please! stop this anymore! I'll tell you as much as I can tell just please! let us go! and stop torturing him!" . Leila cried as she can't stand it anymore although as a soldier she is much stronger than some civilians in terms of emotional aspect but she's still a human, she already feel indebted to him too much as he helped her a lot of times already since, not once did Connard tried to order his subordinates to raped her but Nicolas would always helped her and protect her using his life as a bargain, that's why even if it means to betray her base and other brother's and sister's in arms, she will do it to save him, to repay his help to her .

"Aww! A very touching scene indeed, Have you fallen in love to your commander, woman? hahaha!" . Connard while laughing manically .

"please! I beg you! if you want, I can repay you with my body just please stop torturing him!" . Leila said as she just wanted to really help him . Nicolas after hearing it were filled with rage . "Stop your nonesense woman! How could I let a woman save me by using her body as a means! I would rather die than let my woman save me using her own life or body!" . Nicolas said even though his body is almost at his limit but as he heard her words, it seems like its his adrenaline that gives him strength .

'did he just say I'm his woman?' Leila is stunned and wondered if what she heard is right or she's just imagining things . Although he doesn't love her yet, he already considered her as his wife since, his parents always taught him to be an upright man as he takes her virginity it is just that he would marry her as she is not a wanton woman to become a tool used only for pleasure .

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"Well, I would really like to satisfy your wishes woman but no, I won't stop until I get what I wants hahaha!" . Connard replied to Leila's pleas . "Well, then that's all for a commercial break let us continue gentlemen! hahaha!" .


After Connard gave his order they heard something like bomb detonated and emergeny alarms rang all around the fortress and a lanky terrorist come inside the interrogation room while panting . "Sir, were under attack by the soldiers who seemed from alpha base due to their uniforms what should we do sir?" .

"What else can we do but fight back! Now! all of go outside and fight with those scums, only you-", while he pointed to a another terrorist, "You stay here and guard these two", Connard said then points toward Nicolas and Leila . "No matter what you must keep them here and must not let them escape" . Connard ordered then get out of the room with his subordinates and only Nicolas, Leila and one of the terrorist were left inside the room .

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