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Chapter 10


Saturday . Several days have passed since I used Sasakura-san’s secret to level up my status with her into her friend during the physical test .

Here, early in the morning, I’m currently deeply pondering while facing my own phone .

Right now, what shown on my phone screen is Sasakura-san’s phone number, as well as her mail address .

After the physical test, I mustered up my courage and managed to get her contact address .

However, up to this very second, I have neither called nor sent her a single message .

Well, accurately speaking I have, but it was more like I only answered a call from the kindhearted God, angel, holy mother, Sasakura-san, while I haven’t uttered a single topic myself .

I only noticed that last night, thus I thought about calling her myself, but upon pondering and pondering about what kind of topic I should talk with her, without I noticed it morning has come .

Getting nowhere, I finally decided to ask my reliable other selves for some advice .

[Today is Saturday, you know? Throw your phone away and just meet and talk to her directly already . ]

[That’s right, man is all about courage . Just ask Sasakura-san to go out . ]

Or so they say, with that I’ve pretty much decided to ask Sasakura-san to go on a date with me, but this time I’m pondering when I should give her a call .

Currently, it’s still early in the morning where the sun is still only peeking at us, so I think it’s not the right time for it .

But, how long should I wait for so that I won’t disturb her, I wonder?

There’s a possibility that I may even disturb her quiet sleep, and I also mustn’t damper on her comfortable time right after waking up .

Compared to any subjects and tests I’ve ever faced, this question is way more difficult .

After pondering for a while, when I glance at the clock it’s already 7 AM .

This should be about time people start their day, but my intuition tells me that Sasakura-san is still in the middle of her rest .

…then, I have no other choice .

It’s Nature’s call control time!

I’m sure Sasakura-san won’t leak with only this much, but I’m also sure that she’ll feel enough urge to go to the toilet!

With this, even if Sasakura-san is still sleeping, she’ll ‘naturally’ wake up .

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Waking up from the urge to pee is a natural thing . Yeah, no doubt about it .

I can’t confirm her state, but I’m certain that my ability is activated . That’s because once upon a time I tested this ability on Eiji, and it was a success .

Also, I once tried it on Viji’s bride, the princess, but it failed . However, after I peeked at his vision and memorized her feature, it was activated properly when I tried it again .

Seems like we need to have a clear image of the target to have this ability effective .

Thus, since this ability is capable to reach those who are in another world, without a doubt it’ll reach Sasakura-san, who is in the same world as me, as well . Moreover, as my God, Sasakura-san’s image will ever present in my mind the moment I think about her, as such this ability’s requirement is fulfilled, so without a doubt currently Sasakrura-san is wanting to go to toilet .

Well then, with this Sasakura-san should’ve woken up naturally, I ready my phone and myself to call her anytime, but…


My door bell says that there’s a visitor .

I’d certainly put a ‘No salesman’ sticker on my front door, my friend list is composed solely by Sasakura-san, moreover at this early in the morning, me getting a visitor should be very unlikely .

Even while bewildered, I force my body to head to the front door, but when I open the door, surprisingly I find a slightly blushing Sasakura-san there .

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“Huh? Sasakura-san? Umm, good morning?”

“Good morning . Umm, by the way, it’s kind of sudden, but… can I… borrow your toilet for a bit?”

“Ah, hmm, feel free to… ah, wait a bit . ”

I don’t particularly understand why, but somehow seems like Sasakura-san comes to meet me herself .

Also, she says she wants to go to toilet, and since that’s mainly my fault, I wholefully tell her where the toilet it while smiling, but upon suddenly realizing something, I ask her to wait for a bit .

Seems like Sasakura-san is about to reach her limit already, but still at the extent where she can endure, she gives me a slight nod, however her eyes ask me to do it quickly .

Thus, I point my right hand toward where to toilet door is, invoking magic circle with my magic, and activate a magic around the toilet .

“Okay, the toilet is over there, feel free to use it . ”

“Eh, what’s that just now?”

“Umm, it’s cleaning magic . Upon activation, trash, dirt, and even smell in the area will all disappear in an instant, this ability sure is very convenient . I clean the toilet everyday with this ability, so I think it should be pretty clean, but it’s just to make sure . ”

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Thanks to this magic, my house is sparkling every day .

Magic sure is convenient, or so what I want to tell to Sasakura-san, but she’s standing still there with a stiffen expression .

“Don’t you want to go to the toilet?”

“…ah, umm, I’ll gladly borrow it then . ”

“Ah, while we’re at it, let me put soundproof barrier and automatic deodorization barrier as well . ”

Calling out to the still Sasakura-san, she immediately regain herself and head to the toilet, but when she’s about to enter it, I suddenly remember something, so I call out to her again while putting soundproof barrier and automatic deodorization barrier around the toilet .

Even if we’re friends, letting the opposite sex to hear us peeing or sniffing the smell surely isn’t a good thing, after all .

If I were asked whether I want to hear it or not, or to sniff it or not, of course I want to do both, however I absolutely don’t want to do something that will hurt the person I like .

What a gentleman I am .

Perhaps in deep emotion for my consideration for her, Sasakura-san stands still with a stiffen expression again, however this time she regains herself before long and immediately enter the toilet .