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Chapter 12

When I put the Tupperware on the table, perhaps ashamed of her own acts just now, she awkwardly accepts it .

After that, her eyes swimming back and forth between me and the Tupperware .

“Umm, thank you . By the way, what was that just now?”

“By just now… ah, you mean this?”

A short while after that, even while bewildered, Sasakura-san gives me her thanks before asking a question, after pondering for a bit, I think she means the infinite storage, so I show her the empty space that is connected to the infinite storage while confirming with her, and she gives me confirmation with a nod .

“Umm, it’s infinite storage . ”

“Infinite storage?”

“That’s right . I think you can guess what it is from its name, but to put it simply, it’s a space where I can store things infinitely into it . Moreover, the things I store there will all be preserved exactly like the moment it’s stored there . Convenient, isn’t it?”

There’s no way I’d hide things from my Goddess, so I answer her honestly, however Sasakura-san once again has her face stiffen, while her mouth opening and closing without words .

What should I do, I wonder?

Well, for the time being, I take out a digital camera from the infinite storage and swiftly press the button, along with *click* sound, I’ve successfully recorded a precious expression of my goddess .

Okay, I took it quite nicely .

I have to transfer the data to my PC later, so I won’t return the camera into the infinite storage for the time being .

I can’t show her rare scene to Eiji and Viji, after all .

And then, simultaneously with the clicking sound, Sasakura-san has her mind rebooted .

“Eh, just now… more importantly, isn’t that quite an advanced magic?”

“Is that so? In the first place, I don’t even know if this can be considered as magic . It’s something like a special benefit for being summoned to another world, should I say . ”

“Summoned to another world? Eh? Does that you come from another world, Shinjou-kun?”

From Sasakura-san’s perspective, seems like infinite storage is quite an advanced magic .

Magic… come to think of it, perhaps it indeed can be called as one, but it’s an ability bestowed by a god, after all… even while pondering as such, I somehow manage to put some words to give her some explanations, but seems like it only serves to confuse her further .

“That’s not it, but… do you want to know?”

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“Being asked at this kind of time, of course I want to know! Moreover, I also come here today especially to have a talk with you about many things, after all . ”

“Ah, I see . ”

I’ve been wondering as to why she come to my house, but to think that she comes especially to have a talk with me, has I scored so much points in her book, I wonder?

Well, most likely she’s just interested in my magic, though .

“After all, you said that you suddenly become capable of using magic, so of course I’d be curious about it . However, I put a hold of that idea at school and decide only to come and ask you about it during free days like this… wait, not only I came here without any prior notice, I got treated with such tasty grapes, and now I’m even inquiring about your secrets… I’m sorry, it’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it… . ”

“Ah, umm, well, it’s pretty much just as you say, but there’s no problem at all . Moreover, I honestly want Sasakura-san to know my everything even including such matters, after all . ”

From outsiders’ eyes, her suddenly coming here is indeed quite a problematic action, realizing that, Sasakura-san becomes somewhat down and is apologizing, but as far as I’m concerned, even if it may raise misunderstanding, it’s still a happy thing for me .

Not only that she came uninvited, she ate my grapes, moreover she now is probing about my secret, from outsiders’ perspective, that may indeed seem improper, however, actually, the person I like especially came to my house, it also made me happy that she ate the grapes with happy expression, moreover, listening to someone’s story is a matter of manner, or so I think . Those are nothing but happiness to me .

“That’s why it’s fine . Even if it’s my three sizes, I’ll gladly tell you about it, so please don’t mind . ”

“I guess I have no interest in your three sizes, but, thank you . Hearing you saying that, it makes me relieved . And also, sorry for the trouble . ”

“It’s absolutely no problem at all, so please don’t apologize . ”

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“…thank you . ”

Interrupting Sasakura-san who is getting down, I stop her for making such unnecessary apologies . Hearing my words, Sasakura-san looks kind of surprised, but she makes a bashful smile before long and gives me thanks .

“Well then, continuing from before, Sasakura-san, you seem want to know why I suddenly became capable of using magic recently, right?”

“Yes . Normally, magician have to practice ever since their childhood before finally capable of using magic, after all . ”

“I see, seems like there’s a need of a considerable effort to become a magician, huh . Then, perhaps what happened to me would sound quite unfair to you . ”

With that as preface, I tell Sasakura-san about how I was summoned simultaneously to another worlds, how my soul divided in result, and also how I can communicate with the other mes who are in their respective another world .

While we’re at it, I also tell her that the fruits that she just ate are also from another world, and also the fact that the cushion she’s currently seated on is really something that’s usually by the royalties from another word .

“Eh, eeh? Summoned? Your soul divided? Eeeh… I don’t even know where I should begin to retort… . ”

“Well, the reason I’m now capable of using magic is because I who was summoned as a hero, Viji, did his best to learn it, you see . That’s why I myself didn’t put any particular effort to learn it . ”

It may not be the best course of action, but I still have to tell her honestly about it .

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By the way, I don’t tell her about nature call control .

It’s simply because I miss the chance to tell her .

As nowadays magician, perhaps she’d be more interested in magic from another world, after all .

“That’s indeed kind of unfair… . ”

“Let me defend myself a bit, the cleaning magic is my original magic . Well, I could make it thanks to Viji learned the way to construct original magic, though . ”

Normally, even if you want to make a new magic, you won’t be able to make it if you can’t construct the suitable magic circle for the effect you imagine, however, thanks to Viji learned how to construct it, I and Eiji are now also capable of creating our own original magic .

Thus, after that we divide our task, I focus on producing magic to support our daily life, while Eiji focus on producing any seemingly cool magic . By the way, Viji focus on producing barrier type of magic .

That’s because in his world, Viji’s current primary goal is to seal the demon lord, after all .

Should he succeed on sealing it, subjugating it will be the next goal as long as that’s possible .

As such, since our original magic are also shared thanks to ability sharing, the magic I can use is gradually increasing, and my daily live is also becoming more and more convenient .

As I thought, if you’re capable of using magic, the first step is to make your life easier, isn’t it?