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Chapter 13


After that, I pick several magic I’m capable of doing and then give Sasakura-san suitable explanations about them .

Since three people are simultaneously creating magic, we have a lot of usable magic and it’ll take too much time to explain them all one by one .

Well, actually I don’t particularly mind explaining them all one by one if that means I can keep chatting with Sasakura-san, but after thinking about the possibility that I might bore her by doing so, I decide to do it moderately .

Some magic are pretty much useless, there are magic that were created simply because we could create them, after all .

For example, magic that reproduces the smell of natto .

“…Well, more or less, the simple explanation is something like that I guess?”

“You sure are amazing, Shinjou-kun … I’m sorry, but please let me sort out my thought for a bit . ”

After listening to my story, she looks somewhat astonished, and after that she crosses her arms before her body and frowns her eyebrows as if in deep thought .

At a glance she sure looks like she’s seriously thinking about something, but somehow I feel that it’s somewhat different .

Well, she’s not lying about sorting her thought out, but undoubtedly she’s also thinking about something else at the same time .

I have a rough guess what she’s thinking about, though .

“Well then… I guess with that you’ve pretty much understood my power, right? I thought I’d gotten a passing mark considering your reaction when I showed you my cleaning magic, though . ”

“…What are you talking about?”

That’s why I stare at the deep in thought Sasakura, and judging that it’s about the right time, I ask her about the matter, however she shortly answer as such while tilting her neck, pretending to not understand what I’m talking about .

Bullseye, huh .

I guess she’s never imagined me noticing it, her playing dumb act is only child’s play before my eyes .

“Well, you see, thinking about the characteristics of the persons whom Eiji and Viji like, I seem to have a preference toward the kind of girl who seems to have a hidden dark side . ”

“Hmm, that’s why you think I’m also like that? You’re just overthinking it . ”

This time she skillfully acts as a girl who’s playing along with my joke while beaming such a natural smile, but I can clearly see that her eyes are not smiling at all .

Such Sasakura-san is also cute .

“That day……”

“Which day?”

“The test day when I showed you my superhuman physical ability . When you questioned me whether I was a magician or not, you had such cold eyes that made you looked like a totally different person . I don’t think those were eyes of someone who was only slightly on guard . Then from the way you interrogated me while using lie detection magic right after as well as as your deep in thought expression, those are completely different from the usually warm and kind you, Sasakura-san . ”

“…… . ”

When I tell her such, even while deep in thought, Sasakura-san’s eyes gradually become sharp .

That reaction is just confirming my deduction, so I continue my theory regardless .

“Although I somewhat forced you to become my friend, you readily gave me your E-mail address, as expected that was kinda fishy so I spent these five days to think about it . Although I might’ve been unable to see it through by myself, fortunately I have Eiji and Viji to consult it with . They are more experienced than me in associating with scheming woman, and they hinted the possibility that you might be scheming something behind my back, you see . And the deciding factor is the fact you came to my house this morning, Sasakura-san . I don’t think I’ve told you where I live in and I also don’t write my address on my contact profile, that means you used some kind of means to find it out, didn’t you? Thus I was convinced that you were the type of person who’s prone to scheming . ”

After telling her such, I start to think about what to do while observing Sasakura-san’s reaction .

Her smile is nowhere to be seen, and she’s glaring at me with sharp eyes .

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I’m kinda excited to see such an unimagineable figure from the usually warm and kind Sasakura-san .

I can’t help myself because I’ve come to know the hidden side of the person I like, after all .

A sight for sore eyes, simply beautiful .

I’d like to capture Sasakura’s precious figure into photos but as expected I have to control myself here .

Eventually, Sasakura-san’s expression is gradually loosening .

With a smile as if seeing something funny,

“Haa, I never thought that your eyes were unexpectedly this sharp, Shinjou-kun . ”

She says such rude things .

“Unexpected, how rude, are you saying that I have sharp eyes like a hawk?”

“That is not it, if should pick an animal to depict you, Shinjou-kun, it’d be sloth I guess, haha . ”

When I retort her, somehow she retorts back with an even more terrible remark .

Moreover, perhaps she’s somewhat overcome it, she starts laughing again .

But well, if it can make Sasakura-san laugh happily like that then I don’t mind becoming sloth or anything .

“Then? Shinjou-kun, what are you going to do after knowing my true self?”

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After laughing for a while, Sasakura-san takes a deep breath, braces herself, and asks me such .

I do not know what she’s thinking when she asks me such, but now that she’s asked me about it, I have to answer her honestly .

“Nothing I guess . ”


Sasakura-san seems to be puzzled with my reply .

“Well, if I should pick one, then I’d like you to be my girlfriend, but that’d only happen if you’re willing, after all . ”

“Are you sure? Not just exposing my true nature, you’ve also shown such amazing abilities, are you really not going to do anything?”

“Rather than true nature, it’s more like only a part of you, isn’t it? I think that your usual warm and kind characters are also your true nature, after all . What I wanted to tell you was, now that I’ve pretty much understood your circumstance, you should just take it easy around me, or something like that, though . ”

“…… Shinjou-kun, are you actually dumb?”

When I think that she’s staring at me with eyes as if seeing somethings unbelieveable for a while while contemplating my words over and over again, Sasakura-san somehow throws such a question with an astonished expression .

Am I dumb, she asks?

As expected even if it’s Sasakura-san’s word, it’s way too wrong that I can’t help to laugh at it .

There’s no way I’m stupid . Or rather I can even confidently say that I am an exceptional genius .

However, I feel like it’d be bad to imprudently refute her, so I decide to reply to her simply by shrugging my shoulders .

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“By the way, returning to the case, how was it? Did my power get passing mark? I’d be happy if I was evaluated as deserving to be use by you, Sasakura-san . ”

“…It sounds to me as if you’re asking to be used, though . ”

“But I indeed am, though? If I put it that way, it’d feel as if I’m needed to you, you see . I honestly want to become your strength, Sasakura-san . Because I really love you . ”

That is a matter of course, if my beloved Sasakura-san were to ask me something, I feel like I’d be able to do anything . It is a matter of course thing that it’d even confuse even me if it’s confirmed .

For their beloved ones, I think everyone should be at the very least that prepared .

Even so, Sasakura-san is dumbfounded .

“… … . , Fu, fufufu . ”

After Sasakura-san is dumbfounded for a while, she suddenly bursts into laughter while restraining her stomach .

Laughing too much, tears are pilling at the edge of her eyes, but she continues laughing regardless .

Then, perhaps having laughed plenty enough, she takes a deep breath while calming herself down, and then she rise her body up and looks at here .

“… Hey, Shinjou-kun … will you also listen to my story?”

“But of course . ”

Perhaps having made some kind of resolution in her heart, she asks me such with a very serious expression .

Naturally, without a shred thought of rejecting it, I immediately give her my answer and then take a position to listen to Sasakura-san seriously .

Following that, Sasakura-san begins telling me her stories .