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Chapter 4

And so, with this and that, having spent the day having fun I headed home .

I live alone without a roommate while receiving my allowance . After filling my stomach with a suitable dinner made of the ingredients that were inside the refrigerator, I quickly finished my homework, and right now I’m entrusting my body to my favorite cushion while connecting to Eiji and Viji through telepathy .


[It’s on, huh . ]


Seemingly have already grown accustomed to it as well, looks like they have immediately noticed that the telepathy is already online .

Their voices resound even before I could muster up a word

‘Well then, let’s start the report meeting . By the way, on my side, thanks to Growth Correction I was able to easily understand today’s lesson subjects to the point it was funny, and also Sasakura-san who was enduring her urge to pee was very cute, I think that’s pretty much everything from me . ’

[You bastard! How dare you monopolize Sasakura-san’s Rare Scene!?]

[You deserve certain death!]

Starting the meeting, I come first with the report of what happened today on my side, and after finishing my report, I receive intense booing from them .


The only one who could meet Sasakura-san at the school is no one other than me, the ME who was left and who is in Japan!

[But well, it can’t be helped, huh . The solace known as Sasakura-san is your privilege as the one who were left behind in Japan, after all . ]

[Yeah, just as A-ji said . ]

As I’m savoring my supremacy over my other selves, somehow, for some reason Eiji and Viji suddenly begin to take an open-minded attitude .

Smells suspicious .

As far as I’m concerned, Sasakura-san’s an existence who’s equal to gods .

And so, even though I’m monopolizing Sasakura-san’s rare scene here, I just couldn’t fathom the fact that my other selves would immediately act that way .

[Well, it’s understandable that you doubt us . But, I’ve found someone who could succeed Sasakura-san’s place as my God in this world . ]

[Same for me . In this world I have the princess who summoned me here . I believe Original Yuuji have seen her as well already but, for me she is also a God who equals Sasakura-san after all . ]


My feeling of superiority withers .

Now that I think about it, the other party is my other selves after all .

When it becomes impossible to see my God I worship and revere, I’ll immediately accept it and then look for another one . That’s something I’m fully aware about .

It is not that I’m unfaithful .

Rather, I have pride that I’m a faithful man .

Just that, I’m quite fast at shifting gear .

As long as she’s within my reach, I have the confident that I’ll always be faithful to her, but as soon as she’s outside my reach, I would quickly wish for her happiness while I search for another God to worship .

That’s all .

That’s why, if I were the one who was transferred to another world, and even if the original me was here in Japan, as long as there was no need for me to return to japan then it’s a matter of course that I’d look for another God to worship as well .

Actually, when I peeked at Viji’s point of view, I’d confirmed that the Princess was a beauty who equaled Sasakura-san .

I’m sure Eiji must have found someone equally beautiful as well .

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Now that I think about it, I don’t know a thing about Eiji’s new God, huh .

‘I already know Viji’s new god but, what about yours, Eiji? Is she someone who was summoned there together with you? Or is she a native of that world?’

[None of those . My god is the very one who summoned us to this world, the demon Luminous-chan!]


To think you’d acknowledge the demon; who self-proclaimed herself as god; to be your new God, huh?

What kind of person is this Luminous again? … Ah, during the first time I was seeing their visions, I saw a glimpse of her, huh .

Certainly, she was a beautiful woman, the very embodiment of a bewitching adult woman .

But is she qualified to be a god?

‘To be a god, don’t you think that she doesn’t fulfill the “someone within our reach” qualification?’

[Fu fu fu, worry not! Because, ever since that ability granting event, I’ve quickly hit it off with Luminous-chan and we are currently journeying together in this world! She isn’t our typical gods who resides in heaven, nor god whose voice is reverberating from hell, I’ve personally confirmed that I could see her these two very eyes, and I also could touch her with these very two hands, so even if she seems to be far away, she’s surely within my reach!]

I see .

Then, there is no problem .

She’s properly there and is journeying together with him, huh .

That means she surely isn’t outside his reach .

No, wait…

Journeying together?

‘Hey, journeying together? Is that something like you two happened to be going to the same destination or something?’

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[No, no… After discussing about it, we decided so roam the world together, so we chat, eat, and sleep together . It’s a fun survival you know?]


You only not worship your God, but also talked, laughed, and slept together, you say?

Even though here I do nothing but looking at her and letting myself being healed by her from a distance!

To be frank, I don’t even know whether Sasakura-san remembers my name or not, but Eiji has already upgraded their relationship up to that level, he says?!

Damn, I’m so envious!

[I understand your feeling, Yuuji . ]


Those voices echoed in my agonized mind .

That’s right!

There’s also Viji here .

Viji’s god is a princess .

Even if he is a summoned Hero, but given the fact that he hasn’t made any achievement as of yet, I’m sure the Princess is also still a faraway existence for him, so without a doubt he understands my feeling .

[By the way, it looks like they’ll give me the princess so that I’d grow attached to this world . Of course, I’ll still do my best to receive the god’s (princess) blessing (love), but state-wise, you can say that my god is pretty much already in my hand . ]


[Tch . Viji is one step ahead, huh?]

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Eiji’s word about sympathizing with my grief, now it feels as nothing but sarcastic remark .

If that’s the case then, I have to shorten the distance as well…… but how do I do it?

We barely interacted with each other thus far, so if I suddenly try talking to her, my veil intentions will surely be as clear as day, and in the worst case scenario I might even be treated as some kind of stalker .

That is for the last resort, so I’d like to have some chance to talk with her .

For example, how about this?

First, I will make a situation where Sasakura-san and I could somehow be alone, with just the two of us .

The field or anywhere is fine as long as there’s no one around but us .

Or rather, on the contrary being left together, with just two people alone behind closed doors is a bad choice .

After that, with Nature’s Call Control, I’ll increase Sasakura-san’s urge to pee to the utmost limit to the point she couldn’t move, and then I’ll offer her my help .

That way I can change job from a Mob Classmate to her Acquaintance .

…nah, that’s way too underhand .

It’s a very dirty and despicable act, even if I can become closer to Sasakura-san that way, I’m sure I won’t honestly be happy about it .

As expected, let’s come up with a frontal attack .

But that is for later date . For now, let’s hear the story of the other me who were transferred to another world .

I’m a very tolerant person after all .

No matter how lucky my other selves are there, there is no reason for me to get jealous over it, and I ought to give them my blessings instead .