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Chapter 6

When I somehow manage to suppress my raging unsightly feeling, as if suddenly remember of something .

[Ah, right . During my practice today, I managed to learn some simple magic, you see? It’s just, such a thing isn’t included in skill system, so I don’t know whether it’s shared as well or not . And so, anyone willing to try?]

And so Viji says .

Hoo? Magic, huh .

Hearing that word, the surging jealousy disappears into nowhere, and curiosity is blowing in its stead .

If there’s a chance for me to be able to use magic then, I have no choice but to try it!

‘Is there any incantation or something?’

[None . First, sense your magic power, gather it, and then imagine what kind of magic you want to use . Then, in accordance to your imagination, a certain magic circle will appear from the magical energy in the air, and before that magic circle disappears, put your gathered magical energy into it equally, and then it will activates . The magic circle act as something like a seal, moreover it only appears for an instant so you have to do it real quickly, though . ”

[Sensing magical energy? Magic square for an instant? Even if you say that…]

‘It’s impossible, right?’

[Well, even I only managed to invoke a lighter size of fire, after all . ”

Even while implying ‘don’t say such impossible thing’ to Viji’s explanation, I still try doing it . Just as what’s usually stated in manga and novel, I concentrate my mind into the inner part of my body .

And then, unexpectedly I can easily sense a mysterious energy inside my body .

Somehow I can also intuitively control that energy, while imagining a lighter, with my sense, I release magical energy through the tip of my finger, and then a small magic circle suddenly appears, and when I pour my magical energy into it, the magic safely activates .

If I keep pouring my magical energy into it, seems like it’ll continue burning so I decide to observe it, what makes it burn, and why it strangely isn’t hot .

When I try putting some paper onto it, the paper is normally burnt so I flusteredly extinguish it .

‘Somehow, I did it!’

[Me too! I can do it pretty naturally as if I’ve been able to do it from the very beginning . ]

[Muu, even though I had quite a hard time to sense and control magical energy back then . As expected, is it really because in this word I can already do it?]

When I report that I could do it as well, Viji says so with a mortifying voice .

Seems like he’s gone through quite a hardship to be able to use this magic .

Nevertheless, to be able to learn it in the first day he is summoned to that world, seems like “Growth Acceleration” skill is doing its jobs well .

Well, I do feel sorry for Viji but, I feel more happiness from being able to use magic without the need of going through any hardship .

Immersed in such sense of superiority, I decide to try whether I can use other magic or not . I try invoking magic while imagining an electric fan but, I don’t know what kind of magic circle I should use .

As expected, the world won’t be that convenient, huh .

Seems like in the end I can only use magic that Viji can .

Or perhaps, if I practice here, perhaps I can use other magic as well .

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Nevertheless, even such kind of ability, as long as one of us learn it, the other will be able to use it as well, huh .

Or perhaps, it’s possible because it’s magic?

‘Did you only learn about magic today?’

[No, I also learned some simple swordsmanship . And then, some fundamental foot work, I think?]

Hearing that, I go and take my wooden sword, if you’re a real man then you’d surely have one .

Somehow I know the fundamental way of gripping and swinging it .

Different from when I only grip on it, I can feel a certain feeling when I swing it .

‘Seems like even the swordsmanship is also shared . ’

[That means it isn’t limited only to magic, huh . ]

Even while chatting, I keep on lightly swinging the wooden sword but, I can’t just randomly swing it as I pleased .

Of course, after doing a swing I have to reset my stance again, and I also can’t let myself get pulled by my swung sword .

Currently I’m only wielding a wooden sword so I can do it pretty easily, but if I were to swing a real sword, I think it’s going to be quite a challenge .

Perhaps it’s considerably heavier after all .

Viji was summoned as a hero, so most likely his physical ability was reinforced as well .

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‘Well then, is that all for the report?’

[More or less… on my side, on this first day of survival, I only hunted a wild boar-like demonic beast, after all . ]

[As for me, after that explanation time, I only did training and training, after all . ]

‘Well, it isn’t like there’s any event happened here today as well, after all . ’

I’d expected to hear a more exciting adventures but, seems like that isn’t the case .

Even Eiji who defeated a demonic beast, seems like he only made use of the sword’s ability, after all .

The only noteworthy part is realizing that we can also use magic, and the fact that even the like of swordsmanship is also shared as well .

Also things that I want to confirm about any other thing that’s possible to be done from now on .

Well, let’s put that for later date .

‘Well then, that means with this today’s report meeting is concluded, right? From now on, aside from an emergency, let’s limit the meeting only for some casual report around evening . ’

[Don’t you want to know about things like girls from another world, what’s happening over here, or something?]

[Just as Eiji says . If I were in the original’s shoes, I think I’d surely be interested even to the trivial things over here . ]

‘Hmm, even if you were originally from me, even if now we’re connected as such, you two are already walking on your own path, after all . When I think about that, I think I shouldn’t be too nosy about your life . ’

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As expected, I feel like being too nosy about someone’s life isn’t something good . Because they’ve already embarked on different path than mine, after all .

That’s the conclusion I got after chatting with them like this for a while, so I decide to tell them what I think .

However, expecting for some casual reports is my own selfishness .

[Umm, well, that may be the case, but…]

[Be that as it may, there’s no need to fuss over such a thing, right? Moreover, even we ourselves need someone to brag about our adventures, after all, right?]

[Yeah, that’s absolutely it . I need someone to brag about how close I’ve gotten to Luminous-chan and how my adventure fares, after all . ]

Those guys… well, I guess they’re right .

If I were in their shoes, I think I’d do that as well!

‘I see… then, from now on, let’s make the report in accordance to our own pace!’


Receiving their warm words, I disconnect the telepathy in good mood, I feel like my face is loosening .

Simultaneously, there’s something that pierces deep inside me, that’s the fact that even if they’re already not me, they’re still irreplaceable existences for me .

With that the report meeting concludes, and without I noticed it it’s already quite late so I immediately go to bed .

Starting from being simultaneously summoned to two other worlds, chatting with the mes who were summoned to another worlds, and then being able to use abilities, with this the first day of such strange days is finally concluded as well .