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Chapter 8


Now that I understand the reason behind it, all I need to is to settle it down!

Settle it down… .

“Hahaha… what should I do, I wonder?”

Of course, calmly analyzing the situation was nothing but my way to escape from this reality .

I just need to settle it down, at this point I even want to retort to myself about just how to properly settle this mess down . Sure, if I were to stealthily leave this place now, at the very least perhaps I could pretend that I was exploded into smithereens then and there and everything would end with that, but I don’t want that kind of ending .

Then, for now should I return to the schoolyard and show my wellbeing, I wonder?

From others’ points of view, with the state that’s as if just got involved in a kind of bomb terrorism act, I come out uninjured from the hedge not far from the location .

I’d absolutely be barraged with questions after questions .

And then I’d be alienated from the society as if I’m kind of freak .

“Hmm, huh, Sasakura-san? What’s… eh?”

When I’m racking my brain to avoid that possibility, Sasakura-san suddenly spreads her arms wide and looks up to the sky .

After that she releases an enormous amount of magical energy… wait, eh, magical energy?!

What happens next is way more surprising, a powerful gale suddenly blows into the schoolyard and clears away the soaring cloud of dust, and simultaneously the large hole on the ground is also patched .

In an instant, the schoolyard has returned to how it used to be, where the students are standing still in surprise .

After the schoolyard returned to how it used to be, Sasakura-san releases another torrent of magical energy .

With her as the center, it spreads and wraps all over the schoolyard, and the students, who are in chaos, suddenly regain their calm and continue what they were doing as if nothing happened at all .

Just what happened just now?

Or rather, more importantly, just what did Sasakura-san do?

That was magic… wasn’t it?

Unlike the magic in Viji’s world, looks like she didn’t use any magic circle, but without a doubt Sasakura-san surely did use magic just now .

As expected even I was surprised here, after wiping the sweats on my forehead, I look at Sasakura-san, but her gaze is unexpectedly pointed at me as well .

Being stared at by Sasakura-san, I feel so happy to the point my heart makes a happy beating sound as well, but she looks as if she has something to say, so I immediately get out of the hedge and run toward where she is .

Of course I suppress my strength to not repeat the same mistake .

“You’re also a magician, aren’t you?”

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“Nope, you may not believe it, but I’m not a magician, you know?”

The moment I come near her, Sasakura-san suddenly refers me as magician while staring dagger at me with cold eyes, so I answer her honestly .

Ah, wait, now that I can use magic, perhaps I can also refer myself as a magician, I wonder?

However, I feel like my term is kind of different with her version of magician, so perhaps right now I can’t refer myself as one, huh .

Or rather, ‘you’re also’, that means Sasakura-san is a magician, huh .

So they actually exist in this world, huh… magicians I mean .

“It’s futile to tell such an obvious lie… . Then, which magician faction do you hail from?”

Sasakura-san asks so with smile on her face, while channeling her magical energy as well, though .

The fired magical energy is wrapping up my whole body… ha!

I’m being wrapped up by the magical energy that was fired by Sasakura-san . It won’t be an exaggeration to say that I’m being wrapped by Sasakura-san, right!?

Mufufu .


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“…ah, wait, wait! Sure, I do can use magic, but I’m different from the modern secret magicians such as yourself, Sasakura-san! I don’t even know that faction thing you mentioned, and I also only recently became able to use magic, more precisely about one week ago! I swear!”

Talk about close call . Now isn’t the time to make a trip .

Situation-wise, if I let it as it is, I feel I’d surely become her enemy so I flusteredly explain her my situation .

Nonetheless, even though what I say are all the truth, the contents are just so ridiculous, so perhaps it’d be hard for her to believe it .

Or so I thought, but somehow Sasakura-san is dumbfounded with my answer .

“Eh… you aren’t lying? Then, that means it’s true that you suddenly became able to use magic?”

“Eh? I’m indeed the one who said that, but to think you’d actually believe it . ”

“Ah, yeah . That’s because although I’d attached a magic that detects lies on you, it didn’t respond at all, after all . ”

Looks like she somehow believes my words, and seems like she even had attached some kind of magic that detects lies on me as well .

That magic just now was for this purpose, huh .

“Then, Shinjou-kun, does that mean you’re just a normal person who suddenly became able to use magic, and aren’t a part of any faction or union?”

“I don’t fully understand it, but I indeed know nothing about that faction thing, and I also wasn’t taught magic by anyone, so perhaps it’s just as you say?”

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At the very least, I wasn’t taught by anyone from this world .

Upon hearing my answer, Sasakura-san looks up to the sky while pinning her head with her hand as if in headache .

“Umm, what’s wrong?”

“Umm… we’ve already come to this point so let me just tell you this, we magician have duty of confidentiality and mustn’t tell any normal people about magic or faction . ”

Ah, yeah . Such things are mentioned a lot in novels about modern magicians .

I know that pattern . The one who reveal that secret, and the one whom the secret is revealed to, both of them will similarly be silenced .

“Okay . Let’s pretend it never happens… wait, that’s impossible, huh . Sasakuran-san, leaving other people aside, I can’t possibly ever forget what you say, after all… then, how about making it as our secret?”

“Eh? Ah, well, looks like we have no choice but to leave it as secret, huh… okay, it’ll be our secret . Also, Shinjou-kun, please refrain yourself from using magic in public ever again, okay?”

Okay, negotiation completed!

I don’t think she’ll ever reveal this secret herself, and I also don’t want to do anything that might endanger her, so with this seems like this secret will be safe between the two of us .

It’s just, there’s something I have to revise no matter what .

There’s something I want to honestly tell Sasakura-san about .

Thinking so, I open my mouth .