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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 46

Published at 4th of December 2018 03:38:38 AM

Chapter 46

In order to protect their brother, the big fat mouse and the second fat mouse were fighting . They used both hands and feet, and their teeth and claws flew together . They just bit, and there was no rule, but the action was very fast, Mao Dou was driven back for a while . But Mao Dou was strong; the mice did not dare to touch her .

In the battle, the second fat mouse seized the opportunity and flew out of his claws . He laughed and said, "Haha, I hit her!"

It did hit her . Mao Dou jumped back and jumped out of the circle after she was hit . She saw three obvious claw marks on her left arm and was bleeding .

The big fat mouse praised, "Old second, you are really something!"  
The second fat mouse said with pride, "I only used 30 percent skill . You should go early . Anyway, you have no public office . Do you have to work so hard?"

"Did you only use 30 percent skill?" Mao Dou looked at her wound, took a deep breath, and then blew on the wound, and the wound immediately healed at a speed that was visible to the naked eye . Then Mao Dou took a deep breath and looked up at the bright moon in the sky .

This roar made the big fat mouse’s virtual heart fat, and the hair of Mao Dou gradually turned white and long, her face became longer, the teeth extended out of the lips, and finally the clothes of Mao Dou were blown up, and a long white tail that was slightly shaken was also growing . At the same time, a powerful battle filled the air, and the space of the two sides created by the two mice also shivered slightly .   
"Tibetan wolf!" The voice of the big fat mouse trembled, and showed its prototype . It was actually a big white mouse . It smirked and said," Let's forget it . You are a white wolf . I am a white mouse . Everyone is white . Oh . Besides, if you are not a cat, why do you get in our way? Is it a nosy for a dog to catch a mouse? Hey . "

Mao Dou, "Hey . . . "

Big fat mouse, "Well, you mistimed my remarks . "
At this time, the second fat mouse stopped in front of the big fat mouse and said, "Big brother, don't talk nonsense with him, let's go!" Then he shook his two claws, and the claws of the palm were three or four inches longer .

Big fat mouse said, "Old second, when did you practice this?"

Second fat mouse said, "The last time I picked up a pirated version of the "Wolverine Biography""

Mao Dou was not willing to delay time, she leaped up, the pale faint glow was skyrocketing, and for a time it seemed like there was another dazzling moon in the sky, the light with a murderous look, then she took action .   
"We are on!" The two mice also showed an invincible might, and the two claws burst into the cold light . The three regiments were transformed into a group, and the two white and gray hit quickly, and the wreckage that had been deformed was also cracked under the collision of the three . Suddenly with a scream, a group of white shadows flew out of the battle group, fell down on the ground .

"Big brother!" Yan Shuwen yelled, flying in the past to help the big fat man said, "How are you?"

Big fat mouse pointed to the front and said, "Old second . . . "

The battle had stopped, and Mao Dou stood on the spot and shouted at the sky . "Hey" There were also several deep-visible bone wounds on her body, but it healed at the speed of the naked eye could see under the illumination of the moonlight .  

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The second fat mouse had fallen to the ground bloodily; especially a wound on the neck, blood was like a spring .

"Second brother!" Yan Shuwen rushed over him .

Mao Dou didn’t continue to attack, but took a few steps back .

Yan Shuwen helped second fat mouse up, "Second brother, what about you?"

The second fat mouse smiled and said, "I’m dying . . . The mouse is always a mouse . It’s really impossible to fight with a wolf . "

Yan Shuwen cried, "It's my fault . . . "

Second fat mouse said, "It's a pity . . . I haven't read the third volume of the law test, or I can know more about it . . . " Then he died .   
"Second brother!" Yan Shuwen yelled and cried .

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"Old second . . . " The big fat mouse struggled to stand up, did not take two steps, his legs were soft, and he fell to the ground again .

At this time, the earth trembled fiercely .

Every heterogeneous space was like a small world . The current heterosexual space was created by the synergy of two mice . Now that one was dead and the other was injured, the space became very unstable and was on the verge of collapse .

Yan Shuwen cried a few times, and the violent vibration made him sober . He stood up . And he said to Mao Dou, "I will kill you . " Then he stepped forward toward Mao Dou .   
"Don't go! Run away! You can't beat him!" The big fat mouse struggled to stand up, but he didn't succeed .   
Yan Shuwen was finally in front of Mao Dou, and the two were very close . Mao Dou still didn’t take a move first .  

Yan Shuwen said, "I will kill you . " His right claw popped out the sharp claws and stabbed into the belly of Mao Dou .

Mao Dou twisted and expressionless, and Yan Shuwen’s sharp claws were broken in the body of Mao Dou .
Yan Shuwen also popped the left paw and slanted into the right waist of Mao Dou . Mao Dou raised her hand and grabbed the head of Yan Shuwen . She twisted his neck and broke his neck . His body fell at the foot of Mao Dou .

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"Old third!" The big fat mouse was furious . "I will fight it out with you! Mice smash the moon!" His arms were wide open, and the sky suddenly clouded, and the moon that passed through the clouds became blood red . With the strange screams, the little mice that had just escaped, drilled out, their body shape had skyrocketed three or four times . The largest was more than one foot long, the eyes are red, the teeth were sharp, and it was like a black carpet that could move . Mao Dou was surrounded by the middle .

"Kill her!" With the bang of the big fat mouse, the group of mice leaped, and at the same time rushed to Mao Dou, and there was a tendency to smash Mao Dou .   

Mao Dou screamed, the pale white light was skyrocketing, just like a knife net . No matter which direction the mouse rushed from, they were killed by white light . She was surrounded by a bloody body of more than a foot thick . There were still a handful of mice left; they didn’t dare to attack again, standing in the same place shivering .

At this time, the vibration of the space was even worse . It seemed that the collapse was inevitable .

The big fat mouse sighed and waved his hand . The rest of mice seemed to have a special character, and they immediately escaped without a trace . Then the big fat mouse lay on his back on the ground, although he was dying, he still muttered to himself, "Alright, it’s good to die here . " Then he closed his eyes .

"Mao Dou"  
"Master?" Mao Dou turned her head and saw three dark shadows were rushing over .

Like all hero movies, no matter they were good or bad, when nearly all of them died, the police appeared . Fortunately, Mao Dou didn’t care about this, she killed so many mice monsters alone, and she was eager to make a fuss .   

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