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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 12

Published at 9th of October 2018 07:45:28 PM

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The phantom in the hospital


Long Jiaojiao sent Xiong Jianguo and Xiao Lizi back first, and then sent back Gong Ping . It was a bit late at that time . Long Jiaojiao said, "Would you like to have dinner with me? We had a quick lunch at noon, and I am not willing to be so close to those two guys . "

Gong Ping sunk into deep thoughts . It seemed that Xiong Jianguo and Little Li were unpopular . At least Wu Ming and Long Jiaojiao were not fond of them . It was embarrassing to let a beautiful woman treat, but he only had 20 yuan in his pocket . 20 yuan wasn’t enough for meals in the city, so he said to Long Jiaojiao, "Ma Fei said that my spleen and stomach were weak these days . She did not allow me to eat outside . You saw it at noon . ”

"I was a little indifferent at noon . She set the rules and made the decision of what you should eat . She is not your wife . When your health certificate comes out, she will be fired . " Long Jiaojiao said unhappily .

Gong Ping only stayed with Ma Fei for more than a day when he was back to consciousness, but the kind of intimacy was indescribable . When he heard that Ma Fei was to be dismissed, his heart suddenly felt disappointed, as if he would lose an important thing . However, although Long Jiaojiao’s words were not kind, some of her words were reasonable . If he was proved to be fully recovered, there was really no need to keep such a full-time nurse for him . Then he said, "Don't say it like that . After all, she knows medical science . It's better to follow her words from this respect . "

 Long Jiaojiao saw Gong Ping was unhappy, and said in a hurry, ”Hey, Don't mind what I just said . Since you are not convenient, I will just wait for your body to recover” . Then she drove off .

When Ma Fei came back from work in the evening, she found that Gong Ping had already cooked the meal, and the house was cleaned up . It turned out that Gong Ping lived alone for many years . He knew how to do housework .

Ma Fei paused the work when she came back home . "You should have a good rest . These things are always done by me . "

Gong Ping said, "You have been working for a whole day . Let me do the housework . I need to do more exercise . Recovery will be faster this way . "

He couldn't persuade Ma Fei . Ma fei did the rest of the housework in the end .  

When Ma Fei went to work during the day, Gong Ping read newspapers and periodicals in the pavilion of the community in the next two days . He did housework voluntarily when it was high time to do housework . If he didn't do it, he wouldn't do anything when Ma Fei came back . He had fun in doing the housework .
On the third night, it was Ma Fei’s turn for the night shift, which was at 12 o'clock . Gong Ping insisted on sending Ma Fei to work . Ma Fei certainly did not agree . Gong Ping picked up newspaper and said . "You ask me to read it, and I read it . There have been a lot of strange things in recent years . It’s not safe . You have taken care of me for years . Can't I send you to work for one night? Besides, your hospital has central air conditioning . And I want to get some coolness . ”

Ma Fei had to agree .

When he arrived in the hospital, Gong Ping asked Ma Fei for a few sheets of paper and a signature pen . Then he began to write and paint there . Ma Fei went out and changed patients’ a few bottles of liquid . When she came back, she saw him laughing alone . She looked at him curiously .

When Gong Ping saw Ma Fei, he smiled and said, "You let me see the news of the past few years . I found something very interesting . I listed them . Come here and I will tell you . ”

Ma Fei moved to sit next to Gong Ping, keeping her chair in a distance . She saw several lines that Gong Ping listed .

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Gong Ping saw that Ma Fei sat down, and said, "About ten years ago, that was, when I was struck by the thunder, many weird events were very frequent all over the country . " Folks called it spiritual events, haunted ghosts, monsters, etc . The official statement was a supernatural event . The police set up a“supernatural incident investigation office”for casualties and large property losses in particular . In response to supernatural events, it invested in a large amount of force and material resources, even military power . Unfortunately, it had little effect . In the past few years, although supernatural events have occurred from time to time, but section 22 has found nothing .

Even if there were small amount cases of successful detections across the country, and the report was simple, officially, these years they have not made any progress . They always want to hide something, huh, huh . ”

Having said these words, Gong Ping glanced at Ma Fei . Ma Fei blinked her big eyes and listened carefully . So Gong Ping said . "In fact, in response to the supernatural events, the police of the year invested in a lot of manpower and material resources and even the power of the military has been used . It was not completely true that its effect was slight . The case was not successfully cracked, but at least the deterioration of the situation was stopped . From the perspective of ensuring the safety of the citizens, these actions were successful . It is a shame that it is too expensive and can only solve the urgent need . But I found out . . . "

Gong Ping’s words were about to be focused . The pager’s lights were on, and Ma Fei had to take care of the patients first . Gong Ping had no audience and he had to halt . He felt bored and looked around the hospital .

"Uncle . . . Help me . Don't let her take me away . . . " Gong Ping turned back . He saw a little girl standing outside the nurse's station . The child's face was purity just like an angel, with full of fear on it . When she was talking to Gong Ping, she didn't stop looking back the direction of the stairs at the corridor .

"What a hell . " Gong Ping took a spare nurse from the coat hook, stepped out of the nurse station and wrapped the little girl . He asked,

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"Which ward are you in? Can I call Aunt Ma Fei to see you later?" He regarded her as a patient in this hospital

The little girl opened her mouth and was on the verge of talk . A gust of wind blew, the little girl was scared and flashed to the back of Gong Ping .

 At this time, a black shadow in the cold wind was coming to the little girl like a hook . Gong Ping instinctively swayed, obviously, watching the speed of the shadow slow down . Actually it was not that the shadow was slow . It was Gong Ping’s speed and perception had improved . By contrast, the speed of the opponent was slow .

The black shadow fluttered nothing . Gong Ping saw her face . It was actually a beautiful woman in white . The woman saw Gong Ping's dodge speed was amazing . She knew she met her opponent, she said, "I am only looking for her . It has nothing to do with you, get out of the way!"

Gong Ping said, "I am a policeman . If you can present the documents that legally took the girl, I will let her go with you . Otherwise you will go with me to the police station . ”

The woman in white said, "Well, give it to you!" Her arms shook, and a dozen pieces of silver dark objects rushed to Gong Ping, and the woman swooped over .

Gong Ping used to see this kind of scene in the martial arts TV series . Regardless of the fact that he excised the police fighting technique, he did not know how to deal with it . In fact, he had some confidence to dodge at the current speed, but he couldn't dodge because he had to protect the little girl behind him . Though he had never met this little girl, he was a policeman . Although he was not in office now, he knew what the police should do when he came to the police school at the first day . The day has been deeply engraved in Gong Ping’s heart . In a hurry, Gong Ping used his body to protect the little girl, and his left hand subconsciously pushed outward . Even Gong Ping did not think about it . Under this push, Gong Ping's palm ran a faint blue mist, forming a soft and hard, tough wall of gas . Dozens of fluorescent flashlights fell to the ground . Not a hidden weapon, even the white woman hit the wall of the air and bounced back because of the momentary speed . The results were unexpected . He felt that even if he didn’t die this time, he would get hurt, so he was still there, didn’t know what to do next . The white woman saw Gong Ping’s was stunned, and quickly bounced off the ground . She was getting ready to continue the attack, but she heard a sigh of relief behind her, "Hey! Who are you? "This was Ma Fei, she was nursing the patient in the ward, she heard a fight outside, and quickly came out to figure out what happened . When she saw the white woman bouncing from the ground, she shouted .

The white woman saw the reinforcement . She snorted and said, "Hua Ling . You can't hide from me all the time!" Then his body twisted, then the dozens of hidden weapons that had just been knocked down by Gong Ping moved like they were alive, and flew back to her body . Then she stood up and crossed the six or seven meters, smashed the glass and jumped out of the window .

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At this time, Gong Ping came over and cried, "Oh my god, this is the sixth floor . " She went to the window in a hurry but found nothing .

"What happened just now?" Ma Fei asked .

Gong Ping still couldn't believe what happened just now, scratching his head and said . "I don't know, just a little girl . . . " He was looking at the place where the little girl stood . Where is the little girl? There is a nurse's suit on the ground . Going over and picking up the nurse's clothes, he wanted to see if the little girl was hiding under the nurse's uniform .

Shocked! Quirky! After it passed for a few seconds, he murmured . "This is the so-called supernatural event . I didn't expect to see it so soon . "

However, there was still one thing in the nurse’s suit . It was one of the hidden weapons of the white woman .

It was also contaminated with some gelatinous liquid . Gong Ping picked up the hidden weapon, and the hidden weapon was not produced by copper or iron . It was like the scale of some kind of animal .

"I have to call the police . " Gong Ping said silently .

"You'd better stay here tonight, and I will go back with you at dawn . " Ma Fei said .

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