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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 13

Published at 9th of October 2018 07:45:28 PM

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Work and Heritage


The next day, Ma Fei encountered a little trouble because the glass of a whole window was broken during her shift . Even the aluminum alloy window frame had changed and it had to be confessed . Although there was a nurse and a doctor on duty last night, Ma Fei should be liable for this . It was her to be blamed .

After finishing the matter, it was said that Gong Ping’s medical examination report had come out and Gong Ping had to take it himself .

"Doesn't it take a week?" Gong Ping asked when he was passing through the formalities .

The little nurse who did the procedure said . "It was because of your chief . He called for the report three times a day . . . Sign here!"

After receiving the medical examination document, Gong Ping asked Ma Fei to go back to have a rest . He had to go to the bureau to hand over the document . By the way, he should report the incident happened last night . The ordinary report center didn't deal with this supernatural ability case . And it was directly accepted by section 22, but now there were only Uncle Nine at section 22 . Generally, it was not possible to handle it at night . So Gong Ping had to wait until daytime . He complained, "You are kidding me . Nobody handles such a strange thing . "

Since the incident happened last night, Ma Fei worried that Gong Ping would go out alone . But she couldn't convince him . This honest man couldn't be persuaded if he set the mind to do something . So she had to provide him with a false answer, and then secretly followed him . In fact, Gong Ping learned the technique of tracking and anti-tracking when he was at the police school . Now his perception was several times stronger than before, so he quickly discovered the trick of Ma Fei, but he did not expose it, because it was useless . It was judicious to be confused .

When he reached the police station, section 22 was closed . And Uncle Nine was not there . Despite the fact that Uncle Nine loved drinking, his work was never sloppy . And he was the most punctual to get off work . Now, since it was locked, there must be other things . Gong Ping asked the people in the neighboring departments . He asked a few people until someone told him that Chief Guan called Uncle Nine early in the morning .

Gong Ping went to the Chief office again .

Guan Taizhong's office was a large suite, and the decoration was quite good . The living room, lounge and bathroom were all available .

Guan Taizhong’s assistant saw Gong Ping coming . He smiled and said, “Chief Guan is having a meeting . Please sit down . ” Then he gave a cup of tea to Gong Ping and then notified Guan Taizhong with an internal call . In fact, there was still a guest in the living room . A man was in a serious suit and tie, with a handkerchief to wipe the sweat from time to time on a hot day . He seemed to recognize Gong Ping, smiled and handed a business card, which read, Lawyer Zhao Bingyi of Zhongtian Law Firm .

"Glad to see you again . " Gong Ping politely said . In fact, since the court proceedings for Dean Gong ten years ago, Gong Ping’s impression of the lawyer has been bad .

Lawyer Zhao Bingyi ignored the indifference that Gong Ping showed . He said with enthusiasm," I came here to look for you . I didn't expect to see you here . I have a pile of commissions to talk to you . "

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Gong Ping was trying to answer, but he heard Guan Taizhong's assistant speaking to him,“The Chief invites you to go in . ”

Gong Ping did not want to talk with this lawyer anymore . He took the opportunity to get out . In the office of Guan Taizhong, he found that it was full of people, in addition to the Chief Guan Taizhong, the director of the Political Department, the Director of the Personnel Department, the Director of the Equipment Department, and the female inspector Wu Min, Long Jiaojiao and Uncle Nine were also there .

Seeing Gong Ping come in, Guan Taizhong said with a smile, "You are finally here . I just received the news from the hospital that your medical report has come out . I am going to inform you to come to the meeting . Have a seat . "

Gong Ping couldn't figure out what happened . The important minds in the bureau were almost there . They were to have an important meeting . What is the significance of his being here? Nevertheless, as the meeting continued, Gong Ping figured it out . Section 22 was about to be rebuilt, and Wu Min was appointed as the deputy director in charge of the work . In addition to Uncle Nine, Gong Ping and Long Jiaojiao were also transferred to section 22 .

Wu Min was also surprised by this arrangement . Regardless of the fact that she knew that she would be "taken care of" sooner or later, she did not expect to be promoted to a middle-level cadre in the bureau so quickly . Second, she did not expect that the department she was promoted to was section 22 . And the third, she did not expect to work with Long Jiaojiao in the future . The most annoying thing in the bureau was Long Jiaojiao, she was coquettish all the time . The face of the policewoman was all lost by her . They didn't work together before . They had to work together . She couldn't stand it in the future . However, she did not know that the state departments at all levels have paid more and more attention to the construction of section 22 . After all, a supernatural force was a magical force . The National Academy of Sciences and the military were studying this . The reconstruction of section 22 was also a part of a bigger plan . The reason why Guan Taizhong appointed Wu Min to serve as the deputy director of 22 was to take a fancy to her relationship in the province . As for her ability, he was still not very fancy, but he spoke highly of Long Jiaojiao . Because he knew that Long Jiaojiao was also a monster, using monsters to deal with monsters, it was also a poison attack . Frankly speaking, Wu Min was a pile . Long Jiaojiao was the main force . As for Gong Ping, who was highly valued by Long Jiaojiao, Guan Taizhong cared little about him .

The meeting ended at eleven o'clock . Gong Ping was officially back to work after the end of the meeting .

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When everyone left the office of Guan Taizhong, lawyer Zhao Bingyi was still waiting there, and there was also Ma Fei .

Lawyer Zhao Bingyi saw Gong Ping, smiled and said . “Now, you come . Can I talk to you in your office?”

This was hard for Gong Ping, because he still did not have his own office . At this time, Uncle Nine came forward and said . "Go to my office, it is spacious . "

Gong Ping wanted to talk with Uncle Nine about what happened last night . Long Jiaojiao and Wu Min returned to their offices to pack things . And Uncle Nine took Gong Ping, Zhao Bingyi and Ma Fei to section 22 .

At section 22, Jiu Shu gave the two people some tea and went out with Ma Fei . When Lawyer Zhao saw that there were only two of them in the room, he took out a document from the briefcase and said . "Now you have a health certificate from the hospital . You are an individual with full civil rights and ability . Please sign these documents . Give me a copy of your health certificate . I will bring it back to close the case . "

Gong Ping quickly scanned the files and his nose was sour . He could not help shed tears .

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Lawyer Zhao Bingyi brought satisfactory news .

Dean Gong lost the lawsuit . He was killed by the thunder outside the court . Mei Youxin occupied the land of the orphanage . But from the first day of construction, the land began to haunt . Mei Youxin tried ways to solve it . And since then he had been having bad luck . He lost money in every investment . And then with the fall of a corrupt official, the matter of trading with the official was exposed, the relevant departments were squandering, and the bad things that he had done were also revealed . Including the purchase of false witnesses who made Dean Gong lose the case . Although the late justice was injustice, the truth was, after all, revealed to the world . Moreover, when handling the relics of the dean, the case-handling personnel discovered the suicide note of Dean Gong and some corresponding documents . Depending on these documents, Gong Ping became the legal heir of Dean Gong . Despite the fact that Dean Gong did not leave any money, it was enough to pay the corresponding expenses . In this way, Gong Ping got a piece of land with an old house on it . Gong Ping had been in a coma and had no ability to act, so this matter had not been done .

This was great news for Gong Ping . First of all, Dean Gong was innocent . Second, he acquired a small property . This was not the most important thing . What was important was it was the place where he grew up . It was his home .

In addition, there was also a message that the house was the ancestral home of Lord Gong . The identification of the cultural relics department had a certain cultural value, which meant that there was no need to worry about the distress of demolition in the future . The only problem was that the house has not been looked after for a decade . It had been quite worn out . In order not to affect the appearance of the city, and indeed to protect the value of its cultural relics, the owner is required to repair it . If the owner didn't have the ability to repair it, then the heritage department could repair it, at the cost of some ownership given up by the owner .

Of course, Gong Ping was not willing to give up any ownership, even if it was a small part, there was not only a trivial property, it was also a continuation of the life of Dean Gong . Finally, Gong Ping signed a lot of messy documents, and settled the case .

After completing the formalities, Lawyer Zhao Bingyi said enthusiastically . "I am also a legal consultant for an intermediary company . If you want to sell this property . . . "

Gong Ping rejected his proposal before he finished his words .

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