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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 14

Published at 10th of October 2018 08:42:27 PM

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Gong Ping became rich


After sending away Lawyer Zhao, Gong Ping felt that Ma Fei seemed to have something to say . But he had not had the time to ask . The accounting department called again to let Gong Ping go there . It turned out that Gong Ping had no relatives . In the past ten years, the salary card had been stored in the accounting room . Although Gong Ping, who had been in a coma, can't get the subsidies like post allowance, his basic salary was a lot of money accumulated over the past ten years . Gong Ping felt that he was suddenly rich . In addition, he also heard news from the accounting department, that was, since he had recovered, Ma Fei should be dismissed . It is said that in order to compensate for Ma Fei’s hard work over the years, Chief Guan also ordered the accounting department to give Ma Fei an extra month wage .

Although things seemed reasonable, Gong Ping felt quite sorry for Ma Fei .

When he was back to section 22, Ma Fei told Gong Ping that she had already been dismissed . Gong Ping already knew it, but he pretended not knowing it, and listened to Ma Fei’s words once again . It was at noon that time, Gong Ping had money and a house . he invited Ma Fei to have lunch in the nearby small restaurant, and he also called the Uncle Nine, but Uncle Nine refused with a smile on his face . But Long Jiaojiao went out with them together .
While they were eating, Gong Ping said that he had received the money and got the property of Dean Gong . And then he discussed with Ma Fei . The next day, they went to worship the dean, and then went to the orphanage to see the old property with the lawyer . Ma Fei nodded and agreed to his suggestion .

In the past few days, Gong Ping had become accustomed to Ma Fei’s reticence . So he didn’t mind . Then he said, "If the house is fine to live in, then I will repair it and move over there . . . I have given you a lot of trouble over the years . . . "

Having heard Gong Ping’s words, Ma Fei’s had his eyebrows jump and looked up at him . Gong Ping was suddenly heart tightened by the eyesight, and also saw "reluctance" from Ma Fei's expressive eyes .

Gong Ping’s gratitude to Ma Fei has always existed . An old saying said, there was no dutiful son in front of the bed . Looking after a person who was unconscious all year around would annoy a close relative . Although some people said that Ma Fei had received nursing fees, it was what she should do . Gong Ping didn’t think so . He had a strong instinct . Even if there was no penny or benefits, Ma Fei would have taken care of him . When he thought about it, he complained about why he was so stupid . When he said it, his words always got misinterpreted . So he added, "I mean, it is very spacious, the air is good . . . If you are not disgusted with it, you can move in, you can save some rent . . . " After saying that, he felt that these words were not very appropriate . It seemed that she couldn’t afford to rent a house, even though the fact was that to rent a basement was the same with couldn’t afford to rent a house .
However, this word actually had some impact . Gong Ping saw the tenderness from Ma Fei’s eyes, and there was a hint of shame in it . But he didn’t see it for a long time, because Ma Fei quickly bowed her head and ate the plate of vinegar squirting cabbage in front of her . In fact, anyone at this time could see it, how could she taste the food?
A woman was most beautiful when she was shy . Although Ma Fei was not perfect, but she was also a beautiful woman . This gesture made Gong Ping feel awkward . He suddenly had another impulse . He wanted to take care of this kind of woman who had taken care of him for many years . He wanted to tightly embrace her in his arms . But he did not dare to . Sometimes the kindness of a woman could also be unbearable and far-reaching .
Just when a warm feeling filled the cabin, Long Jiaojiao knocked on the table with chopsticks and said, "Hey, you are so close that you two see me transparent . " Gong Ping and Ma Fei felt awkward because they just forgot this person .

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At this time, Ma Fei suddenly seemed to think of something . She opened her bag and pulled out a passbook from inside . There was also a savings card and another small book . She handed them over to Gong Ping and said, "I have forgotten to give you your subsidy . "
Gong Ping had heard of it before . Over the years, his salary had been kept by the unit . Only this subsidy was paid in cash and was managed and handled by Ma Fei . Before today, there were also good people on the unit reminding Gong Ping that Ma Fei should report the accounts, even if Ma Fei had always been honest . However, Gong Ping never mention this to Ma Fei . It was not because he didn't care about money . He just thought that Ma Fei had been taking care of himself for the past few years . Even if Ma Fei had used it for herself, it was no big deal . After all, Ma Fei did a lot for him .

Gong Ping opened the passbook and found that there was still more than 8,000 yuan . That small book recorded every expenditure Gong Ping used from this subsidy . It was clear . From the details of the cash flows, Ma Fei did not use a penny .

Gong Ping felt that he was guilty . Although he did not intend to let Ma Fei report this account, he did suspect that Ma Fei had spent the money for her own purpose . He did not care about it . Now compared to the integrity of Ma Fei, he was too dirty .

Gong Ping thought a lot in his mind, but he didn't know what to do . He gave the passbook back to Ma Fei and said, "This . . . you use it . Look at you . . . there are few decent clothes . ”

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Ma Fei shook her head and returned the passbook, "This is yours . "

Gong Ping immediately made a relaxed look and said, "You and I are close, use it . I still got all my salary . And I will work soon, I don’t lack money . "
However, Ma Fei insisted on not accepting the money . Gong Ping had to go to the bank to cash out all the money before going to work in the afternoon . He thought that since Ma Fei refused to accept the money, he would buy her clothes and give her as a gift . After a few days of observation, he found that Ma Fei did not have many decent clothes . She even sewed her own underwear .  
However, shopping for clothes was not something that men are good at, especially shopping for women . He had to find a helper . But who can he ask for help? The people who he had known before in the police station could not rely on now . He didn’t know the young newcomers . It was really troublesome .

However, troubles were troubles . Section 22 must be re-established . It took a half-day to move the tables and chairs in . Although the logistics department had hired helpers, there were still many things that need to be done personally . During the gap between work, Gong Ping wanted to tell Uncle Nine what happened last night . Uncle Nine smiled, "It’s not in a hurry, now we are an official department . You should directly look for Wu Min . ” 

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When it was about time to get off work in the afternoon, he saw that everyone else was almost gone . Gong Ping told Wu Min about what happened last night and showed her the scales as a hidden weapon . Wu Min was interested in it . Although she heard lots of cases about supernatural powers, she did not see one herself . When Gong Ping had such an adventure, she said, "Since it was what you found, then Let's follow this case . You should prepare a detailed report for me . "  
Gong Ping agreed it right away, but he had a whim . Could he ask her to accompany him to buy clothes? In Gong Ping's opinion, this girl had a sense of justice . She had a sense of justice, naturally she was a good person, a good person may naturally probably be able to help him, so he told her about buying clothes .

Wu Min heard his words, raised her eyebrows and said, "I can't help you . I have a date after work . Besides, since it is to buy clothes for Nurse Ma, you should ask her to go with you, it is better to try it on . "

Gong Ping touched a nail of him, knowing that this plan was almost to failed . But he saw that although Wu Min did not agree orally, she did not walk away immediately . He tried it again, and said, "She doesn't want to spend my money . . . and she has to work at night . . . "

Wu Min said, "This is the case . . . " Her tone was obviously loose .

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