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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 15

Published at 10th of October 2018 08:42:27 PM

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Go shopping


Gong Ping saw Wu Min's tone loose, thinking that this favor was possible . And he was trying to persuade her again, but he was interrupted by words from outside the door .

"Hey, you haven't got off work so late . " The voice was like a silver bell, and a graceful figure came in . Gong Ping focused his eyes and looked at the beautiful policewoman who he saw in the duty room in the morning .

Wu Min and Gong Ping were so stunned that the original topic could not be carried on anymore, so Wu Min pretended to be working on a few things on her desk and said, "I will go first, take your time . "
" . . . " Gong Ping opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but eventually he did not say anything . But the policewoman smiled and said, "I have nothing to do, I forgot something and came back to take it . " Then she pretended to be looking for something on her desk, and said to herself, "It’s strange, where is it?" Then she suddenly seemed to think of something . He looked up and said to Gong Ping, "Oh, when we were eating together at noon, did you say that you want to help Nurse Ma to buy clothes after work? I will go with you, you guys aren’t good at buying things . . . " Her purpose was obvious . Wu Min heard her words and glanced at Gong Ping . She did not say goodbye and went out . Gong Ping’s heart sighed and thought, I was over, it was recorded one more time .  
While walking down the stairs, Wu Min thought indignantly, "Gong Ping is really dumb! How can you not keep me? If you keep me, I will not go away . Oh! Originally I want to help you, and apologize for catching you for a mistake . Now, don’t even think about it . . . " After yelling at Gong Ping in her mind, she started to yell at the policewoman . "Long Jiaojiao is really bad! She tries to flirt with any man who has a bit of power . It seems that this stupid Gong Ping is dangerous .   
Thinking of this, Wu Min suddenly stopped and said to herself, "No, why should I go? I am not afraid of Long Jiaojiao . And I am also the person in charge of this office . It’s still my first day on a leader . ”Have given herself an encouragement, Wu Min turned back and went upstairs .   

Unexpectedly, when she reached the entrance of the stairs, she heard the laughter of Long Jiaojiao . She immediately felt discouraged and turned to hide on the other side as if she had done a guilty thing . After a few seconds, with the snoring of high-heel shoes, Wu Min saw that Long Jiaojiao took Gong Ping’s arm down the stairs . And at the same time she kept talking and said," . . . You should asked me in the first place . . . You need to ask the right person if you want to buy clothes . . . my taste is first class . "  

Gong Ping was somewhat uncomfortable being held by Long Jiaojiao . But he could only try to stretch his elbows out as far as possible . When they went to the corner of downstairs, Wu Min watched them attentively and forgot to hide herself . She was seen by Gong Ping . Gong Ping wanted to say hello, but Long Jiaojiao touched him before he could say something . She said to Gong Ping, "Let’s go, be careful, we are about to go downstairs . "

Gong Ping had to smile awkwardly, and it was kind of an apology . He went away with Long Jiaojiao . Wu Min only heard him saying, "I am sorry to delay your time off work for this little thing . " She didn’t know whom he was saying it to .  

Long Jiaojiao said with a smile, "It’s no big deal . We are colleagues . We should help each other . "

Wu Min came out from her hide until they went far away . Then she found her heart was just slamming . She didn’t know whom she should blame . Finally, she said indignantly, "I have no guts!" Then she went down the stairs unhurriedly .   

Long Jiaojiao was right . It was right to find her to buy clothes . She seemed to be familiar with every store in the clothing area of the commercial street . From the bosses to the workers at every store, there was nobody who didn’t know her . They all called her Sister Long . Not only did they call her sweety, but also gave her special shopping discounts . Although it was to help Ma Fei buy clothes, Long Jiaojiao also bought herself a lot this time . But the process of buying clothes was not completely smooth .

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As a well-trained policeman, Gong Ping had already guessed the height of Ma Fei . And there was also Long Jiaojiao to help . Naturally, there would be no problem . But Gong Ping wanted to help Ma Fei buy a few sets of underwear, which was a bit of a hassle .

“What is her size?” Long Jiaojiao asked very kindly, “Tell me her size, I will help you buy it . Otherwise you will be embarrassed if you go to the lingerie store . ” 
Gong Ping’s face blushed and couldn’t say a word for a long time .

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "You should know her size . Even if you have been an unconscious person for so many years, you still stayed with her for such a long time . "

Gong Ping said honestly, "I really don't know . . . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "How did you know her height?"

Gong Ping replied: "From the usual visual inspection, which I learnt from the police school . . . to figure out the suspect's face characteristics at first glance . . . "

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Long Jiaojiao laughed and said, "You used this skill here . . . No, since it’s visual . . . then why don’t you . . . "

Gong Ping’s face turned red and said, "Who would stare at that part of a woman’s body for nothing?"  
Long Jiaojiao achieved her aim, giggled for a while and said, "Forget it, I will not tease you . Look at your stupidity, I can handle it . "

Gong Ping glanced at her gratefully, and suddenly remembered that she did not know the size, and said, "You don't know the size . "
Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "You are stupid, I am also a policeman . I can also figure it out . I have been working in the accounting department for a few years . Every month, Nurse Ma came to get the nursing expenses . I also took a look at her . " She stopped and looked at Gong Ping’s expression and said, “I’m not thinking of her as a suspect . As a woman, there is always a comparison . Nurse Ma is not as good as me, but she’s also very hot . "  
Gong Ping didn't know how to respond her after he heard her words . Long Jiaojiao was quite happy, and giggled into a good-looking woman's underwear store, leaving Gong Ping and a lot of clothes outside . It took about an hour .

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Finally, it was over . Long Jiaojiao came out of the underwear store . Gong Ping’s hand had several more paper bags . For the reason why it took so long, Long Jiaojiao explains, underwear was the protection of a woman's personal body . Nurse Ma was not there . I have to be more careful .

It was late night, when they finished shopping .
Gong Ping felt hungry, then he found he made a big mistake . He asked Long Jiaojiao to help do the shopping after the shift . Neither of them had dinner! It was fine for him to be hungry . But he asked her for help . It was too rude to let her be hungry .

Since the mistake was realized, it should be corrected in time . Gong Ping apologized to Long Jiaojiao . Long Jiaojiao said generously, "It’s no big deal, I have been on a diet recently . . . " The following words immediately came out, "I know a food stall . It is delicious, cheap and very clean . "

This was in line with Gong Ping’s mind . After a round of crazy shopping, Gong Ping’s 8 thousand yuan had been almost used up . Except for the reason of the price inflation over the years, it was also because women’s clothes were not cheap, even for middle-level brands .  

Overall, today's shopping task was completed . After meal, Gong Ping thanked her again and apologized to her . He sent Long Jiaojiao to a taxi . Then he went back to his place with satisfaction .

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