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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 17

Published at 12th of October 2018 09:16:02 AM

Chapter 17

"Don't . . . " Ma Fei screamed, raising her hand, a layer of faint red mist emerged, almost covering half of the street .

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said," I didn't expect you practiced heterogeneous space, which was much better than someone who was bluffing . "

Sher Qianqian shouted," What the hell are you saying? You can’t provoke the relationship of us . I have a natural fang, I didn’t need any space . "
Heterogeneous space was a powerful spell, to a certain extent, it was a creation of a spell that created a world of its own . This was the reason that even though humans had already flown into space, but they had not been able to find the Heavenly Palace, nor had they found Chang'e on the moon, because the Heavenly Palace was simply a space of personal creation .   

This kind of heterogeneous space was also a space parallel to the real world (In Western magic world which called enchantment), and its strength, size and connection with the real world were related to the skill of the surgeon . Some people's skill created space that can only wrap them up, so it was also called stealth . Although this was a creative spell, most practitioners were unable to achieve the power of creation, at most, a small area of the real world, but even this was already remarkable . With Ma Fei’s current skill, only half of the street can be created (cloned) . Although the creation was still far away, the fight was enough .   
At this time, it was past midnight, but there were still pedestrians in the street . Ma Fei worried that the two monsters would accidentally hurt the public, and at the same time, they were afraid that the disappearance would lead to unnecessary trouble, so she made the spell of heterogeneous space .   

"Oh . . . You must be afraid . " She smiled, her body swayed and she was proud . Heterogeneous space spell was very laborious, but it was to induce others to enter their own territory . The grass, trees, bricks and tiles were the magical skills of the surgeon, so if you wanted to fight, it would be a fierce fighting .   
Long Jiaojiao smiled and hand-shaped like a cypress orchid, her feet were slightly exerted, and the whole body was vacated . She attacked Sher Qianqian . The speed was so fast that Sher Qianqian didn’t react at all . She felt that the cold wind was swept away and something seemed to be missing in her mouth . Long Jiaojiao had already returned to the original place, the orchid referred to scorn, there were two more things on it . Sher Qianqian saw that the thing was familiar, and she couldn’t find her poisonous teeth . She was so angry and said, "Give my teeth back . "  
Long Jiaojiao threw the pair of poisonous teeth in his hands and smiled . "Sister Sher, you are not a big snake . Why are you false? Buy professional poisonous teeth . Well, it’s okay to get a porcelain, why do you have to get plastic?”  
It turned out that although Sher Qianqian was a snake, she was not a poisonous snake . She was only a grass snake from the species . This kind of snake was an interesting animal . It could reach more than 1 meter or even two meters in length . It had a slender body, a pointed tip, large eyes and smooth scales . It was one of the fastest moving snakes . It could swim about 5 . 6 kilometers per hour on the ground and in the jungle . In the case of attack, it would swing its tail, move the head sideways, and repeatedly attack, tearing the human skin . However, more often, the snake would take three methods to defend . One was to pretend to die, one was to release a stench, and another was to disguise itself as a big snake .   
Uh . . . I gave up the explanation of animal world tone, because at this time, Sher Qianqian was already crazy, and yelled, “Mind your own business! Quickly return my teeth” and She attacked Long Jiaojiao with her ten fingers that liked a hook .   
Long Jiaojiao was not in a hurry, her body drifted backwards, avoiding the sharp edge of Sher Qianqian, and then shaking her wrist, the plastic fake poisonous teeth became two points of the cold star straight to the squatting of Sher Qianqian, and at this time Sher Qianqian’s old style of move was unable to escape . Seeing that would kill Sher Qianqian, it would be a torch for many years . At this critical moment, Ma Fei stepped forward and punched the two stars, crushing the two cold stars .

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" Oh~~~ " Long Jiaojiao sighed and shook her head and sighed, "Hey sister, you see it clearly, I gave it back to you, but it was broken by your good friend . Let her pay for it!"  
Although Sher Qianqian knew she was not her opponent . But relying on Ma Fei’s spell, she wanted to fight back . She went forward and fight, but was stopped by Ma Fei, and then Ma Fei said to Long Jiaojiao, “We don’t want to cause troubles, get out of our way, let us go . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "Sister Ma Fei, now we are in your heterogeneous space, I have to ask you to let me go out . "

Long Jiaojiao said it, which was actually a provocation . Although the heterosexual space was created by the surgeon, in theory, if there was no invitation from the operator, others couldn’t enter it, but this was only in theory . In fact, there were many other ways in the heterogeneous space that could enter . The method, such as those with strong skills, could use their own skills to open a mouth in the heterogeneous space of others as an import and export . Although Ma Fei had developed heterogeneous space, the skill of Long Jiaojiao couldn’t enter and exit easily, but it was not impossible to leave or enter, it was necessary to exert strength, but it was not impossible .
Sher Qianqian yelled at her, "What do you want to do? If you want to fight, we can accompany you to the end . "
Long Jiaojiao said, "Get out of my way, I want something that you don’t have . " Then her finger pointed to Ma Fei "Only She has . "

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Ma Fei said, "You want Gong Ping . "  
Sher Qianqian said quickly, "Sister Ma, don’t give him to her . When Gong Ping was in bed, nobody cared him . Now his health is back to normal, someone wants to take advantage of him, no, no, absolutely not . "  
Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "You can’t say it like that . Gong Ping couldn’t move at that time . It was useless to be the leader of the fairy world . Now he woke up . He has more than two thousand marks on his body . Why can’t I use one? And now he is like Monk Tang, God knows what troubles will arise in the future, you are honest and weak, and your skills are weak . How can you protect him?"  
Sher Qianqian said, "I think you are the biggest trouble . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "I haven't said anything about you, I will seal your mouth if you say one more word!"

Sher Qianqian, "Seal my mouth now . "  

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Long Jiaojiao sneered, her arms trembled, and the filigree jade arm turned into two pale yellow dragon claws . The good face from above the neck turned into a dragonfly's faucet . The slight difference was that the dragon has two horns . And Long Jiaojiao had only one corner . It turned out that Long Jiaojiao was not a real dragon species, but she was just a rive .   
Seeing that Long Jiaojiao had a half prototype, Sher Qianqian screamed and quickly hid behind Ma Fei . It turned out that Sher Qianqian’s ability was average, and she generally scared people with fake poisonous teeth . These foreign objects usually took a lot of effort to maintain the human form . Therefore, once the extra skill was to be used for combat, some prototypes would be displayed, which could shock the opponents and increased the skill .   
"Now you know that you are afraid . . . oh . . . " No matter how beautiful was human form, once the prototype was ready, the scorpion is not fixed .

Once Long Jiaojiao determined to attack, she would never be merciless . She vacated her feet and shone with a blue arc, accompanied by a thunderous volley .   

Seeing Long Jiaojiao's attack, Ma Fei did not dare to neglect, she turned back, her legs went into the sea liked two dragons . Although the dragon can travel in the clouds and rain, and travel for nine days, but Long Jiaojiao’s skill was still shallow, and after all, she was not a real dragon, she shot from the air, although the momentum was more than enough, there was no foundation, on the contrary, Ma Fei was down to earth and was in her heterogeneous space . Ma Fei took advantage of Long Jiaojiao . And the two claws and hooves met each other,Long Jiaojiao couldn’t stand it, and flew over a dozen or so . She was almost kicked out the heterogeneous space . But she was skillful and the landing was quite stable .

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