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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 20

Published at 14th of October 2018 05:06:56 AM

Chapter 20

Because Gong Ping insisted on leaving, others could not persuade him . Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian came back with the reason of "not at ease", so the quarrel did not end .

As soon as they entered the room, Sher Qianqian saw that there were a lot of new clothes on Ma Fei’s bed, and the brand was good enough . She immediately screamed, and the high-decibel voice shattered the only two glasses in the room . Fortunately, it didn't shatter the light . Otherwise the house would have to fall into darkness . Before her next move, Long Jiaojiao took the first step and picked up a bra, and said to Ma Fei, "Hey, seeing you become more and more fleshy, I specially choose a bigger size for you . "

Ma Fei blushed . She tried to grab it, but she was flashed by Long Jiaojiao . Sher Qianqian smiled and said, "Let me have a look . "  
Long Jiaojiao snorted, "Give it to you? I know that your breast is two inches . If it is given to you, you will have nothing to install inside . "

Sher Qianqian was not willing to show weakness, she said, "Mine is false, is yours real? You and I are both Pholidota . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "Pholidota? Which book was it written in?"

She laughed and said, "Which book? It is "Compendium of Materia Medica" . You always look at the men and don't read books . It’s normal that you don’t know it . "  
Taking advantage of Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian bickering, Ma Fei took the opportunity to take the bra back . When she looked at the price tag above, she muttered . "It’s too expensive . It’s more than 100 yuan . . . "

Long Jiaojiao put her hand on Ma Fei’s shoulder and said, “It’s ordinary . This is a token of Gong Ping‘s regard . ”

Sher Qianqian felt surprised and said . " Brother Gong Ping bought underwear for sister Ma Fei?"  
Gong Ping blushed by the view of the three monsters . And he got a headache because of the noise . Under these double pressure, he had to surrender .

Looking at a lot of new clothes on the bed, Ma Fei was moved in her heart . A piece of underwear was more than a hundred . There were so many clothes . . .   
Her mind was thoroughly read by Long Jiaojiao . And she said with a smile, "Not much . It cost about 8000 thousand . Gong Ping has a house and money now . He is rich . "  
"It cost so much . " Ma Fei said again . She turned around and said to Gong Ping . "You just woke up . And you have to move, you need money . "

Gong Ping said . "It’s just a few clothes . . . " 

The words have not been finished yet . Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian were fighting for the clothes . In fact, these clothes were all tried by Long Jiaojiao . She was still fighting for them at the moment, completely because of woman's vanity . Despite she was a monster, she still was a woman .

Ma Fei was distressed, and went up to stop it a few times . She piled them up to the bed and said, "No one is allowed to move, and they are almost broken . "

"Yes!" Long Jiaojiao took the opportunity to grab a skirt from Sher Qianqian and returned it to Ma Fei . "These are all bought by Gong Ping for Ma Fei . It has nothing to do with you . "  
"Miser!" Sher Qianqian whispered, then turned and said to Gong Ping," Brother Gong Ping, I also took care of you when sister Ma Fei went to night shift . . . " Ma Fei interrupted . "It’s too late . You better go back . He has to rest, and he will go to work tomorrow morning . "

Sher Qianqian looked at the time on the phone and said . "It is too late to go to sleep . " Ma Fei said . "What will you do if you don’t sleep?"  
Long Jiaojiao said, "Let’s do something that we love to do, haha . "

Ma Fei scolded . "You are kidding . Do you have the heart to do so?"

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Long Jiaojiao said . "Yes, I do . Anyway, Gong Ping is not an ordinary person . His skills are profoundly immeasurable . Today, it is easy for him to break through your heterogeneous space . "  
At this time, Gong Ping interjected . "He is also very easy to faint . " When the words came out, everyone laughed .

Gong Ping said seriously . "Back to the point . Since there is no time to sleep, you can tell me what has happened in this decade . And there have been many things happening to me . I can't figure it out . I read the newspapers and magazines these days . I finally can understand some of them, but I still don't quite understand the clues . "

Ma Fei worried about him and said . "You only recover for a few days . Is it fine for you to have no rest?"  

Gong Ping said, "No problem . After waking up, I found that my physical condition was better than a decade ago . " Long Jiaojiao also advised, "Ma Fei, let's talk to him . It is good for him to understand more . You have known it . And he is now transferred to section 22 . "

Ma Fei said with a little reluctance, "Then, fine . "  
After persuading Ma Fei, the rest of the work was done by Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian, because Ma Fei had said a few words . Thanks to Sher Qianqian and Long Jiaojiao, Gong Ping figured out the ins and outs of things in the next two hours .

In recent years, human science and technology had developed rapidly . At the same time, there was no quiet place on the earth . It was difficult for people who wanted to cultivate immortals to find a suitable cultivation place . Therefore, the human beings in the human world are dying . But the emperor’s slurry burst changed the status ten years ago . The explosion of the emperor's slurry also triggered a monster outbreak . And even the mortal who was average also acquired super power .   

While everyone was happy for unexpected power they suddenly got, another good news spread . The fairy world was recruiting immortals . As long as they find an escort in the human world and get the mark of the escort, they can get a rise . This news was a joy to be happy (if everyone knew that God's court was just trying to recruit a few migrant workers, I am afraid they would be disappointed) . The only problem was that it was difficult to find the escort . It also proved from one aspect that it was difficult to be an immortal . . . So some monsters couldn’t find the escort all year round, and they just fell into the world and did evil things .

"I have more than two thousand marks on my body? Then I am not a Tang Monk who drew monsters attention?" After learning the cause and effect, Gong Ping was dizzy .   

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"Something likes that . . . " Long Jiaojiao said . "But everyone doesn't want to eat your meat, just want to get the mark . After all, it is the only right way to rise to immortals for monsters . Unlike you human beings, you are born with a pair of Good skin pouch and born to enjoy life . " Speaking of this, the tone of Long Jiaojiao who had always been laughing and joking also felt a bit of sadness .

Gong Ping spread his hands, and said . "How do you keep the marks? You just said that because most of you couldn’t find the escort, you are stuck in the world and caused so many things . Then tell me how to keep the mark . If it is the same with the seal, then I will give everyone a seal . I won’t sleep until it is done . Then all of you will be an immortal, the world will be quiet . It is a win-win thing . "  

The three monsters were all looking at each other in dismay . "We don't know how to keep the marks . We know that there are only three people who have numbers of marks from ancient times to the present . In contrast, Jiang Ziya was successful, and Pu Songling is not good . "

"Then I am not even as good as Pu Songling . He is an author of one of the four famous books . " Gong Ping was discouraged .   
Ma Fei said at this time . "Gong Ping, don't care about this . I don't want to be an immortal, as long as I can stay with you . "

Sher Qinaqian also said, "Brother Gong Ping, I am not fond of being an immortal . I think the days in human world are pretty good . There are many boys . "  
Long Jiaojiao saw that both of them expressed their attitude and said . "Well, I am just curious . I want to go to heaven to see it . I am not in a hurry . When you figure it out, you give it to me . "

Gong Ping said . "I don’t worry about you . But there are more than two thousand marks on my body . What about other monsters coming to me?"

Ma Fei was about to say, and Sher Qianqian interrupted her . "We can protect you . And today you can easily enter the heterogeneous space of sister Ma Fei, you are certainly not a fuel-efficient lamp . "  
Long Jiaojiao also said . "Yes, the problem is not big . You have marks on your body . Monsters who want to be an immortal would flatter you . As for those who are causing trouble, you have our back . I am afraid that we are weak . It is good to have a safe place to take a break from time to time . "

Sher Qianqian said . " It is the safest for us to stay in heterogeneous space . "  

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Long Jiaojiao rolled her eyes at her . "What you just said is useless . In fact, the so-called Heavenly Palace is just a super-sturdy and ultra-stable heterogeneous space, so the human spacecraft can't find it . It is difficult to find a heterogeneous space . Ma Fei and I can create a heterogeneous, but they are temporary and not very stable . If there is a monster can create a stable heterogeneous space with his deep skills, he won’t lend it to us . "

Everybody was in silence .

For a long time, Ma Fei said softly . " Gong Ping has a stable and safe heterogeneous space . "

When this statement came out, it was like a stone that stirs up a thousand waves . Each one's reaction was different .   
Sher Qianqian said . "Wow, that's great . "

Long Jiaojiao said . "Why don't you say it earlier! I can’t tell you will hide . "

Gong Ping: "I?"

Then everyone looked at Ma Fei .   

For a long while, Long Jiaojiao muttered, "Yes . It is said that the escort who is qualified to receive the marks will get more or less super powers . Gong Ping accepted more than two thousand marks at once . His skills won’t be low level . And you have a huge amount of energy . How can I not figure it out?"

Having heard her words, Sher Qianqian’s eyes were straightforward, staring at Gong Ping and making Gong Ping feel scared . However, it seemed that Gong Ping was not like a hermit .

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