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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 21

Published at 14th of October 2018 08:28:36 AM

Chapter 21

Although Gong Ping stayed up all night, he was still in good spirit . The other monsters were also in good spirit . But Ma Fei was a bit stunned . Since Gong Ping knew her monster status, they were somewhat alienated .

At dawn, Sher Qianqian said . "'Brother Gong Ping, it's dawn . Please take us to the house as soon as possible . "

Long Jiaojiao sarcastically said . "Gong Ping only invited Ma Fei . It’s none of your business . "  
Sher Qianqian answered it back . "He didn't invite you either . You already have a big house . What are you doing here?"

"That is not the same . I am a colleague and a good friend of Gong Ping . Since I am a good friend . . . He went to see the house, how can I not accompany him? Changing dwelling place is a big deal . A lot of things need to help, how can he handle it alone?"Long Jiaojiao said it quite proudly .

"Wait a minute . . . " Sher Qianqian interrupted her words . "When did you become a good friend of Brother Gong Ping?"  
Long Jiaojiao said, "If I am not a good friend, why do I help him a lot? Don't forget, Gong Ping asked me for help when he tried to buy underwear for Ma Fei . Our relationship is so close . "

Sher Qianqian said, "He bought underwear for sister Ma Fei, and it was not for you . I did not see your close relationship!"

Finally, Gong Ping said,"Well, I should go to the bureau to take time off first . "

Long Jiaojiao said,"There is no need to go to the bureau . A phone call can work . " Then she took out her mobile phone .

Gong Ping said, "It takes a whole day . It’s better to take time off personally . "  
Long Jiaojiao said, "You are really dumb . Now Wu Min is the new official, and section 22 is under reconstruction . You will be busy with work if you go there . How can the leave be approved? It’s better to make a phone call . "

Gong Ping said, "It is another matter whether is approved or disapproved . But I should go there and ask for leave . "

Long Jiaojiao said, "Whether you go or not, it is your own business . Anyway,it is your matter that may be delayed"  
Gong Ping ignored her . Once he made up his mind, he would not be able to pull back with eight cows . They ate breakfast outside . Gong Ping went back to work, Long Jiaojiao followed Gong Ping . They squeezed a bus to the police station .   
As a result, it was not exactly what Long Jiaojiao said . Although Wu Min spoke coldly, the approval was unusually smooth . Long Jiaojiao quickly said, "I will accompany him there . It is far away, Gong Ping still has no car . "

Wu Min glanced at her with a white eye and said, "Well, you can go, but you can't use a police car for private matters . "  
Long Jiaojiao was discouraged . When Long Jiaojiao got the news that section 22 was about to rebuild . She tried many ways to get a police car from Guan Taizhong . There were two cars in total, plus the original one which should be equipped . After heard Wu Min’s words, Long Jiaojia knew that she couldn’t drive one .

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"No big deal . . . It is not just you have a car in the whole police station is . . . " Long Jiaojiao asked Gong Ping to wait a moment . She ran up and down several times . It was really strange . The entire police station was busy . Not a car was available . Finally, Long Jiaojiao got angry . She took out her mobile phone and said to Gong Ping, "I don't believe I can't get a car . " Then she pressed a group of numbers and chatted with someone intimately . The effect was obvious, and it took only five minutes for a big rush to stop at the police station . Long Jiaojiao pulled the door and got in the car . She said to Gong Ping,"Stop staring . Come on . Let's pick up Ma Fei . She is your sweet heart . "  
Gong Ping said as he got on the bus, "Not . . . she knows the way . . . "

A handsome young man drove the car, he wore officially . Long Jiaojiao was flirting with the driver all way along, as if Gong Ping was transparent . It turned out that this young man was not the owner of the car, but the driver of the owner . It was not because Gong Ping was a smart man,it was just because the words they said . God knew why Long Jiaojiao hooked up with the driver instead of hooking up the owner .   
The car returned to the gate of Gong ping’s temporary residence . Ma Fei and Sher Qianqian had already waited for a long time . When Sher Qianqian saw a big run, she cheered and jumped forward to pull the door . Long Jiaojiao looked out from the window . And said, "No unauthorized access prohibited . "

Sher Qianqian answered it back, "It’s not your car . "  
Long Jiaojiao still wanted to bicker, Ma Fei said, "Stop bickering . Gong Ping has lots of things to do today . "

Having heard what Ma Fei said, Long Jiaojiao still had some taboos . Although there was a bit of alienation, Ma Fei was still the closest person to Gong Ping . Long Jiaojiao was still flirting with the driver, while she was sitting on the vice-driver . Gong Ping sat between Sher Qianqian and Ma Fei .   
It was good to have a car, and it took a short time to go to the grave in the suburbs . It would raise a lot of trouble if this car is not really your own . When they arrived at the grave, the driver was reluctant to leave Long Jiaojiao, saying that he would get off the car and walk a few steps . But he received a call at that time . It turned out that the car’s owner found the car was gone when he planned to drive it . He scolded the driver on the phone . The young man hurriedly said goodbye and ran away . He may be fired .

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This incident made Long Jiaojiao look bad . Sher Qianqian sneered around her, "Well, it is good . We have to take a bus to go back . "

Long Jiaojiao took out her mobile phone and said, "Is it a disaster? Does only he have a car in such a big city?"

Sher Qianqian said, "It would bother you to find someone who owns a car . Don't look for a driver . "  
Long Jiaojiao still wanted to answer it back . Then Ma Fei interjected and said, "Don't say anything more . . . " Following her eyes, everyone saw that Gong Ping's face had been solemn at this time . Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian had to shut up and followed them behind .

They bought some sacrifices at the convenience store in the cemetery and everyone started climbing the mountain . Gong Ping had been unconscious after being struck by lightning . He didn’t know where the grave of Dean Gong was . Fortunately, Ma Fei often came to pay homage on behalf of him on Tomb-sweeping Day, and he was regarded as an authentic old horse .
After releasing the sacrifices, Gong Ping asked the three monsters to go elsewhere . After they left, Gong said almost an hour in the face of the tombstone of the dean, as if the director of Gong was still audible . If not afraid of a few monsters waiting too long, he could still say for a while .

After promised to visit in the near future, Gong Ping finally completed the sacrifice . He found Ma Fei in a pavilion in the middle of the mountain, but did not find the other two monsters . He asked Ma Fei, "Where did they go?"

Ma Fei replied . "Go and talk to old friends . "  

"Old friends?" Gong Ping looked around, all graves, and suddenly felt a chill cool wind crawling down the spine . Since there were monsters in this world, there must be ghosts in relative terms .

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Looking at Gong Ping’s guilty look, Ma Fei couldn’t help but smile and said, “Don’t worry . You don’t know how strong you are . It is difficult for others to be not afraid of you . You don’t need to be afraid of anything . ”  
Gong Ping said with a little embarrassed to say,"In fact, I am not afraid . . . Are they really looking for old friends?"

"Yeah . " “Some people are dead, but because of their strong spiritual strength, they can still be united . They are so-called ghosts . They also have several ghost friends here . "Ma Fei explained .

Gong Ping heard her words and said: "So, Dean Gong? . . .   
Although Ma Fei did not talk much on weekdays, she could guess Gong Ping's mind . Gong Ping hoped to meet with the ghost of Dean Gong . Although they were separated, as long as the news was the same, there was no difference . . . She knew that her answer would definitely make Gong Ping feel disappointed . However, it was still difficult for her to lie to Gong Ping, even harder than to practice immortality .

"The spirit of Dean Gong did not condense . " Ma Fei said . Looking at disappointing look at Gong Ping’s face, she was also upset and immediately comforted, “In fact, the spiritual strength of most people cannot be condensed . "  
"I know . . . " Gong Ping tried his best to hide his disappointment and said, "Body is like a knife . The soul is its sharpness . If the knife doesn’t exist, where can sharp attach?" After reading He read"Ghost Theory" when he was a child . It was not clear after so many years . He said it according to his memory, which was probably a meaning .

"Okay . " Gong Ping clapped his hands and made a relaxed look . "Let's go find them . There are still many things left today . "

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