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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 22

Published at 15th of October 2018 09:05:18 AM

Chapter 22

It took a lot of time to leave the cemetery . Sher Qinaqiang made Longjiaojiao lose face with a hint of sarcasm . Long Jiaojiao seemed to have run out of luck today . She didn't call a car after making a few phone calls . She scolded angrily . She couldn't chase away them usually . But now she couldn't depend on one when she needed . Finally she got no car . It was in a hurry, they had to take a taxi back to the city .   


They reached Zhongtian Law Firm and found the lawyer Zhao Bingyi . Lawyer Zhao had his own car and finally solved the traffic problem . Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian were flirting with lawyer Zhao . Unfortunately, lawyer Zhao was well-informed . Although he was laughing and joking . But everyone could tell it . In fact, lawyer Zhao didn’t care about this sweet words .

At the orphanage, lawyer Zhao found the janitor .
According to lawyer Zhao’s words, the janitor was originally a wage earner who did not have a job and did not have a place to live . It was really pitiful, so he arranged him to live here . And he was looking after the property to offset rent .

The janitor was a handsome young man with short black hair . He was in good spirit wearing neat clothes . Gong Ping was shocked when he met this guy . This is the young man who often appears in his dreams, who was serving them when he and XX drinking under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree . Now it was really a mess . Which one was a dream and which one was a reality? If it was a reality now, what are the monsters around? If it was a dream now, it was too real .   
If he can't figure out a problem, he stops thinking about it . This was Gong Ping's practice of dealing with problems .

Lawyer Zhao did not know that these people had known each other . After he introduced them to each other, he explained some matters . On the pretext of having other things, he left beforehand, leaving only the janitor to accompany them .

The janitor’s name was Mao Dou . He was ineloquent . But he was a value-conscious janitor . In fact, he must have worked as a gardener, masons and carpenter . Because the entire orphanage wasn’t be ruined . The flowers were planted in the flower bed, and the roof ridge was well repaired, but there were several ladders and scaffolding . There were a few piles of bricks and sand in the yard, indicating that the repair project has not yet completely finished .
Obviously, it was not the first time that Ma Fei had come here . And from the eyes it could be seen that she and Mao Dou had known each other for a long time .

Gong Ping grew up here since he was a child . Of course, he was familiar here . After all, he had never been here for many years . He revisited the old place and still wanted to walk around . Sher Qianqian and Long Jiaojiao wanted to keep up, but they were stopped by Ma Fei .   
"Let him go alone . " Ma Fei said, "He must think of someone now . "

Like deliberately opposed Ma Fei, Ma Fei’s words didn’t finish . And Mao Dou followed up, but he did not dare to follow him too near . He just followed the two or three steps behind Gong Ping .

Sher Qianqian saw it, and she was not convinced . "Why did he keep up?"  

Long Jiaojiao said with angry, "Even if he has become a human form, some nature can't be changed . You didn't see it . He was also a monster . The body was a dog, and it was a bitch dog . Naturally, it always follows the master . And you can’t drive it away"

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Sher Qianqian stared at it . She shook her nose and sighed a few times and said, "It seems to be a monster . " She couldn’t tell it for certain . Then she you grabbed Ma fei’s sleeve and asked, "You seem to be acquainted with him . Is he a monster?"

Ma Fei nodded .   
Long Jiaojiao wrinkled at the moment and said, "This is awful . I have been deceived, he is not a dog, and he is a wolf!"

Sher Qianqian immediately worried, "Let’s keep up with them . Gong Ping is alone with him . "

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "What are you worrying about? Although Mao Dou is a big wolf, Gong Ping isn’t a white rabbit . "

Gong Ping grew up here and regarded it as his home until Dean Gong drove him to the police academy .

"This little orphanage is like a snail's shell . You can't keep hiding in it all the time . " Dean Gong said at that time .   

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"You have been hiding in it for a lifetime . " Gong Ping thought it when he was young .

Time flies . The old revisiting was different . Gong Ping was quite emotional at this time .

Originally, Gong Ping planned to walk around alone . Ma Fei and other three female monsters were also sensible . However, the janitor was always not too slow, not far behind . What was even stranger was that Gong Ping felt that he was not in the way, as if he did what he should do .   
Gong Ping opened a door on the second floor . It was a small room . When he was 17 years old, in order to take the college entrance examination, Dean Gong asked him to move from the dormitory to the place where he spent the happiest time of his life . Since then, Gong Ping had a feeling that this room belonged to him .   
The room seemed to have little difference compared with it ten years ago . Although the furniture such as single beds and bedside tables had been changed, the layout has not changed at all . And the inside and outside were very clean and full of energy . There was still a bunch of flowers on the bedside table . Obviously, someone lived in . Gong Ping found that his "own" room was inhabited . He was not very comfortable . But at the same time he knew that his uncomfortable feeling was actually unreasonable .

Gong Ping came out and closed the door and said to Mao Dou, "I'm sorry . I didn't know it was your room . "  

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Mao Dou looked a little worried and said, "Master, I live in the porter's . I know this is your room . I clean it every day . . . I only live here occasionally when you allow me . "


Gong Ping was confused after he heard it . First, a "master" confused Gong Ping . What time was it? Is there this kind of address? I had heard that some wealthy people like to use this tune when they played uniform game, but I'm not that kind of person . And Gong ping took over the house today and saw Mao Dou for the first time . How could he occasionally stay here overnight?

When Mao Dou saw Gong Ping’s face look stunned, he did not explain it . Instead, he stepped back and lowered his head, but his eyes looked up . His poor look was like a child who had done something wrong .

It seemed that he couldn't hear a word from his mouth . So he went downstairs to find Ma Fei . And then he met the three monsters when he just reached the exit of the stairs .   

Although Sher Qianqian and Long Jiaojiao had a glib tongue, Gong Ping felt that the two were unreliable . So he wanted to ask Ma Fei, but he didn’t know how to ask . He hesitated for a few seconds before he asked, "You and Mao Dou have already known each other?" The answer he needed and the question he asked were not the same thing .

But Ma Fei seemed to understand everything . She reached out and took Gong Ping's sleeves . Gong Ping followed her with awkwardness . Ma Fei would definitely know the answer .   

They came to the backyard . Gong Ping saw the osmanthus tree in the center of the courtyard at first glance . Although the tree was dead, it still stood there . Gong Ping stepped forward and touched the rough tree with his hand . He lamented .

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