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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 23

Published at 15th of October 2018 09:05:18 AM

Chapter 23

Gong Ping turned around and said to the monsters, "Do you know? I liked playing under this tree best when I was a child . Dean Gong taught us to practice calligraphy under this tree . "Gong Ping found out the bottom of the trees was cleaned up, and there was no such thing as a dead leaf . " Mao Dou held a few futons in the arms and distributed one for everyone . Ma Fei arranged for everyone to sit cross-legged . She sat opposite Gong Ping and held his hand . Beautiful big eyes were affectionately looking at Gong Ping, passing the message with her eyes: Do you believe me?  


Gong Ping smiled and said, "Of course I believe in you . "

He whispered on the side . "'Brother Gong Ping seems to know what sister Ma Fei wants to say when he looked at her eyes and is this mind reading?"

Long Jiaojiao knocked on her head and said, "You know nothing . Mind acts upon mind . "  
Ma Fei pulled Gong Ping’s hands and said, “Please close your eyes and take a deep breath . Don’t think about anything, just follow me, ok?”

Gong Ping looked around and saw that Sher Qianqian and Longjiaojiao who had always been noisy also closed their eyes and looked solemn . He remembered the way Ma Fei had worshiped the moon on the roof that night, thinking, what is this practice? Then he looked at Ma Fei, Ma Fei’s eyes were sincere and affectionate, so Gong Ping nodded and closed his eyes . And his thoughts followed Ma Fei’s slow voice .   
The room disappeared . . . The orphanage disappeared . . . Finally the whole world disappeared . . . Gong Ping felt that he was sitting in the void . . . not a void . . . because there would be a meteor from time to time . Hell, obviously closed eyes, where could I see a meteor? These monsters may make him be evil!

Gong Ping felt that he was fooled . And suddenly he opened his eyes to ask Ma Fei . But when he opened his eyes, Ma Fei was not opposite him . He was in a deserted open space, surrounded by an endless starry sky .

Where had everyone gone? What was this place?  


Gong Ping looked back and saw Maodou standing behind him . He took forward two steps and grabbed Mao Dou and said, "Where is this? Why am I here?"
Maodou said softly, "Master, please follow me . " After finishing his word, his body floated and got rid of Gong Ping's palm, and seemed to above the floor .   
It was a blessing or a curse, you couldn’t hide from it . Gong Ping chanted and followed behind Mao Dou . Mao Dou's footsteps were brisk, but he would stop and wait for him to catch up after a period of time .

Along the winding road, Gong Ping saw the light in front . That was the orphanage! He finally saw something familiar . He passed Mao Dou a few steps . He opened the door . The front yard was empty, but he faintly heard someone talking . The voice was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was . . The sound of the talk was always not far away or not too near . And it was not so small or too loud . It was swirling around Gong Ping’s ear . It was difficult to distinguish the clear direction . But after all, there was only such a big place . Gong Ping came to the backyard .   
In the backyard, Gong Ping was even more appalled .

The backyard of the orphanage originally had a sweet-scented osmanthus tree . The annual season of sweet-scented osmanthus was always full of fragrance . Unfortunately, in the second year of Gong Ping’s reading of the police school, this sweet-scented osmanthus tree died . Just now, Gong Ping still stroked the trunk of the already dead tree . However, at this time, Gong Ping was surprised to find that the osmanthus tree was still alive, and the flowers were blossoming . It was said that this was not the season when osmanthus blossomed .   
There was a round table under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree . A few cold dishes and vegetables were on the table . And two people sitting at the table were taking a leisurely drink and laughing from time to time . Although the two figures were very familiar, Gong Ping did not recognize them, because their faces were all facing back to Gong Ping .

"Excuse me . . . " Gong Ping cleared his throat and greeted them . He thought no matters you was a person or was a monster, he should say hello first .

The two men heard the sound and turned back . Gong Ping was surprised to find that one of them was his police school classmate ** ! Didn’t he die two years ago? And another person was not someone else, it was Gong Ping himself!  
Gong Ping couldn't believe his eyes, he actually saw another him! At the same time, his mind seemed to be suddenly open . Wasn’t it the scene that he dreamed of during a coma? But now was it a dream, or was it reality here? Gong Ping felt that he couldn’t think about it anymore . If he thought about it, he would become a neuropathy .   

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Gong Ping, who was drinking, saw Gong Ping coming, but he was not surprised at all . On the contrary, he seemed to be unhappy for Gong Ping’s late arrival . Nevertheless, he smiled and stood up and said, “You are finally here . ”  
"Who are you?" Gong Ping was amazed . No matter how brave the person was, suddenly he saw another one would be astonished, especially when he knew he could not have a twin brother .

That Gong Ping said, "I am you, you are me . "

Gong Ping said, "Tell me who you are or I will call the police . What the hell are you doing?"  
That Gong Ping smiled and said, "Well, I will tell you who I am . "He raised his hands and held his head, and took off his head from his body!

"Oh,my God . " Who had seen this sight? Gong Ping’s legs couldn’t help but soften . But he struggled not fall down . Instead, he yelled at the bluff, “What other ghosts you have? You can’t scare me . ”

"Oh . . . " Gong Ping, who took off his head, smiled sulkingly, and the voice seemed to be coming out of his stomach .   
After taking off his own head, his movements hadn’t been stopped . He began to undress . There were not many clothes in the summer . He finished in a moment . Then he said to Gong Ping: "Now you know me and you know who you are as well . "

What kind of body was that? Two breasts turned into eyes, the navel turned into a mouth, the eyes were blinking and the mouth was open . It was like a devil from hell .   
"Come on, let us be one . " Headless Gong Ping extended his hand to Gong Ping .

Although Gong Ping warned him in his heart, “Don't reach out!” But at this time his body seemed to no longer listen to his own command, and he involuntarily extended his hand . When the two Gong Ping's hands came together, the earth suddenly swayed, and the sunny days were suddenly overcast, and the lightning flashed .   

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"I am cheated! I am miserable!!" Gong Ping shouted, his soul seemed to be out again in the lightning and thunder, and came to a dark generation of drums and blood through time and space .

He saw Changyang Mountain! He saw the last battle of Xing Tian!

Left-handed shield, right-handed axe, the world changed! This was Xing Tian waving them!  
The arrogant Heavenly Emperor met his most powerful opponent in his life . The power of Xing Tian was not his martial arts, nor in his spells, but his vindictiveness . Under the support of his powerful spirit, he killed from the Southern Heavenly Court to the Central Heavenly Court . And he passed through the squadrons on the way . No one could stop him and he went straight to the Emperor . There was no one around the Emperor of Heaven who dared to go forward to protect him . Helplessly, the Emperor had to personally hold the sword and fought with him . They stabbed axe, and fought with each other from the palace to the outside,from the heavens to Changyang mountain .   
For a time, the world changed with flying sand and stone . The Emperor gradually couldn’t stand it, so he made a swindle, "Stop fighting . If we continue to fight like this again, the surrounding souls would be charcoal . How could we have the heart to do this?”

When Xing Tian saw the surrounding world, the death and injury that had been implicated in the fighting was so severe whether it was an animal or a human being . He moved the heart of compassion and said, "What should we do?"

The Emperor of Heaven pointed to the north and said, "The north is the land of the bitter cold glaciers . There is no living . You and I can go to fight there!"  
Xing Tian didn’t know it was a trick, and he turned her head to the north . The Emperor took the opportunity to cut off the neck of Xing Tian . He only heard the sound, and the head of the Xing Tian rolled down from the neck and landed at the foot of Changyang Mountain .

Xing Tian felt that there was no head on his neck . He suddenly panicked and moved the axe to the left hand . He stretched his right hand and stalked on the ground . His mouth shouted at the same time . "Head comes!"  
He was looking for his unyielding head, and he was about to fight with the Emperor . The surrounding valley was touched by him . Whether it was a towering tree or a prominent rock was broke down under the touch of his right hand, but he still could not find the head .

When the Emperor saw he could not die even his head was cut off . He was afraid that he touched his head and restored his original body to fight with him . He quickly raised his sword and forced it to Changyang Mountain . Changyang Mountain was smashed into two halves, and the head of the Xing Tian fell into the mountains . The Emperor of Heaven read the truth and the two mountains were "coming together" and buried the head of Xing tTian .   

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"Head comes!" Xing Tian shouted, but his head wouldn’t come back, he would be beheaded forever . He stood dumbly, imagining the triumphant look of the Emperor and his unfinished wish . He was very angry . He was not willing to be defeated by the Emperor . Suddenly, Xing Tian stared at his upper body, then his two breasts turned into eyes, his navel turned into a mouth, his body was his head . The "eyes" of the two breasts seemed to be spurting out the flame of anger . On the round umbilical, it seemed to be a curse of hatred . The head of the body was as solid as a mountain . The axe and shield held by both hands were waving . That was powerful .

Xing Tian! He never gave up!  
Gong Ping, who fell to the ground, was unconscious . Suddenly he took a deep breath and his body began to creep slowly .

** saw this . Regardless of he was a Chinese ghost, he couldn’t help but make a cross in front of his chest . "It's finally clean, and the merits are perfect . Mao Dou, don't you want to help your master get up?"  
“Master, you are awake . "Gong Ping opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the handsome face of Maodou . ** standing a little further away .

Gong Ping took a long breath and touched his hand to his neck . His head was still there and he was solid . Then he found himself lying on a sheet . The bed was made of willow, and the cool bed was under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree . This was one of the ideals of his childhood . He didn’t expect it to have been realized .   
** were laughing, "Don't worry, your head grows again . I really don't know if you I call you Xing Tian Excellency or Gong Ping police officer?”

"Master?" Maodou saw Gong Ping groaning for a long time without talking, he tempted to ask .

"Don’t call me master . " Gong Ping seemed to return to reality . He felt that there was anger in his heart, so all of a sudden he lost temper with Mao Dou, "I was disgusting when you call me master . You are sissy and looked like a eunuch . "  

Mao Dou was reprimanded by inexplicable remarks . He lowerd his head, and raised his eyes . And it was the kind of poor eyes . It made Gong Ping felt that he had made a mistake, and he didn’t know how to make up for it . It was embrassing .

** pulled Mao Dou out and said, "Hey, you scare the dog . It was a bitch . She is an authentic girl . Don’t say eunuch, and your problems have not changed . "  
Although ** said a few words about bitch and girl, Gong Ping had seen the monsters after all . And he was instilled in the memory of the God of War, although it was still messy and unconditioned . So he sneered: "So she is a dog? Then you are a ghost? It is said that you died two years ago . "

** smiled, "You are not good at talking all the time . " He said, "I am dead, but the soul is still there . As long as the soul is still there, death is not simply a death, but another beginning of life . "

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