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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 24

Published at 15th of October 2018 11:55:06 PM

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Invitation


Gong Ping continued to touch his neck . From then on, it was his habit to touch his neck . However, the combination with the headless Gong Ping (Xing Tian) also made him to accept another part of the memory . But this memory included both the ancient times and the past ten years, so it was too disorderly to be properly arranged . Even so, Gong Ping was very different from a few minutes ago . Many questions that couldn’t be understood were suddenly clear at the moment . So he put down his hand on his neck and sat up on the rattan bed and said, "Death can't change you to pretend to be a philosopher . "

** Smiled, "Some problems can't be changed in a few lifetimes and some problems that don't need to be changed . I am not you . I don’t have the spirit of the ancient war god Xing Tian and unfathomable ability . I have nothing but a mouth . " He turned to Mao Dou and said, "Am I right? Little puppy" He reached out and tried to touch the back of Mao Dou . Mao Dou flashed and snorted .   
**retracted his hand and smiled, "A dog biking at Lu Dongbin, not recognizing a kind hearted man . No wonder everyone else calls a dog slave . "    

Gong Ping said, "You are a lonely ghost and dare to claim to be Lu Dongbin? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even have a place to live! Your soul flew away . " As soon as he said it, he was also stunned and murmured," What happened to me?" Because these words were blurted out, it didn't go through the brain . Now he thought about the scene at that time, it seemed to be there, but he couldn’t remember it .

** understood his confusion and explained, "Your body has accepted the memory of five thousand years, and naturally it is not suitable for you . It will be better . As for my affairs, I really want to thank you . "  
Gong Ping said," I just flashed your business in my mind . But I can't think of it now . "

** said, "I wanted you to take it easy, but I am short fuse . I can’t bear to see you lose your memory . Let me tell you about this . When I was concealed, my soul was about to disappear . You saved me and helped me to gather my soul together . What’s more, you created a space for me in the old office building of the police station . So I did not become a ghost . "  
Gong Ping suddenly remembered something and said with a smile, "Yes, you always ran to me to eat and drink . And the old police building is still haunted . "

"Haha, you think of it! That's it . " **pointed to Gong Ping and laughed .   
Gong Ping looked around and said, "So, here is the heterogeneous space I created . It is also called enchantment . "

** said, "I prefer to call this place your world . "  
Gong Ping looked at his hands and said, "But I am just an ordinary person . How can I have such a great ability?" I heard from Ma Fei that this was a brilliant spell . "

**shrugged his shoulder, "The ancient god, he is awesome . Although you are now a cottage, your ability is still great . "

"I don’t care . " Gong Ping looked around and said, "Just I am here, where did they go?"  
** said, “They are still in the orphanage in the real world . This is your world . Without your invitation, it’s very difficult for them to come in . "

Gong Ping said, "How can I let them come in too?"

** said, "You are confused by the thunder . Your world is in the charge of you . Why do you ask me?"  
Gong Ping smiled embarrassedly and said, "I really can't think of it . "

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** shrugged and said, "I can't help you . I am gone . There are a couple of renters coming to the old police station . I am going to scare them . " His feet drifted away from the ground . He didn't forget to hook it on the chin of Mao Dou . Mao Dou went up a bite . Although ** didn't flash, his hand turned into a cloud of smoke . The teeth of Mao Dou collided with each other, and it bit on air .

Gong Ping saw it and couldn't help but smile . Mao Dou saw Gong Ping laughing, she approached Gong Ping . The little half of her ass sat on the rattan bed . Gong Ping almost instinctively reached out and touched Mao Dou’s head . Finally, he licked her on her neck . Mao Dou looked very comfortable and her eyes almost closed .   
"Ha ha ha ha!" ** hadn’t floated out the door, and he laughed and said, "Gong Ping, you really see her as a dog . "

Gong Ping was out of his mind, and he immediately retracted his hand . He was annoyed and ordered Mao Dou said, “Go and bite this wild ghost!”

Mao Dou was really obedient . It instantly turned into a white light and rushes into ** . His body turned into smog and scattered away, only the wild laughter echoed for a while .

When Mao Dou returned, he saw Gong Ping staying there in a dementia, holding a group of clothes in his hand . It was her clothes . It turned out that in order to faithfully execute master’s order, Mao Dou showed the original form . She left a pile of clothes on the ground . and they were picked up by Gong Ping .     
Although Mao Dou was in its original state, after all, it had been a long time for her to be a human being . Although she was in front of the master, it was very embarrassing to not wear clothes . So she smacked forward with a mouthful of clothes and ran to a quiet place . She humanized and got dressed .  

Gong Ping was shocked when he saw Mad Dou’s original form . He thought that Mao Dou was an ordinary dog, but she was a wolf monster . Fortunately, she was a snow white wolf; she was also a rare species . What Gong Ping couldn't understand was that Sher Qianqian claimed to be a big viper . In fact, she was just a snake . Long Jiaojiao always considered herself to be dragon specie . In fact, she was just a flood dragon . Mao Dou who was a wolf pretended to be a puppy . God, the monsters were also fake and shoddy . What about Ma Fei? She maybe was a scorpion or a donkey . . . Maybe she was just a zebra . Knockoff was popular in this monsters .   
While waiting for Mao Dou got dressed and returned, Gong Ping took in a lot of knowledge that he suddenly got . But after all, it wasn’t clear in his mind, so he asked Maodou, "This is the space I created . If I can decide who comes in . ”

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Mao Dou nodded hard . And if she had a tail now, she would certainly shake it hard .

"That's easy!" Gong Ping stood under the sweet-scented osmanthus tree, his eyes closed slightly, his hands stretched out into the air and said,"My beloved friends, now I open my space and let you freely enter and exit . . . . . . . "  
There was no change for half a day . Gong Ping turned around and said to Maodou, "Maybe my spell is too Western fantasy?"

Mao Dou nodded hard .

Gong Ping said, "Then I’ll change one . " Then he cleared his throat, and sang, "Oh . . . . . . ”

No response .

"Most Exalted Lord Lao helps me in a hurry!" 
No response .   

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"The soldiers are coming to you!"

No response .

"My Lord Jesus gives you power!"

No response .  
Helpless, Gong Ping turned round and said to Maodou,"Is this space really built by me?"

Mao Dou nodded hard .

Gong Ping touched back of the head and said: "You can just nod . " Then he meditated: “There have been two of me in the past ten years, one in the hospital bed, and one in this place . Now that the two are one, I can't be either . Fortunately, I don't have schizophrenia, and it is a blessing . “He spoke to himself and looked around again . In addition to Mao Dou that only nodded, no one could help . Even Mao Dou was impatient . she found a bench and sat down with her hands on her chin,staring at Gong Ping with her big eyes .   
"Dead dog! You are waiting to make stories out of me . " Gong Ping smiled and screamed, and shouted to the sky: "The Virgin Mary of curtsy . . . " Suddenly remembering that this Western thing may not be able to manage the East, so mischievously changed his mind and said, "Ozawa Maria of curtsy . ” 
He shouted at random, and he didn’t treat conscientiously . He didn’t expect that when the words came out, the head of the wind suddenly changed, and a thunderbolt collapsed . Gong Ping was afraid of being thundered, he hurried rush to the side . Thanks to this jump, with the thunder and screaming, a bunch of women fell from the air, like a rugby-like smashing into a stack . Fortunately, Gong Ping jumped off in time; otherwise it would have to bottom out .

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