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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 25

Published at 19th of October 2018 07:54:01 PM

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 A super star fell from the sky


"Oh . . . " Sher Qianqian was in good luck, falling on the top, only fell half of the original shape . And the upper body was still a beautiful woman, but a snake tail sticking out under the skirt, swinging and said, "Brother Gong Ping, how are you inviting people?" She grabbed her hands and tried to stand up . In the end, she was picked up by Maodou .

Under the pressure of her was Long Jiaojiao, because her skill was relatively deep, so only a single angle and fangs were thrown out, and then the nails were longer, and the others hadn’t changed . However, she may have been a flash of waist . After being lifted up, she put my hands on her waist and couldn't speak for a long time .   
The third was Ma Fei, who fell into a horse face .  

Gong Ping felt very embarrassed, but he had no other methods, his own skill had not been used freely .   

"My brother Gong Ping . . . " She was at the top, and had a slight fall, so she was the first to say,"How are you so inviting people . . . " Her face suddenly changed, pointing her finger at the underground, "Oh, why is another one?"
There was indeed another one, and it was a woman . . . It was not exactly a woman . . . She wore a pair of thick white cotton socks . Because she had a nasty fall and pulled a human figure on the ground . So everyone didn't see her at first .

Seeing that her face down, her hands and legs were constantly cramping . Long Jiaojiao said in hurry, "Get her out, or she will be suffocated!" She didn’t move . Ma Fei and Maodou came forward and dug the woman out of the ground .   
When the woman was unearthed, she was soft on the ground . And the front was covered with mud and they could not tell whether she was beautiful or not . Her chest was also drawn out of two round three-inch pits, which showed the greatness of the chest and the deep internal force .

Ma Fei felt naked woman's nose and said, "She is alive . "  
Sher Qianqian, who liked to join in the fun, asked for a bucket from Mao Dou . She poured cold water from the head to the feet . The woman had a cold war and coughed a few times and was slowly opening her eyes .

The cold water washed away dirt, and let everyone see the woman's appearance . This woman was a beautiful woman . If her eyes were a little bigger, her nose a little bit higher,her lips thinner, and her legs longer, she could be regard as a perfect woman .   
“Ozawa Maria!"Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian screamed out in unison, and then invariably turned eyes to Gong Ping with disdain, and said, "You have this hobby!" ”

Gong Ping was embarrassed at the time . It was not a big thing for a man to see a porn film . But it was another matter to be accused by the young opposite sex . So he couldn’t speak at all . Ozawa Maria saw the people in front of her who were not human being and monsters . She was shocked crawled up, but her legs were soft, she sat back on the ground, and said classic Japanese "Yeah . . . ahah!"  
They looked at each other with a meaningful look after they heard her words . It seemed that everyone could understand this sentence .

Ma Fei was kind; she looked for clothes for the AV actress and let Mao Dou take care of her . She turned around and saw Sher Qianqian and Long Jiaojiao were working together to interrogate Gong Ping . Gong Ping got angry, counterattacked, "How did I watch her film before? You have seen it several times, or how do you recognize her at a glance? I did not recognize her at the time . "

Sher Qianqian recriminated by saying, "We are pure, we only look at her face .   

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Long Jiaojiao was inconsistent with Sher Qianqian . She said, “Yes, and it’s not big deal for us to watch a woman . ”

However, Gong Ping found a loophole from this word and once again countered, "The film is not entirely a woman . There are men!"

The two female monsters said in unison, "Short legs and big belly! Their eyes are lewd . There is nothing good to look . . . "  
At this time, Ma Fei came back, and quickly stepped forward and said, "Gong Ping, you have to send her back, she is scared . "

Gong Ping took the opportunity to get out .

After all, Sher Qianqian had a delicate heart, and she was somewhat worried and said, "If brother Gong Ping can do it . He threw us so badly when he invited us in . It’s not good to send her to a bad place . It seems that she is only good at acting . ”  
Long Jiaojiao snorted and said, "It is good to send her to a different world . This kind of person shouldn’t be in human being world . How many good young guys are corrupted by these women? It is best to send her to the Amazon eater . This fine skin . . . "

Sher Qianqian’s a little kindness also flew to the clouds when she heard what Long Jiaojiao said . And she said with a smile, "No, no one buys the mother of pork . "  
The two woman's opinions were once again unified, and at the same time they made a sultry laugh . Even Ma Fei's backbones felt a cold air . That woman listened to them at the side, and trembling became more and more powerful .

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Gong Ping was helpless and tossed for more than half an hour . He finally sent the Ozawa Maria away, but it was not very clear if she was returned to the original place . Gong Ping felt relieved, until a few months later, she released a new film . Although she was taking porn film, there was nothing wrong with her, and she put the whole-heart to service society . Even if she corrupted several young guys, she comforted countless middle-aged .   
After sending away Ozawa Maria, Gong Ping and Maodou returned to the osmanthus tree together . Sher Qianqian and Long Jiaojiao were going on for a discussion . Seeing Gong Ping coming back, Sher Qianqian stood forward and did not wait for him to sit down and asked questions . She said, "Brother Gong Ping, you are eccentric . Why can Mao Dou freely enter and leave your space? We are not qualified . What about sister Ma Fei? She didn’t have to accompany us to fall down . "

Gong Ping was stupefied at first, but some of the memory of Xing Tian poured into his mind . He said casually, "This is not an eccentricity . This is the original agreement . I was scattered by a burst of thunder and lightning, thanks to Ma Fei and Maodou . Maodou is responsible for protecting my avatar here, and Ma Fei is responsible for taking care of my body .   
"Hey! Only Sher Qianqian and I are outsiders . " Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian are always disagreeable . At this time, with common interests, she tried to pull her into her alliance .

Sher Qianqian also complained faintly, "Yeah, yeah . When Ma Fei was on duty at night, I was taking care of you . You really didn't have a conscience . "

Gong Ping smiled slightly and said to the three monsters, "Offer your hands . "  

Ma Fei casually offered her hand . Sher Qianqian reached out when she saw Ma Fei did it . Long Jiaojiao was the last to reach out and said, "I’ll see what your tricks are . "

Gong Ping gathered the hands of the three monsters together, and then put their hands on his hands, and closed his eyes and said, "Now I will give you the right to enter my space at will . "  

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"Oh!" In addition to Ma Fei, the two monsters jumped out at once, and their backs of hands were just like being burned by a soldering iron .

"What are you doing!" shouted Sher Qianqian . "My skin is tender . . . " She looked at the wound . It was a black mark . Maybe it was because Gong Ping’s art class was bad . It was ugly . .   
"Is this the imprint of becoming immortal?" Long Jiaojiao was full of thoughts, and she thought of becoming immortal at once .

Sher Qianqian said, "How it is so easy! This is the key to entering this space . . . God . . . it’s so ugly . . . How can I do in the future? I don’t care . You should pay back my hands . . . "  
Ma Fei took Sher Qianqian’s hand and said, "Don’t be afraid, it will soon disappear . It will only be revealed when you use it . You will see it if you don’t trust me . "

Sure enough, the imprint faded and disappeared .

Long Jiaojiao looked at the mark that gradually disappeared, and said with a little regret, "It’s a pity, not the imprint of becoming immortal . "  
Gong Ping went over and said to her, "I don't know how to make you become immortal, but since we are all in the world, I think it's better to do something meaningful to the world . Jiang Ziya must not be able to seal the gods without Shang Zhou war . Pu Songling also left a chattering singularity . The God rewards the diligent . More work and good things are always right . "

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "Oh, I will listen to you . Anyway, the mark is on you, you can say whatever you want . "   

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