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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:17:56 PM

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Be arrested


The female inspector's movements are very agile and the technique is very formal . She has received formal police education and long-term training . Don't underestimate a pickpocket . There are a lot of learning inside, not to mention a suspect who is not easy to deal with . There used to be a policeman, when he was arresting a suspect, the suspect struggled so hard that he could not bring the scorpion for a long time . Then he made up his mind, the strength of the handcuffs was so big that the suspect’s wrist bone was broken on the spot, and uncountable reports were written afterwards . Without his boss he couldn't escape punishment . Now everywhere is the law, human rights, even criminal suspects are no exception .

Although the method of the female inspector is clean and neat, but at the moment she kneels, in Gong Ping’s eyes, her movement becomes a slow motion . It is said that Gong Ping is a high school student of the police school . He is flexible in movement . It is not difficult to avoid the handcuffs of this female inspector . But now the action of this female inspector has become a slow motion, and it’s a breeze to avoid it . It’s not worth mentioning at all . Gong Ping felt surprised . He begins to think that this is a female inspector who deliberately scared him, but when he looks around, almost everything around him slows down . Even a fly that rushing to eat lunch, at the moment, has to slow down in Gong Ping’s “eyesight range” and only normal speed is Gong Ping himself .

"Time and space distortion? This is something that is only available in science fiction movies . " Gong Ping couldn't figure out the reason . But he can easily escape the inspector’s handcuffs, but he did not do any resistance and avoidance . The reason is very simple . Gong Ping thinks that he has done nothing wrong, although it is too much to deal with improper dressing with handcuffs, but it’s always clear . So he looked at the handcuffs slowly fell on his wrist . It is not loose, not light or heavy .

Poor Gong Ping, he doesn't know that in this world, sometimes even if he doesn't do anything, he is afraid of the ghost .

Although he felt that he did nothing wrong, but when he was put on the handcuffs, he was still a little panic in his heart . This is also the normal mentality of a person, and the person who is being shackled for a while can not be happy . However, he did not struggle, because as a policeman, he knew that the more he struggled, more light would the handcuffs be, and the truth was more clarified . At this time, he was surprised to find that the woman’s action and the surrounding things were back to the normal state from slow state, he couldn't adapt to these changes for a while, so he just explained it "Police officer, even if I am wrongly dressed, you don't need to do it . "

"Wrong dress?" The female inspector snorted from the nose and turned to grab the radio on the motorcycle to call the police car support, "Headquarters, headquarters, I am the inspector Wu Min, Number 628417, arrested one male suspect at 52 Zhongshan Street . Now requesting support . "

This is troublesome . This policewoman named Wu Min called him a suspect . The situation is grim and needs to be explained immediately . In fact, it should have been found that something is wrong! If it’s just a wrong dress, she has no need to use handcuffs . And it can be seen from the disdainful attitude of Wu Min’s speech, and the eyes look like they are watching flies . In a hurry, Gong Ping said: "Inspectors . This should be a misunderstanding . . . I am . . . "

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Wu Min’s eyebrows raised: "Misunderstanding? Don't worry, you will have a chance to talk later, I am afraid that you will not want to say it at that time . "

Gong Ping’s didn't care about Wu Min’s words . Now his problem is not a violation of discipline, but a suspect . Wu Min did not give the opportunity to explain again, and now the policeman’s efficiency is much higher than that of a decade ago . Gong Ping has not explained this yet . The police car supported by the other side has arrived . Two men get off the car and got Gong Ping into the car, and then the female inspector named Wu Min drove the motorcycle in front of the road . Both cars pulled up to the siren . . . In any case, Gong Ping finally came to the police station with his wish . If he relied on himself, he really didn't know where the police station was, because the police station has really moved and is farther than he can imagine .

When he arrived at the police station, the female inspector and the front desk were handing over . Gong Ping was squatted on the wall bench seven or eight meters away from the front desk . On the left is a young woman who is dressed up, but not beautiful . On the right is a little punk . It seems that these two people are already been here several times . They were dubious through Gong Ping, making him feel that he was in the way .

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"Mind my own business . " Gong Ping thought . His attention and his gaze were involuntarily transferred to the female inspector Wu Min at this time . Wu Min’s formalities have been almost completed . Gong Ping actually heard Wu Min clearly saying . "What? The murder team’s Xiong Jianguo takes over?"

This female inspector, Wu Min, seemed to have a prejudice against Xiong Jianguo . When she mentioned this name, she actually looked back at Gong Ping, who was kneeling on the bench . The disdain in the eyes has been reduced a lot, and it is actually sympathy, but Gong Ping was not willing to look at her, and quickly turn his attention to other places, but concentrated more on the auditory .

It is the miracle that happened to himself after Gong Ping discovered that the people around him could change to a slow motion at the right time . That is the hearing . This hall is the reception desk of the entire police station . Many people are noisy . When Wu Min goes through the formalities, he is seven or eight meters away . And he can clearly hear the dialogue between Wu Min and the receptionist . This is not only a sharp sense of hearing, but an adjustment . He found that as long as he wants to hear who is talking to whom, the voices of the two people can be clearly transmitted to their ears, and the voices of others will be small, although will not completely disappear, but turned into a background sound, Gong Ping's novelty has diverted attention, and even changed a few monitor objects, the effect is so good . It seems that he has now become a high-performance humanoid monitor .

Gong Ping forgot that his current identity is already a suspect for a moment, and Wu Min has already completed the handover procedure and went back . Seeing Gong Ping actually sitting there in dementia . She doesn't know that Gong Ping found his new ability at the moment .
She finds that this young man is stupid, but there is still a little cute, but unfortunately he is a suspect . And thinking of this stupid man is about to fall into the hands of Xiong Jianguo, and she feels more sympathy . She even regrets to get him here .

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In fact, Xiong Jianguo has no major problems, He just likes to practice his skills on the suspects . Wu Min as an inspector understands this . Seeing that Gong Ping is about to fall into the hands of such a person, Wu Min has to comfort himself, “he is self-defeating, who Let him be suspected of committing crimes and being caught by me? If I don't catch him, I will be derelict . ”

Although Wu Min thought in this way, she said to Gong Ping when she was leaving: "If you encounter any unfair treatment, you can request Complaint, I am inspector Wu Min” . After saying this, she seemed to have done something wrong and went to patrol .

Xiong Jianguo is the backbone of the case-finding team . These days, he is worried about a series of robbery fraud cases . A series of cases occur in this city, the criminals are all dressed in police or other uniforms . Generally, they are first resorted to fraud, and if the fraud loses, it will change into a looting . The uniforms are also used as amulets, but they are often succeeded . However, the gangs are not highly educated and the style of uniforms is not very well understood . Therefore, the dress is also varied .

Gong Ping did have a bad luck . He wore the wrong uniform at the wrong time and was arrested by an innocent inspector .

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