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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

Published at 8th of October 2018 08:17:56 PM

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Torture


Strong policeman Xiong Jianguo and another Li surnamed policeman took Gong Ping to interrogation room in the basement (Note: According to the relevant provisions of the law, the investigating agency can only ask the suspect in the interrogation room after filing the case, but This book deliberately ignores this point for the development of the plot; as for why the interrogation room is located in the basement, because according to the provisions of the relevant "two rooms" construction, in order to ensure the "safe" interrogation room must be set below the first floor, interested friends can check it out .

Along the way, Gong Ping found the case became more and more troublesome . He tried to explain it several times, but he was told to be “honest!” “You have time to talk!” Finally, in the interrogation room, when the white interrogation light was directly at Gong Ping face, the feeling of being a prisoner became more and more obvious . However, the bright lights were not as glaring as the imagination, but the appearance of the two policemen sitting in the dark was also clearly seen by Gong Ping . This was obviously not normal . Under normal circumstances, the interrogation lamp would give the suspect a feeling of being exposed to the broad daylight, while the interrogator in the darkness is mysterious and powerful, which was also a technical means of interrogation . Under intense illumination, it is almost impossible to see the appearance of the interrogator .

"This is another miracle . " Gong Ping did not know how many miracles would happen to him . It seems that he woke up ten years later . Not only did the city undergoes a sweeping change, but even a lot of changes occurred . First, he slept for ten years . Not only did he have no hemorrhoids, but even my muscles did not shrink . If this can be explained with careful care, then he can make other people’s movements become slow when attacked . Gong Ping hasn't figured out at this time, it's not that someone has changed the slow motion, but his own movements and reactions have become faster . Super strong alternative hearing, and now the strange vision, is it after the Thunder? Become superman?

Police officer Xiong Jianguo don't care what Gong Ping is getting now, what he thinks in his mind, and what his horror is . He only knows that another criminal has fallen into his hands . He took out a cigarette and licked it on his mouth . The little Li next to him lit him up . He took a deep breath and said . "Is it now? Or will I give you a few minutes to consider?"
Gong Ping just fell into thinking that he had acquired a few strange abilities . It was interrupted by Xiong Jianguo, and he was caught off guard . So he asked silly: "what? what?"

Xiong Jianguo didn’t make his move . Little Li slammed the file on the table and said with a violent voice . "Don't play dumb! Tell me about the criminal facts of fraud and robbery!"

This is really a misunderstanding! Even if Gong Ping is not a policeman, he has to have time to do these two things . So Gong Ping decided to explain this matter quickly and arbitrarily . "You misunderstood, my name is Gong Ping, and I used to work for the bureau, and I am also a colleague . . . " Originally, he wanted to say . You may get to work late, and don’t know me . . . ” Little Li interrupted him and said, "At this moment, How dare you to pretend to be a Policeman? "

Gong Ping thought in mind, I certainly knew this place, and continued to explain: "I am really Gong Ping, you can ask other people, ten years ago I was thundered, having slept for ten years, and woke up today . ”

Xiong Jianguo said: "Yeah, if you do these things, you will be thundered sooner or later . . . "

Little Li suddenly remembered something, and whispered to Xiong Jianguo . " Brother Xiong, look at him like that, what he just said may be true, I heard that the bureau did have such a person . It has been an unconscious person for many years . The bureau also invited him a full-time nurse . ”

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Xiong Jianguo smiled and said, " How can an unconscious person wake up? There was a guy inside to pretend to be our captains a few days ago . It is easy to know the name and basic information of a person now . It’s a pity that this guy is posing as an unconscious person, Gong Ping, that he is still lying on the bed . "

Although the two men lowered their voice, they couldn’t expect to being heard by Gong Ping . Seeing them two whispering, Gong Ping knew that they still didn't believe him, so he said . "what about calling ** to see me, he is my police school classmate . "

Xiong Jianguo and Little Li heard the name of ** and looked at each other . Little Li asked . "Do you know **? You will not say that you drank together yesterday .
“Drinking?” Gong Ping suddenly remembered the dream . He and ** had a drink under the osmanthus tree .

When the two policemen saw Gong Ping suddenly stop talking, he smiled heartily . Xiong Jianguo said . "It is impossible to call ** to see you, but you have a chance to see him . . . " 

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Gong Ping thought in mind, as long as he saw **, all the misunderstandings would vanish in an instant, "Really? Can you let me see him?"

Xiong Jianguo smiled and walked over from behind the table and said, "That is of course, but it takes a little effort . " He said that he took out the key and opened Gong Ping's handcuffs . But he didn’t take it down . Instead, took Gong Ping to the wall, raised his hand, and took Gong Ping to the wall's iron ring . At the same time, Little Li also whispered a word to the pager, and Gong Ping heard it clearly . “Upstairs brothers, turn off the monitor . ” Gong Ping knew that things were going to be bad, because he was a policeman and knew the way . The police could not torture to get a confession, and the interrogation process had a full-time simultaneous recording . One thing it was used as evidence, the other thing can also be used as a supervisor . . . But . . . Who can guarantee that the video equipment has not a temporary failure?

It is no wonder that the female inspector named Wu Min told him that he could complain before leaving . It turned out that this Xiong Jianguo did have such bad hobbies . Gong Ping was stunned by the fact that Xiong Jianguo was on the wall and completely lost his resistance . It seemed that this bitterness couldn’t escape .

There are two iron rings on the wall, one high and one low . The high suspect must raise his toes, his arms and squat, the low one, suspect had to keep their postures bent over and licking their ass . Once these two postures are smashed, no one can stand it for a long time, let alone they are beaten . Xiong Jianguo was afraid of trouble, didn't like to raise his hands, he put Gong Ping on the low ring .

Gong Ping knows the mystery of it . When he is picked up, he quickly said . "Don't do this, you got it wrong! It's really wrong . "

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Little Li smiled and took out a white cable from the desk drawer . It was about 2 meters long . He folded the cable twice, and then began to twist the cable, while twisting he said to Xiong Jianguo, " Brother Xiong, this guy is badly sick . "
Xiong Jianguo said . " We will carry forward the spirit of humanitarianism to him . " Then he took the twisted cable, waved twice in the air like waving a whip . And said to Gong Ping . "Are you clear? To cooperate honestly, to be honest, I don't want to be tired . "

At this time, Gong Ping calmed down . When Gong Ping was a policeman, he was a good policeman . He never tried to extort a confession by torture . He was later transferred to the archives room, and he has no chance to torture anymore . He had seen such things before, just couldn't think of this kind of thing would fall on himself one day . He calmed and said to Xiong Jianguo . "You are making mistakes and will self-destruct the future . "

"Oh . " Xiong Jianguo said to Little Li with a smile,” this kid is still giving me legal classes . "

Little Li also smiled and replied, "Let's see if his second lesson is about "screaming" . "

"Then let's try?" Xiong Jianguo smirked . The white cable twisted into a whip with a cool breeze, and fell heavily on Gong Ping's body .

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