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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 28

Published at 19th of October 2018 07:54:27 PM

Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Stealing the mesona


"Then why do you say that you have helped us solve this case?" Wu Min asked . When everyone turned back, they found that Wu Min had been eavesdropping from the side . It was true that Uncle Nine was experienced and vicious .

It was time for Xiong Jianguo to project himself, he said, "When the case of stealing mesona happened, there was a natural jeweler tour exhibition just as Uncle Nine said . The exhibits were all national-level, security guards were everywhere . The average thief didn’t dare to steal; even he didn’t dare to think about it . After the incident, our police also invested a lot of effort . As a result, the clues were not found, which meant that the criminal did not leave any clues . It was like disappearing out of air . The only possibility was that the criminal was trying to get through the air duct, because the booth of the Ganoderma lucidum was just facing the lower end of a vent . The ventilating fan of the ventilator did have signs of being dismantled . "  

Wu Min said with a sigh of relief, "That’s it . The criminal stole it through the ventilation duct . "

Xiong Jianguo sighed and said, "The problem is here . For theft prevention, the ventilation system of any museum was customized . It was different from the general office building . The thickest ventilation pipe was only the thickness of the thigh . Not to mention adults, a child can't get into it let alone with stolen things . "

Wu Min asked, "Is there a survey in the ventilation duct?"  
Xiong Jianguo said, "I just said it . Children can't drill in it . How can we investigate it?"

Uncle Nine added, "If we want to investigate it, a floor slab must be removed . It had not been removed several times . After a long time, no one mentioned it any more . "

Wu Min turned and asked Xiong Jianguo, "Why do you say that you helped us solve this case?"  

Xiong Jianguo said indiscriminately, "We found a similar method of committing crimes first . " He took a sip of tea and said slowly, "Recently, Wang Yichen, a real estate agent in the city, was stolen from his home . He lost 8,452 . 1 Yuan, which was very interesting . He had 30,000 Yuan in cash in his pocket at the time, all of which were 100 Yuan denominations . But the thief only stole 95 sheets of one hundred denominations . And he also put the change back into the boss's pocket . "

Gong Ping laughed when he heard it, "This thief is interesting, stealing money and taking change . "

Wu Min also felt a bit interesting . She said to Xiong Jianguo, "You go on . "  
Xiong Jianguo continued to say, "This was the first time . The second time was terrible . The cash and jewels that Boss Wang placed at home were all stolen . According to the site investigation, the criminals climbed from the drain to the third floor and then broke the burglar . The trace of the security window was not made by any kind of pliers, but it was like a bite . "

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Wu Min’s eyebrows twitched as she listened and said, "Bite? Isn't that a steel mouth?"

Xiong Jianguo smiled and said, "Is it a bit weird? There is still fun . Boss Wang thought that his home was not safe . He rented a safe in the bank and stored the valuable items there . It caused the third time stolen . "  
Gong Ping asked, "What? Did the criminal steal in the bank?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "Not really . They went to the home of Boss Wang at the third time . But this time boss Wang had only a few thousand pieces of cash in his home . The criminal stole all of it, and left only one note which was written: still owed 37,548 Yuan .

Speaking of this, Uncle Nine, who hadn’t interrupted the words, smiled and said, "This case is not difficult at all . It must be that he owes someone else first . Others have no choice but to do this . "  

"You are a predecessor . " Xiong Jianguo praised Uncle Nine and said, "The case itself is really simple . I have heard that Wang Yichen isn’t authentic and is in arrears with the wages of migrant workers . Therefore, this case may be made by migrant workers who are in arrears with wages . We started from several aspects, and also arrested a few suspects . Finally we aimed a guy . This guy is called Yan Shuwen . He used to work for Wang Yichen . Wang Yichen also owed him a lot of wages . We checked one by one, and Wang Yichen just owed him 8,452 . 1 Yuan . It was the number of the first time he was stolen . We followed this clue and seized a coworker of Yan Shuwen . The guy sold a gold necklace in the gold shop . The necklace raised our suspicions . Later, according to the confession of the guy . . . "  

Xiong Jianguo had not showed off yet, Gong Ping smiled and said, "There is such a thing behind: Yan Shuwen was owed wages by Wang Yichen . He had nothing to do but steal it . Then his workers asked him to do it again . So he went there, but unfortunately the valuation was wrong . The stolen cash and jewels were not able to deduct all the arrears of wages . So Yan Shuwen stole for the third time, but this time there was not enough money in Wang Yichen’s home . So he left one note . "

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Xiong Jianguo said, "You are right . "

Wu Min smiled and said, "If Yan Shuwen is not too stupid, he is a righteous thief . Especially he knew to change . "

Gong Ping asked again, "What does this have to do with the case of stealing mesona?"  
Xiong Jianguo said, "When we started to investigate the security window which was bitten, we felt that this was a bit strange, but we didn't think it a lot . Then we got the line report, found the residence of Yan Shuwen, and went to arrest him . We blocked him in his residence, but he went down and disappeared . We looked up and there was a hole in the ground . The hole was as thick as a bowl, and the normal person couldn’t go in . "

Wu Min said, "So you think of the case of stealing mesona?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "Yeah, it’s all about drilling holes . When the case of stealing mesona happened, I just became a policeman, so I know it . "  

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It was said that Xiong Jianguo was actually a simple-minded guy . But the simpler a guy was the simpler and clearer things he said . Because the things in this world were not all complicated, and most of them were actually very simple .

However, Wu Min felt that Xiong Jianguo was a bit messy . She said, "You are looking for us because of this reason? It is good to say that you have solved a case for us . Actually, you want us to help . "  

What Wu Min said made Xiong Jianguo feel a little embarrassed . He said with a smile, "This is indeed a bit strange . I haven’t finished talking about it . After the guy got into the tunnel, he came out from the back alley . Even though it was in our encirclement, we can see him too, so we all chased him . At this time, the brother of the police dog team just came back . We asked them to help . The brothers of the police dog team released two police dogs and pounced on them . As a result, the guy turned back and slammed down two police dogs . His speed was amazing . We caught up to see what happened, one was cut the throat, died on the spot, the other underarm was cut three bloody big wound, going to die . If he was an average person, even if he took two knives, it was not easy to kill two police dogs at once . Besides, I saw the wound, unlike a knife cut, the wound was relatively rough, and it should be cut by claw . We thought about it: maybe that guy was not a human being . So we have discussed it . . . just . . . ” Then he looked at Wu Min .   
Wu Min was very proud at this time . It seemed that this zero breakthrough still depended on section 22 .

Gong Ping also looked at Wu Min, he was about to say something, but did not say it, thinking about Wu Min may not listen to his words .

Uncle Nine understood the thoughts of Gong Ping, he said, "Little Min, shall we go to the scene first?"  

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