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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 29

Published at 20th of October 2018 06:51:14 AM

Chapter 29

This was the first time to execute a task since the reestablishment of section 22 . Wu Min’s mood was both excited and nervous . She ordered, “Let’s get ready and everyone will go . We will leave in ten minutes . Remember to take what you need with you . "


This order liberated Gong Ping, who was buried in the archives, and Long Jiaojiao, who was trapped at the reception desk .

After a busy time, everyone was ready to go . Wu Min opened the gun cabinet and took out four radios and four new "Venus" pistols .   

The Venus pistol was actually not a good gun, and it was suitable for police use . It had a caliber of 7 . 62 mm and used a 7 . 62x17mm pistol . It was not good for penetration or stopping . It was not even as good as its developmental "Silver Star" pistol . However, this pistol also had the advantage that it was equipped with a one-handed filling mechanism, which could quickly complete the loading of bullets and bonfires with one hand, with safety insurance and in-position insurance function . From this level, it was a good gun for family self-defense . .

The reason why section 22 was allocated Venus pistols was not because Guan Taizhong paid no attention to it, but the original domestic police pistols were not very easy to use . The latest models of pistols were only distributed to the special police team and high-ranking police officers, and section 22 suitable for what weapons hadn’t a unified conclusion yet . So they had to pick up a few new pistols to put up a good front .   
Wu Min was very excited when she got the guns, but now she had to carry these weapons execute a task . She felt a little anxious . They faced the guy who could kill police dogs all of a sudden . Can we handle him with these guns?

However, time waits for no man . The subordinates got ready and it was not the time to discuss whether the weapons were sophisticated or not . After checking the equipments (mainly on-site survey equipments), Wu Min distributed a radio, a Venus pistol for each of her subordinates and additionally attached five spare bullets . Then she announced the departure, and took Gong Ping to her car and arranged Uncle Nine and Long Jiaojiao in a group . Wu Min also saw it in the past few days, and Uncle Nine could manage Long Jiaojiao .   
However, Wu Min still couldn't attain her wish to take a car with Gong Ping alone, because Xiong Jianguo was required to lead the way . So Xiong Jianguo also got on the car and sat on the vice-driver, and Gong Ping could only hold the survey box and succumb to the back seat .

The warning lights swayed along the way, there couldn’t be traffic jams . So it was not long before they arrived at a wage earner in the urban-rural junction .   
The brothers of the squad and the brothers of the police district had already taken control of the scene, but there were still people around looking at them - although they were invisible . There was no way . Financial crisis broke recently, and it was not easy to find a job, so there were more idlers .

In fact, the brothers of the squad had already done site investigation, and there were things that need section 22 do .

"It's here . He just got in from here . " Xiong Jianguo led a few people into a rental house and pointed to a cave .   
Although the rental house was not Ma Fei’s basement, it was equally dark and damp . The cost of living in this kind of environment was in exchange for a relatively low rent . Although the conditions of the housing were so bad, the furnishings in the house were simple and neat . It could be seen that the house owner was a good diligent person . The cave that Xiong Jianguo referred to was originally hidden under the bed, and now the bed was moved on the side .

The cave had the thickness of a bowl . Gong Ping glanced at the hole . It was so dark that we couldn’t see the bottom . What was unexpected was that there was no imaginary moldy smell in the cave, and the air was still fresh .   
"We collected some hair at the cave and sent it to the laboratory . We also used a probe camera to observe the cave, but it was really difficult to observe . " Xiong Jianguo explained . Xiong Jianguo was not entirely useless, and his work was quite satisfactory .

Wu Min nodded and said, "We need a copy of the physical evidence and expert appraisal of this case . "

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Xiong Jianguo said with a smile, "Chief Guan has already said that we must cooperate with all the things you want . "  
Wu Min also asked Uncle Nine," Uncle Nine, what do you think?"

Uncle Nine smiled and said, "You should ask him . " He let Wu Min to ask Gong Ping, and Gong Ping was still looking at the cave at this time .

Wu Min came up behind Gong Ping and asked, "What did you find?"  
Gong Ping said, "It is very deep . . . "

Wu Min wasn’t satisfactory when she heard this . I could see it was deep .

Gong Ping added, "We have to go in and have a look . It is very deep, there are forks in the road, and the space is also very big . It may be rewarded to check it . "  
Wu Min hadn't spoken yet . Xiong Jianguo said, "What Brother Ping said makes sense . Some of the stolen goods have not been collected, and it is possible to hide them below . "

Wu Min said, "It seems so, but . . . "

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Indeed, although it was as big as a large bowl, it was not big enough for a person to get in .

Xiong Jianguo said, "Would we dig up the hole?"  
Uncle Nine said with a smile, "Jianguo, you don't know how deep and how big it is . Do you want to tear down the whole street?"

After all, Wu Min had no experience . At the beginning, she still quite agreed with Xiong Jianguo’s opinion . Thanks to the Uncle Nine’s words or she would be reconciled . It would cause lots of trouble to dismantle a house let alone demolish a whole street . But . . . Wu Min looked at the black cave, who had the ability to go inside?

Xiong Jianguo saw Wu Min’s brow knitted, he said: “We can borrow a few more probe cameras, I won’t believe . . . ”  
Wu Min said, "It can't be done . . . "

Uncle Nine smirked and turned his eyes to Long Jiaojiao who was manicuring her nails . Long Jiaojiao was stunned by Uncle Nine’s gaze, and immediately said, “No, don’t do it, don’t call my ideas, it is a dirty place . "

Wu Min listened with disdain and thought: "Even if he calls your ideas, what good way can you have?"  

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Uncle Nine smiled and said to Gong Ping, "Ping, the idea is that you proposed, and you should come up with an idea . "

Xiong Jianguo saw everyone's embarrassment and said loudly, "If we have no ways, we can dig the cave, and I am responsible for this matter . "

Wu Min gave him a look . Xiong Jianguo was actually a sham . He actually knew that he couldn’t bear much responsibility . Although the people living in this place were all so-called vulnerable groups, if they were offended, their power was amazing .   
Gong Ping thought for a moment and said to Wu Min, "Director, I have someone who maybe can do this, but she is not a policeman, can she participate in this case . . . "

Wu Min hadn't spoken yet, and Uncle Nine first prompted: "If he is an expert in one aspect, we can also hire him as technical support . "  
Wu Min felt what Uncle Nine said made sense . The law stipulated that experts could provide technical support for certain cases . As long as they didn’t directly participate in the case, then she said to Gong Ping, "If you really know these talents, we can fill in a document . "

Gong Ping said, "Uncle Nine, please handle the legal documents, Jianguo and the brothers to maintain the order outside, and I need some equipment, I will list it immediately . "

Wu Min saw Gong Ping’s seriousness, she asked: “Gong Ping, who are you asking for help?”  
Gong Ping said with a little embarrassment, "She's a cave expert . . . she's lazy, I'm afraid it will take some time before she is willing to do it . "

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