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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 30

Published at 20th of October 2018 06:51:15 AM

Chapter 30

Wu Min was not assured of Gong Ping . She personally drove him to ask the expert for help . According to the information age, as long as she gave face to Gong Ping, it was ok to find someone by a phone call . But Gong Ping didn’t have a mobile phone, nor did he know the phone number of the expert . This was also let Wu Min worry about this . Generally speaking, if you didn't even know the phone number of a person, then the relationship between you were not close .


Gong Ping showed Wu Min the way, she drove to an old courtyard .   
Gong Ping let Wu Min stop and said, "It is here . "

Wu Min seemed to have passed by when she patrolled before, so she also felt that this place was vaguely acquainted and asked, "Do experts live here?"

Gong Ping smiled and said, "Yeah, this is an orphanage . Now I have moved back . "  

Wu Min knew about Gong Ping's inheritance of real estate . She thought: If they were neighbors, things would be easier . Therefore, the confidence of Gong Ping’s face had also come back . She said with politeness, “This is the property you inherit . How is it? It’s so spacious; you can charge a lot of rent every month . ”

Gong Ping pulled a long face and said, "There is no rent . All of them insisted on moving in, not to mention the rent, even the food costs are not paid . "

Wu Min thought it was a joke . There was no such a thing in the world . Nobody had to pay the rent and ate for free . Although Gong Ping was honest, he was also a policeman . Generally, no one could bully him .   
After stopping the car, the two walked in front of the large courtyard . Gong Ping was about to open the door . The door suddenly opened . A person jumped out from inside . Gong Ping’s waist was tied by the legs and his neck was surrounded by the arms . Gong Ping's cheek was kissed intimately .

Wu Min saw that the human body was well-proportioned, and the hair stayed short, liked a boy . She was shocked and thought: Gong Ping was quite honest, how can he have this hobby? Gay?  
In fact, that person did not kiss Gong Ping’s face . As long as she looked carefully, she could see that he touched Gong Ping’s cheek with his own nose, and sniffed, but no one paid attention to this detail, and Even if this was the case, the relationship were incredibly intimate .

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Gong Ping hold the man's waist and said helplessly, "Okay, don't have to be so intimate every day . There is a guest coming, let’s greet the guest first . "  
The man reluctantly came down from Gong Ping and turned and smiled awkwardly at Wu Min . Wu Min saw this person's appearance . This person was quite handsome; the only shortcoming was that the bridge of the nose was slightly longer . But it was irrelevant, the limbs were slender and well-proportioned, the size of the chest was well-proportioned . . . and the chest! Wu Min saw that the man had a chest, and a stone in her heart fell to the ground . This man was not a man, but a girl dressed like a man . This was good; Gong Ping was not a gay .

Although the stone fell, she felt jealous . Who was this girl? Why was she so intimate with Gong Ping? Didn’t hear Gong Ping have a sister or other relatives? Why didn't she take care of him when they were so intimate? Wu Min was confused .   
Seeing Wu Min’s confusion, Gong Ping was busy introducing the two: “Mao Dou, this is my boss, Director Wu Min . Director Wu, this is Mao Dou . . . she . . . she helped me manage the house . . . ” Gong Ping could not find a particularly suitable vocabulary when he introduced Mao Dou’s identity at that time, so he made a few slaps .

The two women nodded . It was kind of greeting to each other . Wu Min saw the degree of intimacy between Mao Dou and Gong Ping, her heart was uncomfortable . The expression on her face was also serious, and the eyes of Mao Dou were skeptical . Seeing Wu Min was like watching a thief, but the eyes immediately became intimate when she turned to look at Gong Ping and her eyes changed faster than the light switch . Wu Min thought at this time that if Mao Dou was inserted into a tail, it would certainly shake quickly . Woman's intuition was really terrible, Wu Min could see the nature of Mao Dou without knowing the prototype of Mao Dou .   
Inviting Wu Min to enter the yard, Gong Ping took the time to say to Mao Dou, "Don't look at everyone like looking at a thief . You have turned into human being’s body, some habits . . . I have been told you about this many times . . . "

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Although Gong Ping's tone was soft, after all, he was blaming . Mao Dou lowered his head, liked a smug little daughter-in-law walking in the place three or five steps behind him .

"Hey . . . " Gong Ping sighed . Rome is not build in one day . It seemed difficult to change some habits .  
Wu Min went to the front yard . The yard had been cleaning by Mao Dou and Ma Fei every day, it was very neat . Recently a lot of people moved in, it was not like the depression of the previous days . All of this made Wu Min feel warm and kind, because the bureau looked at her father's face and gave her a house . Although it was not very big, she went home alone every day . And it was inevitable for her to feel lonely .

Wu Min turned back and said to Gong Ping, "You are really blessed, and have such a big house at once . . . " She looked at Mao Dou with hostility and then said, "And a housekeeper . "  
At this time, Gong Ping felt her satire . It was just that he couldn’t think of how to explain this, so he could only laugh .

He took Wu Min to the small living room . In fact, there was no small living room here . Just after Gong Ping moved in, Ma Fei thought that Gong Ping would have to wait for friends here in the future . She cleaned a small room and made it a living room with Mao Dou . The layout was very simple . In fact, there was only one round coffee table and two flap chairs . Ma Fei and Mao Dou helped Gong Ping to make the living room, Long Jiaojiao despised . Since moving into Gong Ping's home, she had occupied half of the building on the second floor of the backyard, and moved almost all her belongings . A classroom in the orphanage was changed into a large living room, and she said, "Gong Ping can take his guests here . Your place was shabby . "  

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Gong Ping didn’t like to use other people's things, and Wu Min and Long Jiaojiao disliked each other, so he felt that it was better to take Wu Min to his simple living room .

Wu Min was wearing a uniform today . There was air conditioning in the car, so she didn’t feel hot . Although Gong Ping’s place was spacious, there was no air conditioner . Mao Dou took out of an old fan . The wind was hot and the machinery was old . The sound of the old fan was irritating . Mao Dou seemed to be against her, and she gave them two cups of hot tea .

Wu Min saw the hot tea, and she couldn’t stand it any more . Coupled with the first impression of Mao Dou was not good, she said to Gong Ping: "What are you doing? Why are you entertaining people to drink hot tea in a hot day?"  
The character of Mao Dou was similar to that of Ma Fei . They were usually quiet and quiet, but if Mao Dou saw someone she didn’t like, her word was sharp . When she saw that Wu Min was dissatisfied with her tea, she said, "This tea is specially bought for the guests . Our small household is not naturally graded . " She spoke in a magnetic mezzo-soprano . For the average girls, her scorpion was thicker, but it was not difficult to listen to, even for some men it was quite sexy .

Wu Min didn't think that Mao Dou, who had never talked, was so rude, and her eyes wide open . She didn't know what to say for a long time, and Gong Ping hurriedly said: "Mao Dou, I am also very hot, can you go and get some cool tea for us?"

Wu Min saw the invisible tail of Mao Dou shaking .   

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