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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 31

Published at 21st of October 2018 06:33:37 AM

Chapter 31

Wu Min was not a person who could suffer indignities . She quickly waved and said, "Forget it, I can't afford this service . Gong Ping, Let’s get to the point quickly . "


Gong Ping said, "Yes, right . Mao Dou, is she up?"

Mao Dou was only good for Gong Ping and Ma Fei here . She didn’t care for the one that Gong Ping just said . Therefore, she said, “She won’t get up until it is time to have dinner . She doesn’t sleep at night and stays in bed during the day . . . "

Wu Min thought it was right when she heard it, "The great scientists and great men all like to work at night . "  
Gong Ping said, "Please go to call her, I have something to ask for her help . "

Mao Dou said, "I can do it as well if you have something . . . " The invisible tail was shaking again .

Gong Ping smiled and said, "You can't do it . This is something only she can do . "

Mao Dou was reconciled, "If I can't do it, there is still sister Ma Fei . "

Gong Ping slammed his hand on her back and said, "If you can't do it, Ma Fei can’t either, so go quickly . "

Mao Dou was caressed by Gong Ping, and her heart was happy, then ran .   

Gong Ping coaxed Mao Dou away . When he looked back, he saw Wu Min's eyes wide open . It seemed that an explanation was needed, but Gong Ping didn't know where to start the conversation . He just laughed .

Wu Min was stupefied for a while, as if she was talking to herself, "I really can't see it . " The implication was that Gong Ping was good at dealing with women .

Gong Ping recognized her meaning and was afraid to answer it . Wu Min would brainwash him if he responded it . Wu Min saw that he was not speaking, she felt more awkward, and no longer spoke . The two was quiet . Fortunately, it wasn’t long before they heard a noise outside, one of which was the voice of a delicate woman, the other accompanied by the howl of canines .   
"Let me down!"

"Hey . . . "

The sound was getting closer and closer, and then at the door, someone suddenly flew into the door, properly speaking she was thrown in .   
The person who was thrown in was a woman, her hair was scattered, and she wore a men's large T-shirt as pajamas . It seemed that although Mao Dou was a girl, she was very energetic . She had smashed this woman into a big horse and her tongue had spit out . But the spit out of the tongue was a curse .

Wu Ming saw a woman who fell into a shawl and felt very funny at first . But before she laughed, she saw the woman's tongue . The woman's tongue was very thin, but it was three or four inches long, and . . . the front end of the tongue was split! Under the circumstances, How could a normal people's tongue be so long, and it was still split at the front end?  
"Monster!" Wu Min's reaction was very quick . She jumped out of the chair and pointed the pistol at the woman's head as quickly as possible . Although she had seen a lot of files and internal reference photos, but she saw the monster face-to-face was still the first time, the hand holding the gun inevitably shook slightly .

The woman was dragged from the bed by Mao Dou and walked through the half of the corridor . Her face was on the ground . As soon as she raised her head, her head was locked against the muzzle of a black hole . Five seconds later, she yelled, "Yeah! Help me!" A gust of wind bounced from the ground and rushed out the door . Its speed was so fast speed that Wu Min couldn’t react . But the woman ran into a wall - in fact, Mao Dou pushed her again, and the woman bounced back, and this time she fell down again .   

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This time she didn't try to pick himself up, lying on the ground like a dead snake, and screaming in her mouth .

Gong Ping saw Wu Min holding a gun and shaking her hands . He gently pressed his hand on the gun and pressed it down slowly . This was mainly because he was afraid of Wu Min’s nervousness may let the pistol go off . Pressing the muzzle down, he took the gun down and put it on the coffee table and said to Wu Min, "It’s all right, they are all our own . " He supported Wu Min’s shoulder and let her sit down .

After taking care of Wu Min, Gong Ping went to see the woman who fell to the ground, and he was about to reach out and lift the woman up . The woman’s arms wrapped around Gong Ping’s neck like a vine wrapped around the tree . "Gong Ping brother, Mao Dou bullies me again . . . I don't live in your house for free . Every night I take beer and barbecue for you . . . "  
The soybeans snorted, "Those are the rest of the guests!"

Gong Ping said with a smile, "I know, Qianqian, I actually let Mao Dou call you up . "

Qianqian said, "If you have something, you can look for me directly . There is no need to ask Mao Dou to do it . . . "  
Gong Ping said, "You haven’t got up yet . "

Sher Qianqian, "It’s no big deal . . . "In fact, she already saw Wu Min sitting on the side, so she deliberately said, "You have seen me . . . oh . . . " Gong Ping shut her mouth, so the following word wasn’t finished .

Wu Min’s head was now like six crows and seven sparrows in it . It was a bit confusing . But one thing was sure; the women here seemed to be very intimate with Gong Ping . Compared to the Sher Qianqian, Mao Dou was a normal woman .   
Wu Min stood up and said to Gong Ping, "You can stay here . I give you one day off and I am going to the scene . "

At this time, Gong Ping took Sher Qianqian to the chair and sat down . Wu Min was about to leave, he smiled and said, "Why? We just found the expert . "

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Wu Min saw Gong Ping’s eyes and said, “Expert? She?” She didn’t believe it .

Gong Ping said, "Whether you believe it or not, nobody is better than her at drilling holes . "  
Wu Min looked her up and down again . Although the woman was slim, she still didn’t seem to be able to get into the small hole, but she immediately remembered the tongue she had just spit out . She thought: Since it was a monster, maybe she has some abilities . . .

When Sher Qianqian heard drilling a hole, she asked, "Drilling holes? What holes?"

Gong Ping said, "It’s our case, we need to go into a hole to do a site survey . "

Sher Qianqian quickly said, "Don't look for me . The hole is dirty . I won’t go, and now it is afternoon, I have to do business at night . "  
Wu Min didn't believe that Sher Qianqian had this ability . Now she saw that she didn't want to go . She said, "Gong Ping, Let’s find someone else . "

Mao Dou said, "Don't listen to her . She just wants to bargain . "

Gong Ping bowed his head and asked, "What? I ask you to help me, and you want to talk about the conditions?"

Sher Qianqian said, "Brother Gong Ping, I don’t have a fixed job . Do one day and earn a day . People always have to eat . . . "  
Gong Ping said, "Tell me you conditions . "

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Mao Dou said,"Master, don't talk to her, let me talk to her . " Then she rolled up her sleeves .

Sher Qianqian put her head into Gong Ping’s arms and said, “Brother Gong Ping, look at Mao Dou . ”  
Gong Ping smiled and waved his hand to Mao Dou . Mao Dou listened to Gong Ping’s word . When Gong Ping did not let her take an action, she went back to the door and sat down on the threshold .

Gong Ping said to Sher Qianqian again, "Ok, let's say the conditions now . "  
Sher Qianqian said, "Drilling holes are very dirty, and you should treat me a sauna . . . And, I can’t go to work tonight if I help you . You should buy me one . . . No, two beer! This is the minimum condition, and it can’t be less . "

Wu Min knew that she was a monster and saw her mentioning the conditions . She felt that her condition must be a monster condition, but she did not expect it to be so simple . Wu Min was also a straight girl; she couldn’t help but blurt out, "This condition! If Gong Ping did not agree, I promised you . "

"Really?" She took a break from Gong Ping's arms and jumped in front of Wu Min, which shocked Wu Min .

Wu Min leaned back and said, "Yes . . . is true . Please be far away from me . "  
Sher Qianqian twisted her face and saw the pistol on the coffee table saying, "If you promise me, I have to add one . "

Wu Min said dissatisfiedly, "You still want to hike the price . "

Sher Qianqian smiled and said, "You have to make sure you don't point your gun at me . " 

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