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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 32

Published at 21st of October 2018 06:33:37 AM

Chapter 32

After a tumult, everyone finally got to know each other . Sher Qianqian also promised to help . After half an hour (mainly was used by Sher Qianqian to makeup),they finally set off .   

Wu Min drove, Gong Ping still sat in the co-driver . Maodou and Sher Qianqian in the back seat, because their words were not speculative, so they were close to the door, and the middle of the room was empty .


Although Wu Min had already seen Sher Qianqian’s monster image, she still had doubts about her ability . After all, she was responsible for section 22, and the responsibility was great . It was the first time to deal with each other, it was also reasonable to have a little mistrust .

When they arrived at the scene again, the sun had already set . But because it was summer, it was still very bright . The brothers of the squad were already preparing for the lights, and it seemed that they were going to work night shifts .   
Uncle Nine took out the entrusted documents, and let Sher Qianqian and Mao Dou sign on it . Sher Qianqian signed while complaining . Mao Dou looked at Gong Ping before signing, and signed after Gong Ping nodded .

Wu Min did not see Long Jiaojiao, she asked Uncle Nine, "Where is Long Jiaojiao?"

Uncle Nine said, "Jiaojiao went to the police dog team . I asked her to check the injury of the police dog . "

Wu Min said with disdain, "She is alone?" The meaning of her words was that Long Jiaojiao couldn’t do anything all by herself .   

Uncle Nine laughed, "I just called my former apprentice, who now as the vice captain of the police dog team . In addition, if Jiaojiao flirts with someone, she can do anything . "

In Wu Min’s mind, there was a look of Long Jiaojiao’s appearance in front of a man . She suddenly shuddered, but it’s not unreasonable of Uncle Nine’s words . In fact, people in the world, even the flatterers and the losers were talents . As a leader, the key was to put these talents in the right place . However, Wu Min was not willing to think about these problems . She turned and asked Gong Ping, "Hey, are your people ready?"

Gong Ping said, "My people are ready, but I need a few screens to cover them . "  
Wu Min thought his word was right, and Sher Qianqian was really not very good-looking . Now that the sun dipped down, there were more and more people watching them and getting some cool around . It was not good to be seen . Then she said, "Let Jianguo do this . " Then she called Xiong Jianguo .

In fact, Xiong Jianguo was busy in this neighborhood . After receiving the call, he came over in less than a minute . When he entered the door, he did not care about Wu Min’s greeting, but he was directly hanged by another person, "Brother Jianguo . . . You have no conscience, and haven’t taken care of your sister’s business for a long time . ”  
Her voice was acid enough to make people lose teeth . Who else besides Sher Qianqian? Wu Min’s head suddenly felt painful –Long Jiaojiao was gone, and there was another one here . Life was so hard .

Wu Min had only a headache, but Xiong Jianguo was awkward . It seemed that he was also a guy who had been lingering in nightclubs for a long time . Today, Xiong Jianguo wore a police uniform, and it was no good to be hanging his arms and saying those words by such a woman .

"Why are you here?" Xiong Jianguo said as he rubbed Sher Qianqian’s arm down with his hand . However, Sher Qianqian was sticking to him, it couldn’t be wiped down . He wanted to kick her . This idea was really difficult to put into action in the face of people in the house .   

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As a result, Wu Min’s impression of Xiong Jianguo was a little worse . She turned her head and also directly expressed her disdain for Xiong Jianguo’s character . Uncle Nine was sophisticated, and he rescued Xiong Jianguo from a siege .

"Cave expert!" Xiong Jianguo looked at Sher Qianqian with a look of disbelief . Sher Qianqian was proud and put her chest high .

Wu Min was impatient, and she also wanted to know how Sher Qianqian got into the hole early, so she said to Xiong Jianguo, "Hey? Come and find what you should look for . "  
Xiong Jianguo reacted and said, "We don't have to find it, take the sheets to plug the doors and windows . "

Wu Min felt that it made sense . At the same time, she unhappily glanced at Gong Ping . Her meaning was: You came up with bad ideas . After all, it was in the house, it would be fine to block the windows and doors, and there’s no need to find screen!

Gong Ping understood what she meant, he explained, "It is still necessary to find screen or something else . It is necessary to block the exit . "  
Wu Min blushed and began to blame herself for thinking problems thoughtlessly . We could block the doors and windows of the house, but the exit was on the street .

Xiong Jianguo said, "This is the case, then I will do it immediately . "

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He was about to go, Gong Ping called him and said, "Wait, there are still things . "

Xiong Jianguo stopped and Gong Ping introduced him to Mao Dou, but he was slightly surprised . When Xiong Jianguo came in, he did not see where Mao Dou was . It turned out that Mao Dou had been standing on his side and was not easy to detect . Although Xiong Jianguo had many shortcomings, he was an experienced criminal police . He found the place where Mao Dou standing were the most vulnerable to attack, and Mao Dou was well-proportioned, cold-eyed, quick-moving, and typical of a killer .   

At this time, Gong Ping said to him again, "Jianguo, Mao Dou is the tracking expert section 22 invited . You arranged two brothers to help her, and then turn around; maybe there is any new discovery . "

"Ok . " Xiong Jianguo promised so readily . He still had a bit of disbelief for the cave expert, but the first impression of Mao Dou was very good, at least he saw that Mao Dou was a person with some ability .

Mao Dou seemed to be a bit unwilling to go, but Gong Ping’s appointment couldn’t be refused . In the end, she only ran forward and used her nose to touch on Gong Ping’s face in front of the crowd before she followed Xiong Jianguo .   
When the two went out, Wu Min said to Gong Ping, "Why is Mao Dou . . . "

"Like a dog?" Gong Ping did not answer, Sher Qianqian screamed and smiled, "That’s my leader of section 22, the eyes are unique, that guy . . . it is indeed a canine, haha . "

Wu Min looked at Gong Ping with a very complicated look and said, "Your place . . . it is a monster house . "

Gong Ping laughed a few times .   

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Uncle Nine took out a small jug from his pocket and twisted a smack . He said, "When the God is about to grant a man great responsibility . . . "His word was unfinished .

During the speech, Xiong Jianguo came back . "Everything is ready, and the screen is erected . I also sent over the best brother to help Mao Dou . "

Gong Ping expressed his thanks, Wu Min said: "Well, it's enough . It has delayed . Let's get to work . "

After Wu Min said this, No one said a word for a long time . Wu Min was a little angry, "What are you doing? Hurry up, it is dark . "  
No one moved, and no one spoke . Wu Min was angry, and Uncle Nine first broke the silence, "Oh, When people are old, their brains are not as good as before . Why didn’t I think of it? I’ll go out, the room is too stuffy . I’ll go out and get cool . "

When Sher Qianqian saw Uncle Nine left, she said to Xiong Jianguo, "Uncle Nine is gone . Why are you still here?"

"I?" Xiong Jianguo was in a daze . He was actually very curious . Although Sher Qianqian was slim, she couldn’t get into the hole . So he stayed here and wanted to see it .   

Wu Min suddenly understood it . Sher Qianqian wore a very nice suspender skirt today, obviously it couldn’t be used as a work clothes . She may have to change clothes before she went down . Although she was a monster, she was also a female . . . The avoidance was still necessary between men and women . So she said, "What a stupid guy . All men should go out . "

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