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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 34

Published at 24th of October 2018 02:15:17 AM

Chapter 34

Gong Ping saw that everyone around him had been sweating . Wu Min’s sweat on her forehead was also like beans . He handed over a paper towel . Wu Min wiped her forehead and she was immediately stunned . There was no use at all .

At this time, not only Wu Min’s forehead but also her face was sweaty . Gong Ping watched a drop of crystal sweat falling from the tip of her chin and falling along the slightly open neckline . Gong Ping was next to Wu Min . He could see a little inside Wu Min’s clothes with a slight bow . The most beautiful thing that was exposed to his eyes was Wu Min's rounded collarbone . . .   
"Go to hell . What am I looking at?" Gong Ping suddenly realized this, and turned his focus to the monitor . The interesting thing was that Wu Min discovered Gong Ping's voyeur from the beginning . Although her heart was beating like a little deer, she was not angry at all . She hoped that he could see more and clearer . Until Gong Ping suddenly turned away his gaze, she also noticed it . She waved her hand around her neck and said a few times, "It's really hot . "

Everything that happened could not escape from the eyes of Uncle Nine . He laughed in his mind: It is good to be young . But his face didn't show anything . He seemed very casual: "Little Min, would you like to go out and blow away the cobwebs? We can take care of things here . "  

Xiong Jianguo also said, "Yeah, go and take a break . "

"No, it seemed to be over . Let’s complete a thing from beginning to the end . " Wu Min was eager to do well in everything, and now she had another feeling . She felt that she was willing to stay with Gong Ping, even if it was so hot now .   
"Well, I am going out . The entrance is too narrow; I have to go out from the exit . Brother Gong Ping, come and pick me up . " The tired voice of Sher Qianqian came from the speaker .

"Okay, I will be there soon . " Gong Ping gapped the suspender skirt that she had just wore and went outside . Wu Min said, "I will help you . "

Xiong Jianguo had always been very curious about how She Qianqian could enter the cave, and he said, "I am coming . "  

Wu Min hadn't spoken yet, and Uncle Nine said with a smile: "Jianguo, leave them alone . You can stay here to help me with this technical job . "

Xiong Jianguo heard what Uncle Nine said, and Wu Min’s expression showed some unwillingness . So he had to stay .

Gong Ping and Wu Min went to the back street . The cave was covered by the screen by the brothers of the murder team . Even the top of the cave also was covered by a bed of grass that no one knew where it came from . It was dark, although there were people around, but in this case, nobody could see it clearly .   
Seeing that Wu Min and Gong Ping came, a brother of the murder team handed them a flashlight .

Thanks to Wu Min's help, the two pointed the hem of the skirt to the cave, so that when Sher Qianqian came out, she could put on the skirt directly, and then they used the speaker to inform Sher Qianqian to come out . "

She came out as fast as she entered . The first sentence after she came out was, "Oh my god, the following is suffocating . "  
Wu Min smiled, "Are you a human?" The following was more ridiculous . Sher Qianqian got out of the cave and went straight into the suspender skirt . After taking a deep breath of fresh air at night, she felt something was on her head, she asked, "Is there anything on my head?"

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Gong Ping and Wu Min saw it, and Gong Ping was embarrassed, Wu Min could not help but laughed . It turned out that her head was topped by her underwear!  
Gong Ping was a very capable man, but after all, he was a man . There are also a lot of men’s problems of him . When Sher Qianqian went into the cave, she was naked, and her underwear was wrapped in the suspender skirt . Gong Ping didn’t put it out and sort it out . It was just a stack with the suspender skirt . When Sher Qianqian was out of the hole, her underwear was naturally on top of her head .

At this time, her both hands were occupied by equipment, and she couldn’t take it off . She said to Gong Ping," Brother Gong Ping, help me get it down . What is it?"

Gong Ping was stunned at that time . How could he reach out? Wu Min said with a smile," Give me the equipments and you can take it off . "  

Sher Qianqian gave all the equipments to Wu Min, and then grabbed the things on her head, and said with a smile: "Hey! Isn’t this my pants? That is the reason why I feel cool . " Then she lifted a slender leg and set it inside .   
Sher Qianqian thought that Wu Min was a woman, Gong Ping was not an outsider, and the natural movements were not taboo . However, the camera in Wu Min’s hand was not closed . A white thigh made Uncle Nine and Xiong Jianguo shocked who were in front of the monitor in the room .

"Oh . It is so white!" Xiong Jianguo sighed .

Uncle Nine laughed and said, "It seems that you are very familiar with her . Haven't you seen it before?"  

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Xiong Jianguo said, "This woman is smarter than a monkey . I spent a lot of money on wine . But I took no advantage of her . "

Uncle Nine said with deep meaning, "It is not necessarily a bad thing to take no advantage of her . "

Xiong Jianguo thought for a moment, and felt that Uncle Nine’s words made sense . This woman was superficially selling wine, but she could drill into such a small hole . God knew what she was . When he was sunk in thought, Uncle Nine pointed to the monitor and said, "Jianguo, there is a next episode . "  
Xiong Jianguo quickly got together again .

Wearing a pair of pants, Sher Qianqian was ready to wear a bust . And she had some taboo about Gong Ping . She turned her back to Gong Ping, which was against Wu Min . Wu Min looked at the front of her . She felt more secure, because she has confirmed with her own eyes that her chest was indeed a little worse than her .

"Oh! It seems so busty . It turns out to be false!" Xiong Jianguo signed with emotion, and at the same time her mind was more balanced .   
Poor Sher Qianqian, although the unmovable man was driven away before entering the cave, but her thin poor chest was still seen by the man she had previously rushed out . Gong Ping didn’t see it who she did not avoid . This may also be a kind of fate .

Sher Qianqian felt that something was wrong after he put on underwear . It was not the same size on front of her chest . Gong Ping immediately understood what was going on, and pulled out another chest pad from his trouser pocket and said, "It just dropped . . . on the ground . "

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Sher Qianqian laughed and grabbed it . She hit Gong Ping and said, "You are so bad to steal my underwear . " It seemed Gong Ping was underwear thief, who stole her chest pad to play .  
Gong Ping wanted to explain, but he didn’t know what to say .

Wu Min had a bit of gloating: You deserve it . This is the end of hanging with the female monster .

Fortunately, there was no blame for Gong Ping’s meaning . She took the chest pad and pulled the neckline to the chest . It seemed that she had some joy .

"We should go out . " When Uncle Nine saw that the good show had ended, he took out Xiong Jianguo .   
When they came back, Uncle Nine and Xiong Jianguo were still outside the house, one was drinking wine and the other one was smoking . It seemed that they didn’t see a real live show .

Wu Min asked, "Why you came out?"  

Xiong Jianguo was a little afraid of Wu Min . He couldn’t think of what to say . After all, Uncle Nine was experienced, smirked and said, "It’s hot inside . Jianguo said that the machine would automatically engrave, so we came out . " The meaning of his word was that they didn’t know what happened next .

(Note, Uncle Nine and Xiong Jianguo were well-trained police officers, so they dared not delete the evidence that already existed . )

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