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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 37

Published at 27th of October 2018 08:31:49 AM

Chapter 37

Everyone was sitting on the edge of the pool and drinking a few cups of tea . The night wind and the cool air on the pool were blowing on their bodies . It was a rare enjoyment in this summer .


Long Jiaojiao eventually lost patience and said, "Whatever you guys do, and I am going swimming . " Then she stood up .

Sher Qianqian also stood up and said, "I will go too . " Then she asked the young man who was waiting on the side and said, "Do you have a swimsuit for rent?"

The young man hadn't spoken yet, and Long Jiaojiao dismissively said, "You rent a swimsuit . God knows how many people have dressed it . You don’t care about dirt . "

The young man quickly explained, "We also have several new models for sale . . . "  

"There’s no need!" Long Jiaojiao's throat was spurting out fire . She couldn’t stand it anymore . She quickly took off her clothes and the only thing left was the underwear, and then a fish jump, entering the pool with an extremely beautiful movement .

Xiong Jianguo looked at her by all eyes . He opened his mouth, and the saliva was about to flow out . Beautiful! She was so beautiful . Her body was perfect . Although Long Jiaojiao was famous for her behavior in a coquettish way, except for the lucky one who had slept with her, he was the one who could see this beautiful body .

Although Xiong Jianguo was fascinated by it, he was a policeman after all and soon he was sober and turned his head . He saw that the young man who was working in the pool was also fascinated, his mouth was bigger than his, and his mouth was flowing more than him . He slammed him and shouted, "Stop looking! Or you won’t pull it out! Lead these beautiful women to pick swimsuits . " His voice didn't fall, and Sher Qianqian also imitated Long Jiaojiao . She jumped into the swimming pool .   

"You feasted your eyes on the beauty . " Xiong Jianguo scolded . In fact, so did he . Not to mention that Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian were swimming in underwear, Sher Qianqian’s body was, seen by him and Uncle Nine in the evening .

Looking at Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian successively jumped into the water, Wu Min wanted to try it, but after all, she and the two monsters were different in character, and she resisted the temptation, and Gong Ping and Ma Fei did not move .

Gong Ping watched Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian swimming in the pool . Since he had seen their prototypes, although they were almost undressed, he still flashed their prototypes in his mind . He was not as lascivious as Xiong Jianguo and the boy . He turned his head and said to Ma Fei, "You and Little Min go to pick a swimsuit . Jianguo and I also go to pick swimming trunks . "  
Ma Fei nodded in obedience, then she followed the young man to pick a swimsuit with Wu Min . Gong Ping turned back and saw that Xiong Jianguo was talking with someone on the phone with a loud voice . It seemed to be the owner of the pool, Qiu Ge .

Gong Ping asked him, "Who are you calling? You seem like eating people . "

Xiong Jianguo picked up the phone and smiled, "It is Qiu who contracts here . He goes whoring instead of taking care of his own business . And I picked him up from the belly, haha!"

Gong Ping also smiled, "Leave him alone . Let's go and pick a swimming trunk . "  

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Xiong Jianguo also laughed and said, "Yes . Let’s tumble merrily about in the water . " He stood up and walked with Gong Ping, while continuing to show off: "Without me, Qiu has already gone to the northwest to eat sand . "

There was no suspense in picking swimming trunks here . There was a little trouble in picking a swimsuit . It was not a style, mainly a size . Wu Min was too thin to find a suitable one, and finally she got one-piece middle school student style swimsuit to wear . She looked at Ma Fei with a sly look . Ma Fei's body was well-proportioned, with bumps and obvious muscle contours . She was like a retired bodybuilder .

The laughter of Long Jiaojiao and Sher Qianqian could be heard from a long distance . The two people played in the joy, and Sher Qianqian twisted in the water, completely giving up the normal swimming style . Long Jiaojiao was like a swimmer . All the swimming styles were made into a hybrid type by her . Sometimes she also jumped out of the water like a dolphin three or four meters high .   
At this time, Xiong Jianguo and Gong Ping changed their swimming trunks back . When they saw it, they sighed, "Does this world turn into a monster world?"

Gong Ping smiled and said, "How come you feel so emotional?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "Long Jiaojiao could jump so high from the water . Can ordinary people have this ability? Long Jiaojiao must be a fox . She used to be coquettish . "

Gong Ping sneered, "People who guessed Long Jiaojiao was a monster, without exception, guessed her as a fox, which may have something to do with her character . "  
Xiong Jianguo saw Gong Ping was silent, he said, Brother Ping, who are monsters and who are human beings in this group?"

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Gong Ping asked, "What do you think?"

Xiong Jianguo shook his head and said with confidence, "You, me and your nurse Ma Fei should be human . "

This answer made Gong Ping very surprised and asked, "Why?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "That is simple . The nurse seems to be normal . " At this time, they saw Wu Min and Ma Fei from a long distance .   
Gong Ping deliberately lowered his voice, "You mean Little Min is also . . . impossible . . . "

"Why is it impossible?" Xiong Jianguo lowered his voice and sneered, "I have heard about it . There are monsters in other section 22, and little Min is so young . Why do a young girl in charge of section 22?"

Gong Ping said, "This reason is a little far-fetched . . . Then what monster is she?" 

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Xiong Jianguo said mysteriously, "There is no need to say it . You can see it . She is likely to be white Bone Demon . "

Gong Ping held back his smile and watched Wu Min and Ma Fei come over from the opposite side . The pale moonlight shined on the thin-legged legs of Wu Min, She looked a bit like white Bone Demon . In contrast, Ma Fei was like a real human .

Everyone swam for a while . After all Xiong Jianguo was a mortal . He was the first one who couldn’t stand it anymore . Not to mention that he was tired, he felt cold . Sher Qianqian stopped swimming and she climbed ashore and found a towel to wrap herself . She couldn’t help but tremble (She was a cold-blooded animal) . Other people also went on the shore; everyone wrapped in a bath towel and continued chatting; only Long Jiaojiao was still swimming inside . Gong Ping smiled and asked Xiong Jianguo, "Have you ever seen a fox swimming in the water for so long a time?"  
Xiong Jianguo squinted and said, "She has become a fine . Who can say it clearly?"

Sher Qianqian smiled and said to him, "Now you know about our secret, and will you take care of my business in the future?"

Xiong Jianguo said, "Monsters are sometimes more reliable than people . I have been watching Liaozhai since I was a child . The people I saw were more harmful than the monsters . "

Xiong Jianguo had such insights, which was beyond everyone's expectations . It seemed to be reasonable to stop looking at people in this way .

Many people couldn’t remember what happened in the end at that night . They just remembered the buddy of Jianguo, Qiu, also came, and brought barbecue and beers . Everyone ate again . After that, there were only a few fuzzy segments left in the memory .

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