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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 38

Published at 27th of October 2018 08:31:49 AM

Chapter 38

Wu Min had a good sleep all night . She felt like she was a small boat, parking in a wide and safe harbor . She hadn’t own this kind of feeling for a long time since she left home to come to this city . And this feeling had a little more sense of belonging than the one at home .


When she opened eyes, she saw Gong Ping's sharp and handsome face, and she was sleeping in his powerful arms . Wu Min said with a smile, "Well, why am I sleeping with you?" Then she closed her eyes, and she seemed to plan to sleep again . But after ten seconds she jumped up . And with the screams that shattered the glass to express her complex mood at the time .   

"Ah…" She was worthy of the leader in charge of section 22 . This scream was loud enough to make all monsters and ghosts escape .

"What's going on?" It seemed that Wu Min was shocked and she repeated this word .

Gong Ping yawned and turned his head and wanted to talk . Wu Min screamed again, "Turn around! Don't look at me!"

It turned out that Wu Min found herself wearing a men's T-shirt as a pajamas, and she felt cool . It was obvious that this T-shirt was her only clothes . And this T-shirt was not as big as the one that Sher Qianqain wore yesterday . So Wu Min blocked her hand on her chest and grabbed the hem of the T-shirt with one hand and tried to pull it down . At the same time, her eyes were looking around and she wanted to find something else to cover herself .   
"Where were my clothes?" Wu Min asked .

Gong Ping said, "Ma Fei washed them . "

"It's over . " Wu Min screamed in her heart . "Not only did she sleep with him, but it was also known to people other than them . "

At this time, there was someone knocking on the door outside . Wu Min shrank into the corner and did not dare to speak . She used her eyes to order Gong Ping to cope with . So Gong Ping asked, "Who are you?"

"It's me . " Ma Fei’s characteristic and magnetic mezzo-soprano came from outside, "You can get up for breakfast . "

"Oh, I know . " Gong Ping said, "Are Little Min's clothes dry? She wants to wear them . "  
Wu Min blushed again after Gong Ping asked it . "What a bastard! Others know I’m here now . " She thought so, and her eyes became sharp . But Gong Ping did not care about it . Wu Min couldn’t wait to slap him, but she had to give up because of her current clothes .

Ma Fei replied outside, "I borrowed washing machine from Long Jiaojiao yesterday . They should be dry . I will get them right away . "

"Wait for me . " Wu Min suddenly jumped up, and now it was impossible for her to stay in a room with Gong Ping alone, and she wanted to pee . No matter what kind of beauty, those things that needed to be done every day were also indispensable . But how could she go out in a T-shirt? So she asked Gong Ping, "Are you wearing underwear?"

Gong Ping said, "Yes, what happened?"

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Wu Min stopped answering . She jumped over, and snatched the towel from Gong Ping and wrapped it on herself . Then she escaped from the room .

Although it was inevitably embarrassing to see Ma Fei, Ma Fei was a woman, and they had a great time last night, she could be called an acquaintance . However, Wu Min still blushed .

The yard was quiet and it seemed that she was not completely awakened .

"What time is it?" Wu Min asked .   
Ma Fei smiled and said, "It’s after nine o'clock in the morning . Fortunately, I am taking a break today; otherwise no one will take care of you . " "You go to my room first; I will bring the clothes to you . "

Wu Min also felt that her image was not suitable for running around even in a quiet courtyard, but she was the second time to come here . She did not know which room Ma Fei was in . When Ma Fei saw Wu Min’s confusion, she pointed her finger downstairs and said, "It’s the third room below, I live with Sher Qianqian . You just knock at the door . "

Wu Min remembered that Sher Qianqian was gossip, and then she said, "I will follow you . They . . . haven't gotten up yet . "

Ma Fei smiled and said, "They generally can't get up so early . "  

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Wu Min just felt relieved . But the more you were afraid of something, the more it would come . Wu Min was afraid that others would see her, but at the corner of the stairs, she was hit with a guy who was in a hurry . It was actually Xiong Jianguo! This guy has a lipstick on his face .

Wu Min resisted screaming again, and Xiong Jianguo was also embarrassed, and he fled after a few laughs .

Wu Min held the railing and felt that her heart was about to jump out . Xiong Jianguo, would definitely talk nonsense after returning to the bureau . Oh my God, how could she behave in the future! It was really a misstep .

She heard the gentle voice of Ma Fei, "Gong Ping is very good, you and he are a good match . "  
Not to mention Wu Min, when Xiong Jianguo woke up, he found himself sleeping on a large and comfortable bed, and his whole body was naked, and his thigh roots seemed to be stained with a sticky thing, which was uncomfortable . He was fascinated to see the surroundings . This room was nicely furnished and full of charming .

"Are you awake?" Following the voice, Xiong Jianguo saw Long Jiaojiao sitting in front of the mirror . This beautiful woman wore a loose gauze pajama, and the wonderful part of the body was looming under the gauze pajama . She was carrying a slender Ms . Moore's cigarette on her mouth, cocking her legs, and the snow-white rounded part stimulated Xiong Jianguo's eyes .   
Xiong Jianguo’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated: Did he sleep last night with this woman . . . ? In Xiong Jianguo's mind, Long Jiaojiao was definitely a distant existence . Although this woman was very coquettish, most people could take advantage of her on the mouth, and they must grasp the scale . They didn’t dare to take advantage of the Chief’s girl . He was a bit flattered once he thought that he had a romantic night with this woman last night .

Seeing Xiong Jianguo’s infatuation, Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, “What are you doing?”

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Xiong Jianguo said stupidly, "Why am I here?"

Long Jiaojiao sighed and said, "Men usually to dissimulate when they have taken advantage of women . "

Xiong Jianguo buckled his head and said, "I really can't remember . "  
Long Jiaojiao said, "I don't know whether you were really drunk or not last night, you held my legs and cried, saying that you had admired me for a long time, and you could die for me, the only requirement was to let me pity you . . . oh . . . I have no way, I have to pity you . "

"Is that so?" Xiong Jianguo tried to recall last night's affairs . He only remembered that he seemed to be playing with a monster, but that monster seemed to be Sher Qianqian .

"What are you doing?" Long Jiaojiao stood up and swayed, and picked up a pile of clothes from the ground, and threw them to Xiong Jianguo, "Get dressed and get out of my room! I haven’t brought a man back since I moved here, and get your ass over here when nobody is outside!"  

Xiong Jianguo, found his genitals standing upright again, so he said with a smile, "Jiaojiao, can you pity me once again?"

Long Jiao Jiao scolded, "Don’t do it again . I pitied you last night . "

"But I really don't feel anything . " Xiong Jianguo felt wronged . Moreover, he realized the regret that Pig Bajie ate the ginseng fruit and did not taste its flavor .

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