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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 40

Published at 28th of October 2018 05:55:39 AM

Chapter 40

In order to change the subject, Gong Ping looked up and said to Wu Min,"Little Min, please arrange today's work, the case hasn’t be finished yet . "


"Yes . . . yes . " Wu Min tried hard to get out of messy things . After all, she was smart and capable, and she made plans .

Maodou and the brothers of Regional Crime Unit continued to investigate and search in the chemical plant . Last night, several brothers of Regional Crime Unit spent the night in the chemical plant and determined that the suspect did not come out from it . Unless the suspect had slipped away before they arrived, he must be in the factory .

Long Jiaojiao, Sher Qianqian and Gong Ping went to the city museum to re-investigate and see if there were clues in the ventilation ducts . Although it had been several years, hopes still existed .   
Uncle Nine, Xiong Jianguo and Wu Min did evidence analysis in the bureau . Everyone strived to summarize their intelligence at night .

Sher Qianqian vomited a long tongue and listened casually . When she heard that she had to drill the cave again, she showed unhappy expression . But this monster’s heart was very good . Whenever someone asked for help, she always promised it .

After the meal, everyone was ready to go . Before they left, Wu Min said to Gong Ping, "Nothing happened last night, you just forgot it . " After finishing her word,she lowered her head and ran away without waiting for Gong Ping’s respond .   
Gong Ping said to himself,"There was nothing happened . "

Long Jiaojiao heard behind him and tapped his shoulder and said, "You are miserable, this girl fell in love with you . "

"Impossible . . . " Gong Ping said with a lack of confidence .

Ma Fei had been silently cleaning up the tableware . Sher Qianqian said, "Isn’t this very good? Wu Min is a human being, and her condition is not bad . She will also help Gong Ping's future career . "  
Ma Fei smiled reluctantly and said,"Yeah, she is good . " Her hand slipped, and a dish fell to the ground and broke into pieces .

"Speak one way and think another . "Sher Qianqian shook her head and left .

It was almost noon when Wu Min returned to the police station . Uncle Nine seemed to have arrived early, and Xiong Jianguo had been there for a while . Wu Min and Xiong Jianguo didn’t dare to see the other’s eyes . However, Wu Min pretended that nothing had happened and arranged today's work . Uncle Nine praised her, "Little Min, your arrangement is quite good . "  
Wu Min smiled and bowed her head .

Uncle Nine did a division of labor and divided the exhibits that were taken yesterday into several copies . He put a copy in front of them and then they were busy with it .

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Wu Min put the CD of Sher Qianqian in the cave yesterday into the CD drive of the computer . Xiong Jianguo saw it and found an excuse to gp out . It didn't matter at the beginning, but when Sher Qianqian showed her body at the end, Wu Min suddenly remembered that it was her fault to forget to close the camera! It was troublesome; these contents couldn’t be arbitrarily deleted as the original evidence even if they were not related to the case . More importantly, how to explain to Sher Qianqian? How to explain to Gong Ping? Wu Min looked up at Uncle Nine, and Uncle Nine was busy with his work, not paying attention to her situation . Wu Min was relieved a little . After closing the video, she said to Uncle Nine, "Uncle Nine, this video of the cave is very important, don't show it to anyone without my pemission . " Wu Min was a little worried when he said this . If Uncle Nine asked the reason, she didn’t know what to say .  
Uncle Nine didn’t ask anything . Wu Min rushed to remove the disc and locked it into her desk .

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Gong Ping's team came back . It had already passed for a few years, and the museum worker was unwilling to cooperate at first . Thanks to Long Jiaojiao’s effort, the curator was fascinated by her, and agreed to temporarily close the library for investigation, and invited them to have lunch . That standard far exceeded Wu Min’s standard at the police station cafeteria at noon .

Although Mao Dou’s team hadn’t returned yet, they had been in contact . Wu Min decided to hold an intelligence summary meeting in advance .   
According to the information provided by the forensic department, the hair that was found in the body of the police dog and the hair found in the cave belonged to a mouse .

When the forensic department made this conclusion, even they could not believe it, so they only dictated and did not make a written appraisal conclusion . However, Wu Min got circumstantial evidence from the excavation structure and traces of the cave . The suspect was probably a mouse .   
If the suspect was a mouse, then everything was logical . The mouse was very good at stealing things .

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"Hey, a mouse as big as a human . . . It’s no wonder that he can kill a police dog . " Xiong Jianguo sighed, "It seems that it is necessary to get a tiger to catch it . The cat is definitely useless . " He picked up the phone on the table and said, "I have to let my brothers take the shotgun, or they will be in trouble if they suddenly encounter it . "

Wu Min ignored Xiong Jianguo . She turned her eyes to Gong Ping . There was more tenderness in her eyes than usual . She asked, "How is your situation? The suspect may be the suspect who stole mesona in the past, right?"  
"We found this . " Gong Ping took out the evidence bag; there were a few dry things in it, which had been slightly yellowed . "This should be the scale of some kind of animal . It may be the same as Sher Qianqian’s . It belongs to a snake . "

While rubbing her nails beside him, Sher Qianqian said, "Yeah, but this guy is much bigger than me . It doesn't work well in the air duct, leaving only a few things . "

Xiong Jianguo obviously felt a little disappointed, "This is not a mouse . . . "

Long Jiaojiao gave him a glance and said, "The fool also can figure it out . "  
Xiong Jianguo’s disappointment was understandable, if the suspect in the two cases was a mouse, it meaned that Regional Crime Unit helped section 22 solve another case . If the case of the thief and the mouse were not one, it meaned that Regional Crime Unit had received support from section 22 . And the primary and secondary reversal had affected the distribution of the merits .

Uncle Nine took the evidence bag and said, "Let me have a look . " He put on the reading glasses and looked at the few dry things carefully and said, "This scale belongs to an albino gold dragonfly . This kind of pet is precious, and most people can’t afford it . ”

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Sher Qianqian smiled and said, "It is even more difficult to afford it when it becomes a monster now . "

Long Jiaojia added, "I am afraid that not only people can't afford to play,but lost their lives .   
Wu Min said impatiently, "Say something about the case . Uncle Nine, how do you know it is a scale and it belongs to an albino gold dragonfly?"

Uncle Nine said, "Wait a moment . " He stood up, and went to the filing cabinet, opened the cabinet and found several files according to the index . Then he opened one of the pages and showed it to everyone, "Look at these photos . These scales are just the same removing the air-dried factors . "

Everyone passed it on and saw it . Gong Ping asked, "Uncle Nine? Only photos left? No material objects?"

Uncle Nine laughed, "Uncle Nine is just a mortal . How can I have so much energy to deal with the exhibits? Only photos left . "  
Wu Min said, "It has been here for so many years, I’m afraid nothing will be kept without Uncle Nine now . Uncle Nine, hasn’t the case file of stealing mesona been taken out? What are these cases?”

Uncle Nine said,"These are the cases of the dragon king cave . "

"Dragon king cave?"

"Well . . . " Uncle Nine took out a cigarette, and Gong Ping reached out and lit it with a lighter . N Uncle Nine took a deep breath and opened the sluices .   

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