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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 41

Published at 28th of October 2018 05:55:40 AM

Chapter 41

The dragon king cave was a naturally formed unnamed cave in the boundary of Dongle Village, Zhongshan Township, Baofeng City . The name dragon king cave was called in recent years . It was said that there was a dragon in the cave, which could guarantee the good weather of Dongle Village . It seemed to be true, because Baofeng City had suffered from drought in recent years . Several villages around Dongle Village had also suffered from serious disasters . However, Dongle Village had only a few rains in the crisis, but the price was human life .


Since the dragon lived in the cave, Dongle Village would disappear one person every month, sometimes two persons . Someone had seen the missing person being dragged into the cave by the dragon . Although Dongle Village was a big village, it couldn’t withstand so many dead persons, so heresy was popular in the village, and a few witches and gods claimed to be the agent of the Dragon King in the world, and they arranged fete . One of their jobs was to trick outsiders coming to the village . After being washed; they were put in the cave . As a result, things got bigger, and the police caught heresy organization, but things weren’t over yet .   
Because it related to the supernatural power, and they had no capacity to completely unravel the puzzles in the Dragon King Cave, so the police decided to close the case, but the local police station had a new policeman who just graduated from a police school . This person was not superstitious, and also very brave . He has found an expert in private who studied cave creatures . They went into the cave to explore, and the result was that they never came back .

In order to retrieve these people, the bureau sent a large number of police forces, and the cave was surrounded, a small team of special police and cave exploration experts carrying instruments and automatic weapons went into the cave again, they didn’t came back . The difference was that eight people had disappeared this time, and people outside the cave had heard the gunshots .

In order to avoid greater casualties, Baofeng City Police Department decided to stop the search and rescue operation .   
As a member of section 22, Uncle Nine participated in the operation . The harvest was to find a few scales in the cave . Uncle Nine found a familiar biological expert with scales, who identified that these scales belonged to an albino golden dragonfly .

After hearing the narrative of Uncle Nine, Sher Qianqian used her arm to touch Long Jiaojiao and said, "You have to manage this thing, you are a real dragon, can you allow the cottage dragon kings destroying your reputation everywhere?"

Long Jiaojiao counterattacked, "You snakes did it!"

When Wu Min saw Gong Ping remain silent, she asked, " Ping, how do you think about this?  
Gong Ping said, "It’s not complicated . In fact, the easiest way was to go to the cave again . Of course, we have to make some preparations before going there, such as the situation of Dragon King Cave in recent years, and if someone was missing . "

Uncle Nine said with a smile, "In fact, I have been paying attention to the situation of Dragon King Cave in these years . Since the disappearance of the special police team, Dongle Village has no person disappeared for five months, which was one of the reasons that the police could close the case . Five months later, someone began to disappear . The people in Dongle Village couldn’t get along, and the heresy did not dare to do it . They moved . At the beginning, one household and two households, and finally ten households moved . After several years, Dongle Village is deserted, and now there is no one left . "  
Xiong Jianguo smiled and said, "Well, no one is there, then no one will be missing again . "

"Missing still happens!" Uncle Nine said, "It was only changed to the neighboring village . Last month, the township cadre of Zhongshan Township disappeared . But I said earlier, this was the price . Someone disappeared in the village . It will be able to relieve the drought after the rain, so it seems that although this Dragon King is tyrannical, it wants to establish some rules . "

Wu Min said, "This kind of rule is not worthy . It is not the patent of Dragon King . The artificial rainfall can also do the same!"

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Long Jiaojiao unexpectedly took the initiative to say, "Little Min, let me do this . "  
"You?" Although Wu Min knew that Long Jiaojiao was not a human being, looking at her soft and charming look, Wu Min didn’t believe her ability .

At this time, Gong Ping went forward and said to Wu Min, "She has no problem, and she did not say that she went alone . "

Long Jiaojiao smiled happily and joked, "Gong Ping is thoughtful, and you must be willing to accompany me . "

After heard everyone's words, Xiong Jianguo couldn't help but said loudly, "You all care about dragon king cave, What about mouse cave?"

Uncle Nine smiled and said to Xiong Jianguo, "Jianguo, don't worry, you may have a result about your case tonight . "  
Wu Min immediately arranged Uncle Nine to collect relevant information about dragon king cave . Gong Ping was responsible for the cave exploration plan and she prepared to report to the bureau . Such a big move inevitably required the support of manpower and material resources in the bureau, it had to be formal . As for the rest of the people, they were resting on standby .

The busy afternoon had passed . Before they got off work, Wu Min said to Sher Qianqian, "If you have nothing to do at night, I have something to tell you . "

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Sher Qianqian stretched out a lazy waist and said, "If you have something, you can say it here . I am tired and want to go back to sleep . Oh . . . Good thing doesn’t occur every day . I was in charge of eating and drinking last night . I don’t even have a box lunch tonight . . . ”

Wu Min said: "Then I will treat you . . . in private . . . "  
Sher Qianqian was so happy and said, "Someone does it . It doesn’t matter whoever pays, as long as it is not me . "

Long Jiaojiao was clever . She was always arrogant in the face of Wu Min . She used a low voice when she spoke to Sher Qianqian today . Although she didn’t know the reason, she felt that this meal was not necessarily a good meal . She picked up her small bag and came over to Gong Ping and said, "Gong Ping, it is time to get off work, and you don’t need to work so hard although you get paid . "

Gong Ping smiled and was about to respond her . Wu Min said in a hurry, "No . . . Ping and I . . . have something to do . . . "

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "Oh, you all have things to do, then I am leaving alone . "

Xiong Jianguo took the opportunity to say, "Would you like to have dinner with me?"  

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Long Jiaojiao gave him a bad eye, "Am I like a person who can't afford to eat?" Xiong Jianguo didn’t know what to say for a long time, and watched Long Jiaojiao's graceful figure disappeared outside the door . However, his heart seemed to have broken the five-flavored bottle, sour and bitter, salty and salty, and he couldn’t tell the taste .

Uncle Nine came over and patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Everything is written in your destiny and you don't have to persist in acquiring  . . . "

Xiong Jianguo smiled bitterly, "I understand the truth, but . . . "

"You still need experience . . . " He shook his head and left .   
Wu Min asked Sher Qianqian to wait a moment, and then she asked Gong Ping to enter the small office room inside . This small office room was separated by a partition board, and it was not soundproof, so Wu Min only depressed her voice,” Ping, you have to help me . "

Gong Ping smiled and said, "You are the director . You can arrange my work . "

Wu Min put her index finger on her lips and said, "Keep your voice down . " The other hand pinched on Gong Ping's arm .

"It hurts, why are you so mysterious?" Gong Ping touched the painful place and lowered his voice .

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