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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 44

Published at 4th of December 2018 03:38:29 AM

Chapter 44

It was the first time for Wu Min to see Long Jiaojiao's skill and suddenly she felt inferior . Although she saw that these women were actually monsters with excellent skills, in contrast, she was weak as a human . She had no skills except for a stinking temper .

Guan Taizhong was taken advantage by Long Jiaojiao, but when he saw the blue arc this time, he was very relieved . "It depends on you," he said .

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "I need an assistant . Ping, can you go with me?"

Gong Ping said with a smile, "My pleasure . "
Although he felt that Gong Ping was not ordinary, Guan Taizhong still thought that Gong Ping was just a mortal . Otherwise, how could he be unconscious for ten years after being thundered? After all, Gong Ping was once his predecessor; he had feelings for him . So he said to Long Jiaojiao, "If you need an assistant, I will send a team of special police to you, Gong Ping . . . "

Long Jiaojiao pulled Gong Ping by the sleeves and smiled at Guan Taizhong . "You can rest assured that Ping is better than me . " She turned around and talked to a special policeman, "Handsome guy, please lend me your gun . "

The gun was the second life of a police . How can he lend it?The word handsome guy made him limp . But he was trained well after all, fearing that he would hand over the gun, so he quickly put the gun on his chest, which seemed like a child who was afraid of being cheated sugar by someone else . Guan Taizhong saw it and said, "Give them the guns . " The special policeman handed over the guns . It was a shotgun with five shots .
Long Jiaojiao took the gun and smiled sweetly at the special policeman . "Thank you . " As a result, the poor special policeman was limper, and almost sat on the ground .

Long Jiaojiao threw the gun to Gong Ping and whispered, "You come to be a witness . I am doing good things for human beings . Don't forget to help me to be an immortal . "

Gong Ping slammed the gun and squatted on his shoulder and said, "Do your work first . "  
"I don't know whether Jiaojiao can handle it or it . " Guan Taizhong looked at the backs of Long Jiaojiao and Gong Ping and said worriedly, “Fortunately, she is ours . "

Wu Min said at the side, "When she solves a few cases, I am afraid that she should be the director . "

Guan Taizhong said to Wu Min, "Little Min, you don't understand it . " Then he lowered his voice . “Those who are not our kin are sure to be of a different heart . Although I don't have abilities, this truth is understandable . Those who have abilities beyond our human, the rights can no longer be handed over to them anyway . "  
Wu Min once again realized from Guan Taizhong that the people couldn’t be judged by appearance . In today's society, everyone was clever, no one was a fool, and anybody had a plan in his heart .

Sher Qianqian hid in the darkness behind the police car, no one saw her, and she did not need to see others . As a snake, her vision had not been good, mainly relying on the ground vibration and the smell molecules in the air to perceive the world around . So the darkness was also her friend, she hid in the dark and heard all the conversations just now . She did not express any opinions this time . She just crouched in the darkness and waited for the end of the incident .

Long Jiaojiao and Gong Ping went to the strongest part of the black fog and said, "Ping, this space is not stable, and it is composed of at least two kinds of energy . I can tear it easily!" Then she was about to do it .

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Gong Ping smiled and said, "It doesn't have to be so troublesome . " With his left hand extended, his palms emit a beautiful blue light, and the glow was getting bigger and bigger, opening a blue garden door on the black fog .

"Okay," he said .

Long Jiaojiao said with a smile, "Your ability has become more and more stable recently . "

The two men walked into the dark fog from the blue garden gate, disappeared without a trace in the eyes of the crowd, and the garden gate gradually faded and disappeared after they disappeared .
This miracle was seen by most police officers on the scene . In addition, some residents also saw it, and this incident became one of the city legends in the future .

The creator of this heterosexual space was still weak, and it was built by two or more monsters . Therefore, the internal structure was distorted . The only perfect thing was that there was a round and big moon in the air, it was brilliant . There were small mice walking through the ruins . These little things were busy, and they were not afraid of the two uninvited guests . They were busy with their work . When they were free, they would climb to a higher place and worshiped to the night sky, looking very religious .   
"Is this a paradise for mice?" Long Jiao sighed .

Gong Ping observed around and said, "Maybe, but for us it looks like a big maze . "

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The two walked through the wreckage, and Long Jiaojiao took her spiritual power to an extreme level and explored all the spiritual signs around her .

Long Jiaojiao suddenly stopped, looking at Gong Ping sideways . Gong Ping pointed to a broken wall that was not far from them; Long Jiaojiao smiled at Gong Ping and thumbed up .

Gong Ping cleared his throat and shouted at the broken wall, "I am Gong Ping from section 22 . Captain Wu, please come out . "

A barrel of a shotgun slowly protruded behind the wall . It stopped at halfway, he estimated that everyone’s attention was concentrated on the shotgun, Captain Wu suddenly jumped out from the other end of the broken wall . His two hands held guns and shouted, "Don’t move! Raise your hands!" 

Long Jiaojiao smiled and said, "If I can’t move, how can I raise my hands?"

Captain Wu didn’t have a mood to make a joke . He continued to hold the gun, "Raise your hand! Don't move . " This time, he reversed the order of words .

Gong Ping and Long Jiaojiao had to raise their hands, and Gong Ping also lifted the gun by the head, and they surrendered .

Long Jiaojiao complained, "We have said that we are from section 22 . You don't see it . We had a drink together last night . "

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Captain Wu was obviously a very cautious person . He still did not put down his gun and said, "How can I know that you are not the deformation of those things?”
Long Jiaojiao said, "You are stupid . If those guys could turn into other people's appearance, they could mix in the police, and do they need to hide here?"

Long Jiaojiao’s words made sense . Captain Wu listened to it . If he put down the gun when she just said this, he would seem to be inconspicuous and not smart enough, so his movement was slow .

Long Jiaojiao couldn’t stand being pointed at by others, she stepped forward and pressed the gun of Old Wu with her hands and said, "It is useless . You are not tired to hold the gun . . . Oh, where is Mao Dou? How come only you are here? What have you done with our Mao Dou?"  
Gong Ping said at this time, "Impossible . She can't be lost . If you are lost, she can find you soon . "

Old Wu said, "We really got separated . At the beginning, Maomao, little Dou and I were together . But when we were walking, it suddenly rose black fog, and little Dou disappeared . Maomao and I looked for her for a long time . Not to mention little Dou, except for mice, we couldn’t see a person . I felt strange in this place . I walked in front with a shotgun . I am a man . But when I looked back, even Maomao was gone, I couldn’t find her . "

Long Jiaojiao and Gong Ping looked at each other and understood what was going on . Mao Dou must go to catch the mouse alone . However, these mice were too careless, and they wrapped in two irrelevant people when they created heterogeneous space .  

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