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The Cop with Supernatural Power - Volume 2 - Chapter 45

Published at 4th of December 2018 03:38:33 AM

Chapter 45

On a set of broken old sofas, the three half-mouse and half-human guys were lying in the middle of the room . There is no need to waste supernatural power to maintain their human form in their own space . The small mice seemed to be well trained and worked together to constantly pile up all kinds of incomplete food drinks on the coffee table with only three and a half legs . Some left bread and drinks were there, and it seemed that most of them were stolen for these three mice to enjoy . These three mice could eat them when they reached out and drink them when they raised their hands . That was quite comfortable . At least two of them were like this .

Two of the three mice were fat and one was thin, and the two fat ones were smiling, and the thin one was unhappy that was currently being pursued by the police .
The second fat mouse saw Yan Shuwen was unhappy, and he comforted him, "Old third, don't pull a face, big brother and I worked together to create this heterosexual space . The police couldn’t find here, even if they found it here . How can they do with us? This is our territory . "

Big fat mouse also said,” Why do you have to work outside? And the ending was awful, is it interesting?"

The second fat mouse said,” It is not ignominy to hide and eat the stolen leftovers in this place . But after all, food and clothing are worry-free, and we are mice . A mouse has been lived like this for thousands of years . Not to mention the mouse; there are also beggars in the human world . As long as we live a life without worrying about food or clothing, it is not shameful to eat leftovers . "  
Yan Shuwen looked bitter, "I just want to get back my own salary . . . "

Big fat men said, “Then take your own salary . Why do you act like a good man? You think you are Robin Hood . "

Yan Shuwen always felt that he hadn’t done anything wrong . But it was a bad ending .

The second fat mouse threw a tattered big book to Yan Shuwen and said, "You should read this book carefully . We can be said to be heavenly made, or we can be said to be different . If we want to stay in human world, we can be evil, and perhaps have a day of probation, or we still hide in the dark corners, which can also be happy . We can’t hope to be good people in the human world, it is inevitable unlucky . Not to mention us, human beings are often unlucky . ”  

Big fat mouse praised him,” Old second has read a lot of books and what he said is reasonable . "

Yan Shuwen picked up that book, and the cover of the book was almost gone . It read the words of the second volume of the National Judicial Examination Review Compilation . He didn’t know what the book had to do with the words that old second had just said . He was about to ask, and he suddenly felt a wave of spiritual power .

The skill of the big fat mouse and the second fat man was deeper than that of Yan Shuwen, and the induction was more sensitive . They jumped up from the sofa at once, and the agile movement was not consistent with their fat bodies: "Hide quickly!” There had been two black light, they escaped including the little mice . Instinctive reaction of mice was very strong . Only Yan Shuwen was still there with that book in his hand .   
A figure jumped out in the ruins and volleyed and slid in a cool position on the open space in front of the broken sofa . The human body was well-proportioned, the eyes were stunned, and the face was handsome . Except for we couldn’t tell gender, there were no shortcomings .

Then that one stood up slowly and was as steady as a mountain .

"Is it you?" the one said coldly .

Yan Shuwen honestly said,” It is me . "
The one pointed at him and said, "I am Mao Dou . My master is going to arrest you . You best follow me . We are all spirit animals that absorb the flow slurry of the emperor . I don't want to embarrass you . "

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"Oh . " Yan Shuwen really stood up to follow Mao Dou .

"You can't go with him!" Suddenly someone shouted, the two big fat mice showed, and appeared in the place not far behind Mao Dou, and together with Yan Shuwen, forming a triangular to surround Mao Dou .

Mao Dou sneered and unfolded . But the three losers did not attack .

The second fat man said to Mao Dou: "You can't take him away . You are not a policeman . There is no law enforcement right!  

Mao Dou said "My master is a police officer at section 22 . I am arresting people for him . "

The second fat mouse said,” Even if you have the right to enforce the law, then you can not take my third brother . "

Mao Dou said, "What? Brothers in arm?"

The second fat mouse said, "That is only one aspect . The key is that we are afraid that the third brother will not get a fair trial!"

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"Yeah . " The second fat mouse felt that it was time to show off his learning, "We spirits monsters are also nature of heaven and earth . But we don't have citizenship . In order to deal with us, human beings have set up section 22 in the police station, but does the court have section 22 in the courts? No! We can't get a fair trial . If we get infringements, no laws will protect us . What fate will be waiting for him if you catch him? He can't even ask a lawyer now . "

The big fat mouse praised, "Old second grew up in the library . What he said just now is quite right . Although human beings have no power, they have caught monsters like us . The result was that they were killed on the spot or they were caught to do experiments . They study why we have such a powerful force . Recently, I heard that the scale of the experiment has expanded, so they rebuild section 22 . "

The second fat mouse praised," The big fat mouse grew up in the lab and he knows more . "  
Mao Dou was stunned by them and could not understand what they just said . To deal with complicated things was to be simple . This theory was absolutely a truth . Mao Dou screamed coldly, "I don't care what you said; I am here to arrest Yan Shuwen!" Then she went forward to arrest Yan Shuwen,the big fat mouse and the second fat mouse looked at each other and they nodded and pulled out three or four inches of claws and came to the back of Mao Dou .

Mao Dou also prepared for this fight . She flashed, and the two mice couldn’t keep their feet stir, and they rushed forward several steps . They turned around and kept Yan Shuwen behind them .

Mao Dou was influenced by the speech of the two fat mice . She also came up with a legal term: "What are you doing? Do you want to use violence to hinder the execution of official duties?"

The second fat mouse wouldn’t lose to others on this, and he said, "I have said that you have no law enforcement rights . You are illegally breaking into the house, and we are justifiable . "  

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Mao Dou sneered, "Did you just say that you were not protected by law?"

The second fat mouse said, "There is no harm in talking about it . And I have to correct you, we are all the same without citizenship and we are not protected by laws, you are the same as us at this point . "

Mao Dou said, "You have too many words . Get out of my way!"

The second fat mouse said, "We won’t!"

Big fat man said,” We won't!"
Yan Shuwen said, "Brothers, let me go with her . "

Big fat mice and the second fat mouse said at the same time, "Shut up!"

Mao Dou screamed, "You have too many words!" Then, she attacked them like lightening .

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