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Published at 8th of November 2017 07:47:50 AM

Chapter 18.2

Chapter: 018 . 2 of 087

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At the side, Mister Qi was looking at them with a strong interest . He didn’t think before saying, “It’s my sister’s son, Shao Yi . He’s fourteen years old this year . One year younger than you . ”


“Fourteen years old?” Qing Qiao was taken aback by surprise . She had originally thought the “child” mentioned by Mister Qi was a baby . “Why would a person of this age need me to take care of him?”

Mister Qi gave her a look of “don’t be impatient” and unhurriedly explained, “Shao Yi has many servants at his side . Naturally, he doesn’t need you to take care of him . I don’t know why this is happening, but lately, he has started to refuse to eat . He doesn’t have the slightest interest towards any delicious and rare food . It’s causing his body to become thinner and thinner each day…”

“That’s anorexia . You should bring him to a doctor . ” Qing Qiao suggested to him with good intentions .

“The imperial doctor has examined him and could only speculate that it’s an emotional problem . Other people couldn’t produce the slightest idea . ” Mister Qi’s face showed the desolateness of having no other options, “… I’ve been looking for effective medicines in order to find something to improve his appetite .

“… What does this have to do with me?” Qing Qiao tilted her head with a smile . Her head was full of questions .

Mister Qi’s eyes were curved in a smile . He smiled as if he had already planned this outcome, “It’s naturally related to you . Ah Qiao’s love for food is incomparable with an ordinary person’s . With your joyful heart and persistence, I think you’ll definitely be able to influence my peculiar nephew . Your mission will be considered satisfactorily complete the day that he peacefully eats his meals . ”

After a moment of pondering, Qing Qiao held her breath and carefully said, “… Said in another way, my mission is only to make your nephew a little fatter?”

“Exactly . ” Mister Qi smiled, “Ah Qiao is as clever as expected . ”

“… Words by themselves are empty . What will be used to evaluate that his weight has achieved your desired standard?”

“You don’t have to worry about this . We’ll use the average weight of males that are the same age as him as the standard . The specific measurement plan would be as follows: First, his weight would be weighed and recorded for any changes by a specialist every day . Second, the best tailor will measure his figure every month to report any changes in measurement . In short, numbers will determine everything . Obedient Ah Qiao, do you think this is fair?”

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Mister Qi’s eyes were radiantly bright . There wasn’t anything that Qing Qiao could say was wrong and she felt that this reward was real and very tempting, so she simply nodded as a reply .

At the side, Duan Yu was peacefully looking at the scenery and no longer tried to stop them .

Qing Qiao sighed in relief . The complicated matter was finally made clear and settled .

Ai, when she thought about this, there wasn’t a good feeling . When other female leads transmigrated, they were either stirring up trouble in the martial arts world or the imperial court . But when she transmigrated, her first case was actually being a nanny to a fourteen year old . She could have accepted this if it was just being a nanny . But, her only mission was to make this teenage eat a little bit more and grow fatter . Wasn’t this the same as being tasked to feed a pig? As an elite modern woman, where would she put her face?

Heavens, you’re so jealous of real talent that you’ve become crooked!

Ah, you don’t even pity highly talented individuals!

After growling these lines, she resentfully returned home, bathe, and fell asleep .


Mister Qi was very efficient with his work . On the next day, he sent a servant to Gu residence with a letter that said he wanted to invite Miss Gu to visit him in three days to reminisce about old times for at least two months because they haven’t seen each for many years .

How could he so brazenly invite a lady like this? Qing Qiao wanted to curse him when she read this and was secretly worried about her father’s reaction .

However, she didn’t know what wrong medicine Gu Shang Shu had taken . He cheerfully agreed without another word .

“… You’re not going to express even a little bit of worry?” Qing Qiao looked at Gu Shang Shu with a surprised expression .

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“Why would I worry?” Gu Shang Shu knocked her little head . He couldn’t help laughing, “Since its Mister Qi that invited you, it must be an important matter . I completely trust him . ”

Qing Qiao’s mouth flattened . This uncle’s influence isn’t small and his background isn’t ordinary .

She returned back to her room to pack up .

Dong Xi followed behind her and persistently pleaded, “Miss, I was wrong . Please bring Dong Xi with you . ”

“You were wrong? What did you do wrong?”

“Dong Xi shouldn’t have been misled by the prince’s beauty and brought the prince to the reception pavilion without informing you first and letting the prince see things that he shouldn’t have seen . ”


“Miss! Dong Xi just became muddle-headed for a moment! Dong Xi wouldn’t dare to do this again! Dong Xi is absolutely loyal to Miss… Dong Xi’s love towards Miss is more solid than gold… Dong Xi only begs that Miss considers my years of service and not drive away me away…”

“Hey! Stop! What nonsense are you saying? First, I’m not driving you out . Second, I haven’t punished you . Don’t you live very well in Gu residence?”

“Ah, that, Dong Xi was too excited and said the wrong thing… Anyways, please don’t snub and treat Dong Xi coldly . Dong Xi’s heart only has Miss . No beauty will ever enter Dong Xi’s eyes again!” Dong Xi promised . She looked up with her watery eyes and started sobbing .

Seeing this, Qing Qiao couldn’t resist . She sighed and stroked the servant girl’s head .

“… You don’t have to be so extreme . Duan Yu is rather attractive . It’s understandable for you to feel love at first sight and to blind chase after him… Back then, this Miss also fell in love at first sight with Neal Wu and would dream about him . Ah, that beautiful youth reading behind a white curtain…”

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(T/N: He’s a middle-aged Taiwanese film director and the beautiful youth is referencing a scene from a film that he directed . )

Once again, Miss began to start to fall into her past memories and couldn’t free herself .

“Oh right, Miss, this time your going to Qi residence for at least two months . It couldn’t be that Prince Duan didn’t have any objection, right?

“Objection? Not really . He only sent a servant to give me this letter… Oh, I haven’t opened the letter yet . Help me by looking at what’s written in the letter . ”

Dong Xi opened the envelope to read the letter and couldn’t resist letting out a burst of laughter, “Miss, the prince wrote that his heart feels sad when thinks that he probably won’t be able to see you for a long time . In accordance to popular conventions, he hopes to receive an item worn close to the skin that’s handmade by you . ”

“… There’s really such a custom?” Miss opened her beautiful eyes wider .

Dong Xi covered her mouth and nodded, “People who are engaged all do this . Miss, you should also send the prince a keepsake . ”

“Ah, what would be a good thing to give him? An item close to his skin…” Miss looked up at the sky with a confused face, “Don’t tell me I’ll have to give him underwear? But, I really don’t his measurements…”

Dong Xi’s entire face was red as she shyly mumbled, “Miss… Miss, you don’t need to be so bold… Giving… Giving a sachet would be fine…”

“Oh, there’s also sachets!” Miss sighed as if she was relieved of a burden, “How could I have forgotten this opportunity?”

The day before she was leaving, Miss summoned Dong Xi and handed her a paper bag .

“Give this to Prince Duan . ” Miss ordered .

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko . Please read from the original source, mew .

Dong Xi looked inside the paper bag . She couldn’t help being shocked . There was a crooked cloth bag quietly laid inside the paper bag . Although she could see that the cloth bag was made from the highest quality material, the workmanship and pattern was ugly no matter how she looked . Also, she couldn’t tell what had been stuffed inside the cloth bag . It emitted a faint medicine smell .

The strangest thing was that this cloth bag was too big . It was as big as a sesame bun!

“What… What is this?” Dong Xi looked at Miss blankly . She thought that she had already been thoroughly defeated by Miss’s surprising item .

“Of course, it’s the close to skin keepsake that I’m giving Prince Duan!” Miss winked at her .

“… It shouldn’t look like this, Miss! There should be fragrant spices inside the sachet . And this size… This size is slightly too big…” Dong Xi voice became sorrowful and she closed her eyes . Her body couldn’t help shaking a bit .

“Hehe, don’t worry . Of course, I know this isn’t a sachet . ” Miss quickly explained, “But Prince Duan was only willing to give me three days . How would I be able to make him a sachet in that time limit?”

“… Then… What exactly is this?” Dong Xi glanced at the big cloth bag in her hand . In heart, she thought it was still okay when didn’t look at it . The more she look, the more afraid she became .

Miss mysteriously smiled . With a voice that was 30% prideful and 70% playing a prank, she replied, “This is Gu Qing Qiao’s 505 Shengong Yuanqi bag . ”

(T/N: Shengong Yuanqi literally translates to miracle vitality . 505 Shengong Yuanqi is a brand of medicine in China that’s made by combining 60+ herbs . )

(T/N: Sorry, for posting late . I wasn’t feeling well and slept most of the day . I’m skipping the preview for now . )

I really like Qing Qiao and Dong Xi’s relationship . In normal historical novels, it seems that the servants don’t even exist unless their master is ordering them to do something . )

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